The Reality of Wrestling- Match Statistics January to March

Do wins and losses mean anything in wrestling? When I saw this question in one of this week’s ‘Ask WNW’ I wondered…do they actually? Do champions need to have the most wins? Do the number 1 contenders have good track records? If they do mean something, who would be at the top? I gathered some data from the last 3 months of TNA programming…who would be the most dominant superstar of 2013 thus far?

Here are the match stats for TNA from the beginning of 2013 (from 3/1/13 Impact) to the end of March (ending on this week’s 3/28/13 Impact). This stat list does not include house shows or Xplosion tapings, but DOES include the two PPVs of the year, Genesis and Lockdown, as well as every Impact in the three month period. Blank fields denote a zero, and the list is in descending order of total matches wrestled.

If a wrestler is not pinned in a match (e.g. Fatal Four Way, Tag Team) but they do not win the match, I have counted it as a loss, so this table might be overrepresentative of losses. Bear that in mind.

Wrestler Total Wins Losses No Contests Double counouts
James Storm 12 9 3
Austin Aries 11 5 4 1 1
Hernandez 10 3 6 1
Chris Daniels 10 2 8
Kenny King 9 6 3
Chavo 9 3 5 1
Tara 9 2 7
Jeff Hardy 8 7 2
Bobby Roode 8 4 3 1
Velvet Sky 8 6 2
Gail Kim 8 2 6
Devon 7 4 3
Kazarian 7 1 6
Kurt Angle 7 1 4 2
Samoa Joe 7 2 3 2
Sting 7 4 2 1
Mr. Anderson 7 4 2 1
Christian York 6 2 4
Rob Van Dam 6 3 3
Magnus 5 4 1
Joseph Parks 5 3 2
Zema Ion 5 1 4
D.O.C 5 2 3
Ms. Tessmacher 5 3 2
Robbie E 4 4
Garrett Bischoff 4 1 2 1
Jesse 4 1 3
Bully Ray 4 3 1
Knux 3 1 2
Wes Brisco 3 2 1
Mickie James 3 2 1
Rob Terry 3 3
Eric Young 2 1 1
Joey Ryan 2 2
Matt Morgan 2 1 1
ODB 1 1
Blossom Twins 1 1
Party Marty 1 1
Rockstar Spud 1 1
Ivelisse 1 1
Lei’D Tapa 1 1
Jay Bradley 1 1
Sonjay Dutt 1 1
Brian Cage 1 1
Kid Kash 1 1

Interestingly, James Storm has wrestled the most in 2013, has the most wins, even beating out Jeff Hardy, and commands a strong win/loss ratio. Storm has been, and still is, nowhere near the World Title picture, yet what is the point of him winning almost all of his matches? Perhaps Storm will go for Bully soon? And speaking of Bully, he has only wrestled 4 times this year…that strikes me as odd. 2 out of the 4 matches he has wrestled had him tagging with Sting, another tagging with Jeff Hardy, and only one singles match in 3 months in which he won the World Title. The champ should be wrestling more, if anything.

Other big winners include Velvet Sky (6 wins) and AA (5).

The next most active wrestlers after Storm are AA, Hernandez, Daniels, Chavo, Kenny King and Tara. Obviously the three tag teams making up that division have been seen on a regular basis, with Tara featuring prominently in the Knockouts division, and Kenny King and the X-division are seen on a less consistent basis.

Gail Kim, Tara, Daniels and Kazarian have lost the most matches, but it probably has not been as devastating to these guys as much as one would think. Gail Kim and Tara are at the top of their division, and Daniels and Kaz make up one of the best tag teams in the “bus-i-ness” today. I just don’t notice how much these guys went under, which is probably a good thing!

Another surprising find was Angle’s record, as well as Joe’s. Both have more losses than wins, and Angle has actually been pinned by Wes Brisco twice now. Actually Kurt has gone under far more than he ever should have to lately!

So what do you think? Do the results surprise you? Or in the grand scheme of things, do they even mean anything?

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