The Rundown: The Top 12 Most Brutal Matches In Lockdown History (Part 1)

Lockdown 2012

Lockdown is often billed as the most dangerous TNA pay-per-view of the year and it has every right to bear that title. A huge amount of blood has been shed every year in that steel cage and this year is expected to be no different. In anticipation of Sunday’s event, let us look back at the most violent contests in Lockdown history.

And no, this list does NOT include that Electrified Six Sides of Steel Match.


12. LOCKDOWN 2009: Philadelphia Street Fight for the TNA World Tag Team and IWGP Tag Team Championships – Beer Money Inc. (TNA) vs. Team 3D (IWGP)

Make no mistake about it, the Tag Team division was the greatest thing about TNA back in 2009. As opposed to Team 3D, who have spent the majority of their careers as a duo, Beer Money were only around for three years, yet in that time they established themselves as the most popular tag team in the world. This Philadelphia Street Fight is a high-stakes contest, with two sets of tag team belts on the line. The cage proves too small for these two teams, as much of the fight takes place in the crowd, but the steel does leave its mark on Brother Ray’s face.

Spot of the match: Beer Money hit Devon with a Double Suplex off the steel steps through a table


11. LOCKDOWN 2010: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

It is not necessarily weapons that make a match brutal. While the cage is definitely a major factor in the amount of blood spilled in this contest, it is the pure intensity of these two that turn a wrestling match into a fight for survival. Add in an amazing performance by Kurt Angle, who dares take bumps younger wrestlers would never attempt, despite his well-known neck problems. A very physical match is wrapped up with a go-home sequence which has the St. Louis crowd on the edge of their seats, but it’s better if you just see it for yourselves.

Spot of the match: Angle hits a Moonsault on Anderson off the top of the cage


10. LOCKDOWN 2012: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Bobby Roode (c) vs. James Storm

Lockdown 2012 was the culmination of an intense rivalry between the former Beer Money partners. From guardrails, steel steps and beer bottles to the top of the cage and then back in the ring, Storm and Roode steal the show once again, delivering a great match with a shocking ending.

Spot of the match: A Last Call for Roode… with unexpected results


9. LOCKDOWN 2006: NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Christian Cage (c) vs. Abyss

A vicious beatdown on the champ in the hands of The Monster makes up the first half of this match, but things get out of hand as the fight progresses. The referee gets taken out, Christian goes flying off the top of the cage, and Abyss brings his signature thumbtacks to the mix.

Spot of the match: Christian hits Abyss with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the top of the cage onto a pile of thumbtacks


8. LOCKDOWN 2005: Lethal Lockdown Match – Team Nash (BG James, Diamond Dallas Page & Sean Waltman) vs. Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, Kip James & Monty Brown)

The first ever Lethal Lockdown match lacks the weapon-filled roof and only consists of six competitors, with each bringing their own weapon of choice. Trash cans, kendo sticks and Jarrett’s signature guitar, as well as the intriguing relationship between the former New Age Outlaws make for a very memorable contest, which marks the beginning of an entire Lockdown legacy yet to come.

Spot of the match: Monty Brown goes on a killing spree, first hitting his finisher, the Pounce, on Sean Waltman, then using the same move to drive a trash can into BG James, and finally delivering a Double Pounce on James and DDP


7. LOCKDOWN 2008: Lethal Lockdown Match – Team Cage (Christian Cage, Kevin Nash, Matt Morgan, Rhino & Sting) vs. Team Tomko (AJ Styles, James Storm, Tomko & Team 3D)

AJ Styles and Tomko had been known as Christian’s Coalition until they turned on their leader in the build-up to this Lethal Lockdown match. Cage and Styles get the crowd pumped from the very beginning, but all hell breaks loose when the ten competitors find themselves locked in the cage and the roof goes down. You know things are not going in a good direction from the moment Cage and Storm end up on top of the cage.

Spot of the match: As Styles and Cage are battling it out on a ladder positioned on the top of the cage roof, Storm pushes them both off the ladder, driving them through a table

Part 2 coming soon.

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