The Ric Says – “Innovation” We Don’t Care For: Ref Cam

TNA decided to revamp the X-Division with a new stipulation: the individual pinned in an X-Division title match would be eliminated from another title shot and would have to start over. Also, a permanent match type: all matches are triple threat matches. Now, the newest innovation to take the X-Division to the next level is a camera strapped to the head of a referee. Really?

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Dixie Carter announced that a special camera would be attached to the referee’s head for the X-Division match on last night’s Impact Wrestling broadcast. This would give the viewer a unique perspective of the action. On paper, it sounded like an interesting feature but seeing the action through the cam last night, I am confident in speaking for everyone when I say that it was not innovative and, possibly, useless.

It was strange watching last night’s X-Division match from the usual television viewer perspective (clear and organized) to the Ref Cam perspective (discolored and shaky). The presentation came off as silly. TNA is trying a little too hard in presenting themselves as a unique wrestling promotion. It’s fantastic to have your own identity in this business, but TNA should have thought this one through a bit harder.

I’m sure when the ref was out there with a camera on his head, the initial reaction for some in the crowd was of confusion. They understood the purpose of it later on, but the live crowd is left out of what is happening until they see the playback. There is no incentive for the live crowd. Also, we the wrestling fans, just honestly don’t care for it. The high spots are close enough and clearer with the regular camera crew. It almost looked as if a cell phone camera was used, which makes TNA look a bit amateur.

Flipping the coin, it can work with a little more understanding of the feature and how it can flow properly for the television audience.

Instead of having a switch of views during the match, as bouts are chaotic and fast as is, present the Ref Cam as a highlight feature after a match. Along with the usual replay, give us the referee’s view of high impact spots and any verbal exchanges from competitors. This better utilizes the Ref Cam perspective and eases our eyes from the back and forth during a match. It also can build a certain anticipation to see how a spot looks through the eyes of the referee.

It could be a neat idea to use a Ref Cam but it’s non essential and more of a visual headache if TNA improperly uses it. Here’s an idea: Why doesn’t TNA bring back Ultimate X? How about making one episode of Impact Wrestling a Final Destination special? This is more in line with what the TNA wrestling fans want to see from the X-Division.

How do you feel about Ref Cam? Do you think it will make a return next week? Has it’s 15 minutes of ring time run out? Sound off below and let us know what you think.

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Be safe out there and as always: “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game”

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  • Alex Barie

    Thanks for the shout-out, Ric!!!

    I am actually glad you did this article on the referee camera. It is a pretty hot topic from last night's Impact Wrestling. It really got mixed reviews!

    There were some people who thought it was outright dumb. Those people don't give anything a chance though. Others didn't like it but are willing to see how it goes. Others liked it as they thought it was unique. Where do I stand?

    Watching Impact is one thing, but writing coverage for the show is completely different. I try to get everything that happens during the show. X-Division matches are hard to write before, but adding this cam feature just messed me up yesterday. I looked up and I had no idea what I was looking at. As you said, the camera was very low quality! It almost got me dizzy!

    On the bright side, I really like the idea. It is unique and different. I agree that TNA is looking too hard to what will make them a different wrestling company, but, at the same time, it can work. I like your idea of how they can use it for replays after the match. That would be the best option. Using it for a live show would almost be a disaster. It's that one shot and everyone sees. At least on a taping they can edit the shot out.

    • Ric Santos

      Thanks Alex and anytime!!

      I have mixed feelings myself, but they are leaning towards doing away with it. I am all for it if the use changed but during a live match is distracting.

      Even for the live match replays like WWE’s “Crazy Cam” years ago for the TLC matches would be okay in my book.

      Trial and error I suppose.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    the ref came is stupid and dumb and pointless and its been done before

  • Numero Uno

    I want a knockouts camera

    • Ric Santos


  • Daniel

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