The Return Of The Beautiful People?

Don’t let the title of the article fool you. Angelina Love is gone from TNA, and Madison Rayne is pregnant. But will TNA revive The Beautiful People? I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, and there have been eerie similarities of late on Impact to when the BP first formed.

Taryn Terrell helps Velvet Sky win matches.
This was when the seed of the idea started growing in my mind. As Knockouts referee, there were a few times when Taryn botched three counts when Gail Kim’s foot was on the rope, or under the rope, leading to a Velvet Sky victory. While this was obviously done for Taryn’s rivalry progression with Gail Kim, I wondered if there was something more sinister afoot. Seeing Taryn raising Velvet’s hand reminded me of Angelina Love, and the Beautiful People. Velvet was always second in command, never winning the Knockouts’ title while Angeline Love racked up numerous reigns as the unofficial leader of the BP. But now that Velvet’s on top, it’s her time to be number one? Isn’t she at all pissy that she was never the leader of the BP? So maybe she reached out to a fellow blonde, who now just happens to be a wrestler.

Then the idea went away for a while. I think it would have been a viable option for the Knockouts’ division. We haven’t really seen a dominant force or group tearing through the Knockouts’ since Awesome Kong left, or the Beautiful People were wrecking havoc on the other girls week in and week out. In my opinion, The Beautiful People run from 2008-2009 (forgive me as my dates are hazy on this one) was the most successful and entertaining women’s stable, ever. Why not give it a second wind? And it wasn’t until this week’s Impact when the lights came on and I truly believed that this is the direction TNA creative is taking!

Joey Ryan as Knockout’s referee.
Does anyone remember Cute Kip? Billy Gunn’s “assman” gimmick run in TNA? A loyal henchman to the Beautiful People. When I saw Joey Ryan with Taryn and Velvet, I instantly thought of Cute Kip. And seeing Taryn and Velvet come out to the BP/Velvet’s entrance music, with cute double team moves, I really thought I was seeing a 2nd incarnation of the Beautiful People. Joey Ryan would be perfect for the team, helping Velvet to defend the Knockouts’ title. Give them the Knockouts’ tag title! Give them Taeler Hendrix! Make them unstoppable! Give the women a storyline they can work with.

What do you think? Would you love to see Velvet head up an all new Beautiful People? Who would be in it? Or am I alone in wishing to see them return?

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  • Alex Barie

    Very interesting! I really didn't think much about Taryn and Sky teaming up or Joey Ryan as the referee. I can see where you are drawing the connections.

    I loved The Beautiful People back in the day. They were so dominate. They really gave the Knockout division meaning. They were absolute heels, and, as you said, the most dominate women faction ever! While I would be in favor of making a new Beautiful People faction, I don't see how they can be dominate but faces. They would have to chance, in my mind and that doesn't leave much of babyfaces for the Knockout division. Would they change Gail Kim? If TNA can make it work, by all means, let them do so!

  • Brad Drysdale

    I've been thinking about that too. With Velvet (and presumably Taryn as heels in The Beautiful People) it would really give Mickie James, Tessmacher and ODB a chance to shine, and atleast get some regular TV time. Tara and Gail could stay or turn, I still think there'd be a good balance in the division.

  • Brad Drysdale

    Hey soul_fool, when you say Knockouts such as Kong left due to BTLS, what do you mean? I've never heard anything like that, in fact, I don't remember why Kong and Taylor Wilde left..