The Rundown: The Top 12 Most Brutal Matches in Lockdown History (Part 2)

Lockdown 2012

6. LOCKDOWN 2007: LETHAL LOCKDOWN MATCH – Team Angle (Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Rhino, Samoa Joe & Sting) vs. Team Cage (Abyss, AJ Styles, Christian Cage, Scott Steiner & Tomko)

Videos of the match here, here and here

This match takes its time before it really kicks off, but once the roof is descended and the weapons are thrown in the mix, things get out of hand. Harley Race attacks James Mitchell, Rhino delivers a Gore to Tomko through the cage door, people are fighting around the announcers’ table and Christian receives a Double Chokeslam onto a pile of thumbtacks. Utter anarchy.

Spot of the match: Angle sends Styles flying off the top of the cage


5. LOCKDOWN 2005: TABLES MATCH – Jeff Hardy vs. Raven

Video of the match here

You can only expect brutality from a fearless daredevil and a hardcore icon. Hardy and Raven go all out in this Tables match, with especially Hardy taking some insane bumps. Raven, on the other hand, is as vicious as ever, at one point using a broken piece of a table to scrape Hardy’s face.

Spot of the match: Hardy lays Raven on a stack of four tables and goes for a Legdrop off the top of the cage, driving him through the tables



Video of the match here

This Doomsday Chamber of Blood match can only be won if one is pinned while he is bleeding. Abyss gets busted open in the early going and the match does not go without the involvement of thumbtacks and glass, as well as an interference from Dr. Stevie Richards

Spot of the match: Morgan finishes Abyss off with a Choke Bomb onto thumbtacks


3. LOCKDOWN 2010: LETHAL LOCKDOWN MATCH – Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett & Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Flair (Desmond Wolfe, Sting & Beer Money Inc.)

Videos of the match here, here, here, and here

Sting takes Hardy out backstage, making the Lethal Lockdown Match a 4-on-3 battle, only for Hardy to come out later with a kendo stick and do a lot of damage on top of the cage. Colour gets introduced to this match early on, as RVD gets busted open as a result of clashes with the cage. This violent match also features beer bottles, thumbtacks and Flair bleeding rivers as only he can.

Spot of the match: Hardy climbs to the top of the cage, where he lays Storm on a table and jumps off a ladder, taking him out


2. LOCKDOWN 2006: LETHAL LOCKDOWN MATCH – Sting’s Warriors (AJ Styles, Rhino, Ron Killings & Sting) vs. Jarrett’s Army (Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner & America’s Most Wanted)

Videos of the match here, here, and here

This is debut of the Lethal Lockdown in the format it is currently known for. Chris Harris gets busted open early on after Styles shoves his face into the cage multiple times, but The Phenomenal sheds some blood as soon as Storm joins the fight. This match features some of the coolest moments in Lockdown history, including the biggest Tower of Doom I have ever seen, consisting of AJ being Superplexed by Jarrett and Storm, who in turn take Electric Chairs from Rhino and Killings, who are being Powerbombed by Harris. Other memorable moments include a guitar duel between Jarrett and Sting and a 4-man Stinger Splash.

Spot of the match: On top of the cage roof Styles lays Storm on a table, then uses a ladder to climb to the steel structure handling the projectors and hits a Splash onto Storm, driving him through the table


1. LOCKDOWN 2005: Abyss vs. AJ Styles

Video of the match here

A truly phenomenal performance by AJ, who uses his speed and agility to dodge Abyss’ attacks in the most creative of ways, much of the action taking place among the fans in attendance. Styles gets busted open after Abyss slams the cage door in his face and then applies the steel chain to his bleeding forehead.

Spot of the match: The two competitors climb to the top of the cage, where Abyss hangs Styles by the neck with the steel chain, before AJ hits a Sunset Flip Powerbomb slamming The Monster into a pile of thumbtacks

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