The Ric Says – Bobby Roode Should Be World Champion

This past Thursday’s Impact Wrestling was heavy on Aces & 8′s, but it had a strong Bad Influence/ Roode & Aries aura as well. Everyone’s eyes were on Bobby Roode specifically because of Bad Influence’s attempt to reform Fortune. How their story played out on Impact Wrestling showed me that Bobby Roode needs to be a singles competitor again and win the world heavyweight title… from AJ Styles.

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“But Ric, Bully Ray is the world champion. Your statement is not making sense”.

My articles in the past have looked at AJ Styles being a sort of savior for TNA Wrestling by defeating Bully Ray for the world title and crippling the Aces & 8′s. This would result in the faction disbanding and a new era in TNA emerging with AJ Styles at the top. Every hero needs a villain and after the Aces are done, or when the Aces so fractured they aren’t a threat any longer, the world champion will need a new nemesis. That nemesis is Bobby Roode.

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Bobby Roode is what a professional wrestler should look like. He is also an example of how a villainous persona should act like.

One noticeable trait of Bobby’s, as shown on Thursday’s broadcast during the backstage segment between he and Bad Influence, was his physical state. The man is in the best shape of his career at this point in time. Where some performers bodily appearance changes from fit to flabby to getting back into shape to acceptable, Bobby has remained constant. If he has changed his appearance from his earlier wrestling days in TNA, he has maintained his new image and upped his stock with his determination and positive workout habits. Cutting the long hair shorter took a bit to get used to, but even that has become his own look. His work ethic and maintenance of his body extends to his professionalism as well.

Before TNA Lockdown 2013, there was a bit of controversy involving Bobby Roode and his contract. Details were scarce but what was known was there could have been a chance that Roode would not have appeared on the pay-per-view had the contractual issues not been resolved. They were resolved in time and Bobby Roode performed for the TNA audience and fans around the world. In an interview, Roode confirmed that the issues had to do with his work Visa (Bobby is Canadian).

There were no rumblings of heated arguments, Bobby asking for more money or the office playing hardball (from what we all can gather unless something was missed). Reports released also claim that Bobby Roode performed for a while without a contract (the dates escape me) but he continued to work because he loves the business. He has not hurt anyone in the ring and helped “The Cowboy” James Storm become a main event player. Take all of these and the points presented in regards to his look and work ethic, you then have a talent that any promoter would be proud to have on their roster.

Bobby’s technical skills are top of the line. The man knows exactly what he is doing and knows exactly when to do it. But it is his story telling and direction that provides fantastic pacing and entertainment value. During his first title run, I was reminded of another professional wrestler that has the same precision and technique in the ring and out (backstage interviews, vignettes, etc.). If TNA unleashes Bobby Roode the way he should be unleashed, we will then be witness to the coming of a Triple H level talent. If he hasn’t reached the starting point of that level already.

AJ Styles collapses the Aces & 8′s to become world champion. Bobby Roode’s track record as match master and world champion speak for themselves. These men are the two best talents in TNA Wrestling today. When the hero defeats the villains and a new nemesis arises, Bobby Roode and the reinvented AJ Styles will tear the house down off of TNA and the Selfish Generation will rise again.

Sound off below if you agree or disagree. Until the next time: “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game”

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  • PolicticalBSKills

    While I'm a fan of Roodes, I believe Morgan being TNA champ is long overdue. Hogan will never admit it but anyone that watched this past weeks show either realizes this or is just in denial.

    • Ric Santos

      I would agree with you

      • Ric Santos

        Comments were got off. I would agree with you if it were a few years back but Morgan needs to elevate his game in the ring and not through his mouth. He had a golden opportunity before but lost it for one reason or another. Now, build up.

  • TNA Chris

    Austin Aeris needs to become champ.

  • Brad Drysdale

    I'm a big fan of this article Ric. Very interesting, as I was thinking the same thing (that Bobby should be WHC), and was outraged when he was pinned by Chavo this past impact. As good a tag team wrestler as Chavo is, he should never go over Bobby…
    Roode reminds me of a young, in-his prime HHH, in terms of his look and especially physique. You're right, he's in magnificient shape and looks the way a wrestler should.

    • Ric Santos

      Thanks Brad! I’m very much reminded of HHH during the early run of his “The Game” heel turn, around the time of HHH Vs. Mick Foley in Madison Square Garden @ Royal Rumble 2000 I believe it was. Roode is the total package.

  • Topherrulez

    I really like your arrival Ric. I think Roode and Styles are the two best talents in TNA. But I think Roode should get a run as a babyface champ with a heel Styles charging after him. But have Styles play the part of Sting ’97, distant and mean to everyone. Taking out ace and eights and anyone else who gets in his way.

    • Topherrulez

      Article not arrival. Sorry, damn spellcheck

      • Ric Santos

        Arrival and article both work great for me, haha. Thank you so much for the positivity.

        I do support a face Bobby but a heel Bobby is where it’s at for me. Heel Bobby and Anti hero AJ would make a great feud with a lot back and forth victories between the two. Epic.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    i hope aces and eights ends at junes ppv and we don't know if tna will give aj a title shot at bfg this year or not

    • Ric Santos

      I too want to see the Aces disband. A Bound for Glory title win for AJ would be a case of coming full circle with his character development.

  • tom

    Woildn’t mind seeing the odd transitional reign in there. Maybe daniels, airies, morgan, storm or magnus beatingbully on a live impact and holding it for two to four weeks before bully returns to take it back, ala how austin dropped it to angle only to take it back in 01. Bully could then destroy whoever the former champ is and have them return after bfg to cost bully his rematch against aj. It keeps it fresh and establishes a wrestler as a ‘former WHC’ without devaluing the title.