The Ric Says – “TNA Is Better Than WWE”

Oh, I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?” – Jules, Pulp Fiction

That was the intended reaction to the headline of this article. As sure as the sky is blue on a good day, there will certainty be WWE fanboys having a helluva time bringing this article down. However, there simply cannot be a dispute when it comes to the entertainment value provided by each promotion. TNA has been exciting, engaging and fresh. WWE has been lackluster, slow paced and outright boring recently. It looks like the big monster can take a page from the new species of wrestling finally making the right kind of waves.


The past several weeks of WWE Raw and/ or WWE SmackDown television can be reviewed as such:

1) Recap of last week’s show.
2) Alberto Del Rio comes out and tries his best to get the fans behind him.
3) Kane and Daniel Bryan bicker.
4) The Shield have a great match only to either win cleanly or lose by interference.
5) Kane and Daniel Bryan bicker.
6) Sheamus becomes even more TV-Y7, not TV-PG.
7) Randy Orton has a match that, sadly, management and the fans won’t remember.
8) AJ runs around and makes constipated faces (and is getting annoying, quite frankly)
9) Kane and Daniel Bryan bicker.
10) John Cena and/or Ryback say or do some sort of ridiculousness.

Pretty much sums up WWE from recent weeks, yes? The problem with the WWE is they’ve been stuck rehashing and creating new rehashes. Characters are the same and are doing the same things for long periods of time. With the exception of some sparks of excitement here and there, it would appear that the WWE has become somewhat stagnant. They do not see TNA, or any brand for that matter, as a competitor and that is a very dangerous view to take. It wasn’t so much that the WWE adopted an “Attitude” in the later 90′s, but more so that they acknowledged competition at the time in WCW. If the WWE does not acknowledge competition now, how can they inspire themselves to become the creative and entertaining juggernaut that they should be and not what they portray themselves to be?

TNA Wrestling has done the right thing in acknowledging, many times through interviews and business decisions, that there is a competition in professional wrestling. Being the underdog promotion, this inspires and creates a desire to show the world that there is more in professional wrestling than the WWE mentality of what wrestling is.


What has TNA Wrestling accomplished since the beginning of the year?

1) Impact Wrestling has been taken on the road, creating a new live crowd and home viewer experience.
2) The pay-per-view schedule as been greatly altered for the betterment of the product and in building importance for a pay-per-view itself (i.e. the amazing Slammiversary 2013)
3) Multiple storyline swerves and proper build.
4) Wrestling matches and segments with meaning and that are taken seriously.
5) Recent returns that the TNA faithful can stick with and engage further in the product.

Jeff Hardy has returned and is arguably the most popular TNA talent on the roster. Abyss has returned, a face recognized by all TNA fans. AJ Styles has developed a new presence that showcases a new side to The Phenomenal One; placing him in multiple storylines with various talents and skill sets. The Aces & 8′s are evolving, albeit slowly. The Knockouts are portrayed as more than just eye candy, but real wrestlers with real stories to tell.

One of the more annoying aspects of TNA Wrestling is the disappearance of talent followed by a sudden return with no explanation as to why they were gone or what stopped the story they were involved in. On the other side, this also can be a good thing as it keeps the product fresh and faces are thrown in unexpectedly to enhance a given story. When the tag division was beginning to be a bit questionable, Gunner returns. As the X-Division begins to grow again, Suicide returns and Chris Sabin becomes X-Division champion. When it looked like the Knockouts division was starting to slip under the radar, Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim have the best match of Slammiversary 2013 and one of the best matches of 2013 so far, if not the best.

The point being made on TNA’s side is there is always a new face or element involved. This is progression and not forcing a story or character down our throats for weeks, months or even years in the case of WWE.


Both promotions are guilty of under-utilizing talent at times, but TNA is the clear winner in talent and potential between the rosters. Though WWE may have better sports entertainers, TNA has better wrestlers with the sports entertainment skills required to entertain. Being the most important aspect of the show, the majority of TNA talent put their heart in every match and segment. They understand that they are building a brand, marketing themselves and showing the casual wrestling fan (and hardcore wrestling fan) that televised wrestling is changing and the WWE mentality cannot be the best representation of what professional wrestling is.

TNA is better than WWE because in 2013, as their old tagline says, wrestling matters. They are focused on Impact Wrestling and showing the world what a unique roster there is under the TNA umbrella. WWE is focused on expanding and showing the mainstream media that they are more than wrestling. They are cereal endorsements, movie deals, reality TV enthusiasts, etc. This is fine and all companies should aspire to expanding; however, they mustn’t forget what has brought them to the dance in the first place. WWE has become too comfortable in its place on the mountain top castle. The destiny of TNA wrestling is to climb that mountain, knock on the castle door and proclaim: “We’re here”.

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  • Jon

    tna is not fresh at all and we get thr same shit every single week from tna and alot of there booking sucks and its boring at times and they have some good things but wwe is way better then tna by far

    • Ric Santos

      Thank you for your opinion and for reading.

    • TNA Chris

      Care to expand on this?

      • wrestlingscoops2323

        tna does alot of the sames over and over and over again to and there booking has problems so does wwe but tna just can;t get ratinng to go up for anything and there storylines aren;t that good at all and aces and eights is getting old and stale now and its really not progressing much at all and what is so fresh about tna

    • Awesome

      Are you serious? TNA is fresh. Each week, the storylines become more engaging. The matches are better because they are longer, faster pasted, have smooth transitions, and don't make me want to fall asleep. The promos are shorter, more natural, relevant, and engaging. While the camera angles in the backstage segments are pretty bad, the acting is more realistic and believable, while not having those cheesy, facepalm worthy jokes that the WWE has. When it comes to entertainment value, TNA is superior.

  • Steven

    I understand what you're saying about WWE. But TNA is just a WCW rerun. Aces and 8's is a bad version of NWO, Hulk and Brooke talk about some bullshit every week, Sting does a sad match, Reject NWO cheats to get wins, bullshit backstage, bullshit backstage, and Joseph Park virtually acts as festus when he sees blood. TNA beats smack down but raw wins 90% of the time.

    • TNA Chris

      I don’t remember WCW having a women’s division this good. The X-Division is a much more extreme version of the cruiserweights. And unlike the cruisers, TNA has moved some to the main event (I.e. AA & Styles).

      The aces and eights aren’t like the NWO. Im questioning if you even watch the show. aces and eights are more like a biker gang stable. sire they say theyre taking over, but they dont spraypaint people or have even close to the same push NWO had. I wish they were, then they’d have 3 ex big named wwe guys still in their prime.

      • wrestlingscoops2323

        aces and eights is very much like the NWO in so many ways

        • mike

          and yet so different in many ways

      • Ryan b

        Hulk Hogan was in his prime? You sir are a comedian.let’s give some credit to TNA management, they won’t exactly copy everything to do with NwO. The similarities are undeniable. Unknown wrestlers plotting against the company, and just completely dominate the competition. Bully winning his matches with obvious interference. nwo was just a bigger group of guys.

        With the ‘Tna is the best’ guy, he says “TNA were killing it” before Hogan arrives, but then says the ratings were the same? Kills off their own argument… Jeff Hardy did a terrible act. If you showed up to work, drunk or on drugs, you would be fired. In a high demanding job which ruined the effort for the Immortal storyline

        Steven, Smackdown is better than Raw and TNA. You have a mix of wrestling talent not overshadowed by John Cena, giving them the freedom to wrestle like you get in TNA who seem to priotise impacts over ppvs. While Smackdown have the storylines similar to Raw, that is miles better than TNA. Best of both worlds

  • Steven

    Correction, Raw wins, then Cena comes out with his 5 moves of doom and single handedly ruins the show.

    • Ric Santos

      Haha, pretty funny on the Cena bit but I have to disagree on the WCW comparison. That’s yet another stigma of being the other wrestling promotion. If Hogan went to ROH, would there be WCW comparisons there? Everything has been done in pro wrestling so lets enjoy what we have.

  • tnaisbest

    Kenny King brought the X-Division to a new level. Can't wait to see him again. I am loving the AJ Styles walk alone story. Thank God Abyss is back and it does look like they are having an angle with Park and Abyss being one in the same. I have always been a big fan of Suicide. Hope they don't abandon his character. They need to change up his character so it doesn't become old. Maybe turn him heel or just make him more mysterious. Christian York should get some air time. While at times, he does not look as good as Bradley, which Gut Check contestant has more of a following than York? Fans love his style. At times, I am ok with Jeff Hardy, but I am starting to get tired of him as the main star of TNA. Samoa Joe needs to become dominant like in '05 and '06. If he has to lose in a BFG qualifying match, have him lose by someone else interfering or by him getting disqualified. He needs to become a monster and possibly feud with Abyss. Joe needs to be a top star, if not the top star. While I like the Aces and Eights, once it ends, it seems that everyone in the group should retire or stop wrestling. The only one that should maybe continue would be Anderson. Joey Ryan needs a girlfriend on the show. It just seems logical with his character. Maybe Matt Morgan shouldn't be in the BFG Series then he gets pissed off and attacks people after their matches. He just has the build, and has had the build, to be a champion of some sort or to at least have a dominant character. For my tastes, I would say get rid of EY, HH, Sting, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Team 3D, and Taz within the next year. A year or two later, other big names will need to go such as possibly Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson, Kazarian, James Storm, Bobby Roode, and Abyss. TNA needs to build Kenny King, Rockstar Spud, Rob Terry, Magnus, Crimson, and Gunner. Also, I would love to see Adam Cole, Matt Taven, Sami Calihan, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards in TNA.

  • Brad Drysdale

    WWE got boring years ago… I stopped watching in 2011. Even WWE know they're struggling to keep people interested- why else would they bring back huge stars from the 90s for their big PPVs?
    They have some great wrestlers and have built some big names-Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, the Shield… but there isn't enough. Guys like Del Rio and Kofi have been there forever and not had a legitimately well thought out storyline under their belts.
    I dunno, I think a lot of these WWE fanboys are in denial…or maybe they actually like the mindless drivel shovelled to them on Raw every week?

    • tnaisbest

      I love what your saying Brad. Who wants to see The Great Khali, Mark Henry, and the Big Show be dominant forces? I will beat you with a thunderous punch. It is boring. Just look at Kane! And like you, I haven't watched WWE in a lot of months but how they kept ruining Kane's character to the laughing stock that it is made me quit watching. It's like they wanted him to be a threat but also to be a comical relief. They do have great talent with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Those two superstars I would love to see in TNA. The only thing that WWE fanboys have ever had against me when I've ever talked to them is they repeatedly bring up TNA as the "old folks home" and where people that used to be in WWE now go to. I can't totally deny that. At least we have actual thorough story-lines that make sense.

      • steidman

        Agree with your sentiments. I do not get this "TNA is where ex-WWE wrestlers go" train of thought. WCW built a large part of its brand around former WWE guys and actually was beating WWE for a long period time.

        If I guy got national exposure, why would you not want him to try to bring your company exposure, specially someone like Angle and Hardy who have huge fan followings. Maybe WWE marks are just little kiddies who have no understanding of any business-type of thinking.

  • Chloe Bell

    Tna has more talent on their roster? Their champion is Bubba ray,who never was past tag team status in WWE.Sting is 50-something and is main eventing,Kurt angle is still probably the biggest name they have,yeah they have talent,but to say they have MORE talent then wwe is silly. randy orton could go to TNA and become TNA champ on his first impact.Tna is really a few big aquisitions away and they would compete. What people forget outside of the IWC is that big names do draw the casual fans,If TNA coulda just somehow got Brock lesner or Goldberg back in the day then they coulda been viable.THE IWC knows who the real talented performers are but without that mainstream view alot of people dont see them.AJ styles is a amazingly talented performer and has been in TNA 11 years yet theres alot of mainstream fans who barely know who he is

    • steidman

      I disagree with your arguments. WWE has built a large brand name. Yes Cena is there main pop culture icon, but people watch WWE not necessarily for its talent but for the fact it has been in existence for over 30 years, has had a prime time cable slot for 20 years, and has either directly or indirectly evolved into the entertainment industry as well.

      I bet WWE could take any of the TNA originals and book them half-way competently and they would get main stream attention. Punk and Bryan were unknowns to mainstream audience until WWE brought them and started using them properly. WWE can do this because of the brand it has established over the past 30 years.

    • josh

      does him being mid card in wwe make him any less talented ? just becos vince wont dosnt meen the cant

  • Chloe Bell

    Tna does have alot of talent,dont get me wrong and its actually comparable,so what is it that TNA is missing that makes it soo behind WWE in mainstream visibility and ratings? I dont know,they brought in Hogan,he’s mainstream.They have decent storylines.The USE the women which is why i’ve always liked them,though not as much as they did before Hogan.So what are they missing cause alot of people just arent into it,when I would watch it with my GF,she would always say to me,I like watching wrestling with you but this league i dont like that much? Why? theres something missing in tna for the casual fans and I dont know what it is.I like it,I watch it every week,always have but theres something missing

    • tnaisbest

      There it is! There is the magic question! Its the million dollar (or more) question. What is it that TNA needs to compete? "Just a few stars away." Isn't that what they said in '06 when Team 3D, Angle, and Sting came in? That since now they were on the rise and huge stars were coming in, they were going to be able to compete? Is it changing the ring to four sides? Taking the show on the road? I actually believe it is all of these. These all seem like great things but you still look at the ratings and ask why? Why can TNA, with all that has happened to it, not make it over? I still think it is because the old guys get the strap. TNA loves Aces and Eights but it seems that is one thing that is holding them back. AJ Styles, Kenny King, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Gunner, Kazarian, Kurt Angle, Rockstar Spud need to get pushed. You say that WWE greats such as Hardy, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Anderson, and others are what is good for the other business. I disagree. It has always seemed like TNA was at its peak when they were pushing their own guys such as the guys i listed before. The only one that is listed with that mix and not really an original is Angle… but he might as well be after being there for almost 7 years. He has definitely made an impact in TNA and is why he is now a hall of famer. I honestly think that TNA needs to get rid of Joseph Park, Suicide, Aces and Eights, Jeff Hardy, Hulkster, RVD, Sting, and Taz. We need to make TNA stand out. Does Sting main eventing against Bully Ray (two guys from the 90s and 80s) at TNA's second biggest Pay-Per-View make them stand out? Hell no. Seriously, it seems like a big step in the wrong direction. We are going to make TNA stand out by having Hulkster end the show? We still see him on TV every week. There are many things that need to be fixed for TNA to start to compete. They need to give fans what they want (which was what WWF did in the late 90s and saved their ass) and be very consistent at doing so.

  • Kashoo

    My opinion why TNA Impact Wrestling doesnt have a larger audience is down to three things:
    1.Advertising budget-WWE makes hundreds of millions of dollars per year and can afford to put more into advertising events.
    2.Spike TV is a lower tier network it has limited availability compared to the Networks WWE are on.
    3.WWE/WWF has been THE name in Sports Entertainment/Pro wrestling for close to thirty years.TNA has been struggling to be known in the mainstream for a third of that time.
    TNA can really do anything at tis point about point 1 and 3. But if they can generate a buzz over the next couple years as viable entertainment they would be smart to rethink resigning a deal with Spike and pitch their product hard to a Network(s) that have more available viewers. I personally beleive Spike has been a big hinderance to TNA's growth. Spike states Impact is a flagship program for them but to be honest they seem more interested in advertising Bellator at the moment than TNA. Case in point Rampage shows up on Impact and is wearing a Bellator t-shirt and the main focus of media coverage really has been that a former UFC champ is now signed to Bellator and his reality show being produced.

    • TNA Chris

      Maybe he will wear a tna shirt to bellator.

    • tnaisbest

      Now that would be awesome. And Kashoo – totally agree with you. I think 1 and 3 can be changed but 2 has to be fixed first. To get on a network like Fox Sports 1 with UFC and college basketball and Nascar would be the ultimate. FX would also definitely work. I mean, didn't TNA used to be on FSN? Possibly TNA could go back to Fox. It seems perfect, since Fox is the place for action sports. Another that seems awesome would be TNT. Both of those would be the best. If they could somehow work out a deal with them, it would for sure equal more money for the company, and if they would spend that on better production or getting better talent, I know it will be for the best. The ratings would go up for sure. It seems like the majority of people you can reach with SpikeTV are people between the ages of 14 and 24. Spike is always and has always been known as a youthful degenerate channel.

      • TNA Chris

        I think Turner wants to stay out of the wrestling business. I would love for him to try and get revenge that way though…

        • FahKingGreat

          Turner has mentioned wanting to get back into the business many times over the years since the passing of WCW.

    • TNA Chris

      I’m not so sure spike is lower tier then scyfi.

  • matt

    Both wwe n tna r boring of late, tna is like wcw with factions n other factions being created to rival one another, x division is like how wcw did the cruserweights, eric bishoffs fortay! He buikt stars of eddie g, rey mysterio n jericho n now he is doing it with aa, aj n kenny king. Aces & 8′s arent the nwo but the lackies who joined the black n whie nwo or the wolf pack. Take away the spray painting the nwo n hogan nash n hall n thats what the aces& 8 ‘s are. Also tna is signing garbage mma stars like king mo n rampage. I give wwe a nod bc they can push young wrestlers easier bc of the following they get on raw smackdown n ppv’s, tna has to hang on to the hogans, stings, angles n bully ray. One last thing jeff hardy sux, matt morgan, aa n roode need to pushed more along with crimson n samoa joe. Wwe needs to get punk in a good fued, they need get ziggler to jericho level around 2000 to 2004 n they need get jbl outta commenting bc he sux n messes up every segment or match

  • matt

    See i was a wcw guy n i ripped on them both n the shield thing is gtn old like the aces&8′s also n i wanna c more of ey on tna n santino on wwe lol those dudes have that comical energy to what their doing in the ring or on the mic. I order payback n they only good match was axel vs the miz vs barrett n the 3trick u cant c me kid vs the ultimate goldberg 3 stages of bordem was awful pathetic n predictible

  • matt

    I think i got a answer about y tna finds it hard to compete, the fans they have r old wcw fans or followers of hogan, angle, hardy n 3d, so the younger viewers check it out n then turn to their parents n say dad whos older u or sting or hogan ect…. n the dad says they r, wwe is smart bc the have ur pg13 wrestlers n they match them vs the radical, ruthless bad guys n that draws the younger auidence into their next phase of wrestlers they like. Tna just force feeds old has beens who have slow boring matches not all the time though. Hardy even though i hate him is the biggest draw outside of hogan sting angle n aj. Tna needs a guy like swagger wrestling abilty n the charisma of ziggler. Oh wait the have it in austin aeris, get him outta tagteam hell n put a real mens strap or belt around his waste n anderson fits the bill to, to b pushed more

  • Axl

    TNA needs to focus on making stars not huge group of stables. That was the same problem with WCW. While WCW was focus with NWO, the WWF was busy making stars and legends. They need to use Kurt and Andersin to push the younger talent. Jeff hardy is a eye sore. I hate him so much! hes a crack addict that doesnt desrve the title. I remeber the first time i watched TNA it was full of younger talent leading the company. Also the six-sided ring made it more different and added different matches like that dest-X match in 2006 between rhino and Aj. Thats what made it so differnet from WWE. I miss the old TNA becuz they were so different and new. Once hogan walked in the picture he go his friends to joined with him and got rid of everything that made that company successful. They need to get rid of them! TNA shoudnt be focus on trying to beat WWE. THey need to focus on making good wrestling shows and with there talent. I also i think TNA should make another wrestling show? maybe like an 1 hour show on saturday nights. Just so no other talent wont be left out. The show should be called TNA saturday nights wrestling or rumble lol

  • TNA_is_Best

    You guys have plenty to say and I love it. Let's get to it. Jeff Hardy still on drugs? For over two years, I've been hearing continual praise from others about him. Sure, he's had a bad past that is famous, but we all do… ours just aren't so famous and out there for everyone to see. I do agree with you when you say that TNA should get rid of Hogan. I just fail to see the point. TNA in 2009 was just killing it and then Hogan walks in (I'm not against Hogan or Bischoff… Actually really enjoy the product) and changes everything. Not that it is wrong, but when they first came in at Genesis and changed everything, they said the ratings would get better and they would take TNA to new heights. Ratings have been same. I don't understand the huge improvements they have done, besides taking TNA on the road and better production. Those two were needed. The 1 hour show seems interesting. They could have all of the OVW or former gut check winners on it… you know, half of TNA's roster that doesn't get used on TV. And Matt, I agree. TNA is like WCW. But I loved WCW and is probably why i have always loved TNA. My favorite stars there were Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio, and Chris Jericho. Best wrestlers there in my opinion. The MMA stars with MMA and TNA never seem to work. Bobby Lashley and King Mo… Lashley worked for a while and was exciting but to do both just doesn't seem like it will work well. I totally agree with your analysis on Jericho, Roode, Crimson, Joe, and AA in great feuds. Matt Morgan? I don't know. He seems to me like how Kane now is. I haven't watched WWE in many months so I'm not sure how it is now but Kane was a joke last time I saw him. Morgan has turned into that as well with trying to become a monster yet having a cape around him and jobbing to people. Definitely agree with getting Hardy out. I'll even say to get every ex WWE guy out except for Angle. Angle is the only great ex-WWE guy (unless you are going to be literal and say Daniels). He still has main event matches every night. All the rest- OUT. Grow their own talent- Daniels, AJ, Joe, AA, and Kenny King. Get rid of Bully, Chavo, Aces & Eights, York, Devon, EY, Bradley, Godderz, Ryan, Anderson, Terry, Robbie E, Spud, Shaw. Add some ROH talent and talent from across the world like WCW would do. One more thing I forgot- give pushes to Magnus and Gunner. They are always entertaining.

  • Ian

    We need TNA to make WWE better, WWE’s main demographic turns to TNA, WWE loses ratings, WWE gets new storyline writers that know about wrestling

  • ferV

    I may be a little late on this, but I watch both wwe and TNA well simply because I know what to expect from wwe I mostly stick to tna , TNA is better period, its better because it gives a more competitive view on pro wrestling for example in wwe its always a face vs a heel and we always know who is gonna win for example if 2 just as popular wrestlers fight the good guy will win fair or the bad guy will win either by interference or by cheating on the other hand TNA will match two faces together and there will be no ridiculous story behind the match and no hate afterwards, don’t get me wrong drama is good but we has a bad way of using it, we has boring matches that we’ve seen many times before, for example for a while week after week the same match happened shaemus vs wade Barret, Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph ziggler, the wrestling sucks the drama sucks, TNA does have some problems for example the tag team division was a little short primarily because it would be bad influence vs roode and Aries or super ex and chavo in which bad influence would loose or win by cheating, aces and eights are finally showing some weakness due to main event mafia which is great not because I don’t like them(i love em by the way) but because they don’t interfere as much, plus the wrestlers give it there all, for the most part its something new every week

  • Jerichoismicah

    Look WWE is not doing that bad as of late. They have some great feuds going on (Ziggler, Del Rio..Bryan vs Kane) and as of late there have been some great story lines. TNA…will never reach the pinnacle of WWE or WCW for that matter unless they get rid of guys like Hogan, Bishoff, and Sting on air, and they need to be back stage and at ROH and other independent circuits looking for fresh new talent. Or hell let Hogan and Sting be a manager like Flair was, because honestly the only time I actually paid attention to TNA was when Flair was a manager. Honestly look at the top of the WWE roster right now (with the exception of Kane, and the Undertaker) none of the wrestlers are over 40. Don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of young talent in TNA but to say under utilized would be a under statement. TNA needs a new direction if they want to compete with WWE.

  • dan

    well TNA will always have a chance because john cena is not there, but aces and 8s got to stop thier becoming a john cena group. im sorry but a staple needs to be 4 at the most you cant have 6 7 wrestlers on a stable….. unless u got a woman and a manager

  • Sean Tate

    Tna needs to bring back the six side ring, bcz those high flying matches were good. Though fake looking at times, to c two men hanging from a rope punching each other, while acting real hurt and tired but still holding Right now it's sort of a wwe show, but with different camera views. Six sides is all they need.

  • Awesome

    Great article. It explains why- on an entertainment scale- TNA is better than WWE. Also TNA puts on better, longer matches, and the promos are actually relevant to the storylines. WWE, however, always gives us meaningless segments, rushed matches, non-engaging feuds, and pretty much deliver the same shit. Also, WWE keeps shoving social media outlets down our throats. There's nothing wrong with having them, but come on! I hate the WWE App, because it's pointless. Also, it's NOT interactive. I mean, it allows you to find out what will happen before it happens, which makes "voting" for things pointless. All in all, WWE sucks now.