The New TNA Investor Revealed – It’s…

The hype, speculation, and interest has been running wild for weeks since the news from The Wolves first broke. They were signed to a contract by a new TNA Wrestling investor.

After this week’s Impact Wrestling, we finally know who the new TNA investor is. It is… MVP!


Watch MVP’s debut on the show below:

What are your thoughts? Was it the right decision?

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  • Nic Winstead

    After this week’s Impact Wrestling, we finally know who the new TNA investor it’s…ME DIXIE!!!, ” aw son of a b****!” IT WAS ME ALL ALONG DIXIE!!!!, ALL YOU PEOPLE WERE MADE FOOLS OF!!!!”.
    -Vince McMahon Impact Wrestling 1/30/14.

  • Steven kelly


  • Phenomenal1

    I new it :) so happy its him. One of my all time fav. was at the hydro when he appeared the roof blew off, what a reception he got. Antonio banks aka MVP is back in his home of TNA after 10 years. I will not spoil next week but all I have to say is watch out, things will change for Dixie land lol.

  • TT

    I'm happy to see him in TNA but surely being investor will mean a more backstage role for him which means we will not see him wrestle as much. Also anyone else disappointed EC3's undefeated streak ended without any mention seems like a bit of a waste.

    • TNAChris

      If you notice he didn’t actually get pinned, so this could be story down the road that Magnus is the only reason he has a loss.

      He’s still undefeated in singles competition as well.

  • Sean

    Awesome that you are showing the chronological order of his tweets. MVP did do well. He's a new name part of a new era in TNA

  • Shanna

    I'm not disappointed. I really don't know a lot about him but at least it wasn't just some random person thrown into the role that nobody knows! I agree that there is someone else. I just see there being more investors coming in later or at least one more before it's over. Especially if they have plans to carry this out for a while. I'm looking forward to this -for now- to see how this goes :)


    mvp your the man handle your busniess in tna iam happy for you go bro!!!

  • TNAChris

    MVP being the investor is not even believable. He spent a few years in WWE. He doesn’t have 2 dollars to rub together.

  • crazychrisr

    Not quite the big reveal that I was hoping for, but the fans in Scotland sure gave MVP a big pop. I have a feeling that there is another shoe to drop. Dixie always talked about "them" as if there was more than one investor. Maybe another partner will be revealed soon.

    • Shanna

      Yes I agree. And remember when the wolves were in the ring with Spud. I think it was Eddie that told him "We have a message from the investors. They are very interested in the main event tonight…." I think there will be someone else later.

  • Franklin

    God. Your all falling for that wanna be WWE style Dixie carter. She even stole a coffin match for crying out loud. As for MVP he wasn’t good in the WWE except for running his mouth and that’s all he’s going to do in TNA.