The Worst Impact of 2013?

This might sound really bad, and maybe I was having a bad night on Thursday, but I was really unimpressed with Impact, this week. For the show to be something I look forward to every week, I was downright disappointed after seeing this week’s (3/21/13) show.

I’m going to mostly put this down to the fact that TNA taped both Chicago Impact shows in the same day. When I heard they were doing this, I was really shocked. The second show, or afternoon slot, was lacklustre compared to the first, which was the first Impact “on the road” we saw last week.

I saw gaps in the crowd, I thought that the Chicago crowd was slightly burned out, and the superstars themselves must’ve been exhausted. Austin Aries is the only wrestler (I believe) to have pulled double-duty that day, and while he was still fantastic as always, I didn’t rate the tag team championship match as highly as the IWC seemed to think it was. Several spots from that match seemed like Lockdown repeats, from Aries’ hurricanrana on Hernandez over the top rope, to the reversal of the Three Amigos (Chavito-Aries) from Hernandez’s ramp length running shoulder block (which I guess might just be part of his repertoire now). Anyway, I’d felt like this was one match I had seen just a couple of weeks previous, and it didn’t hold me.

Another thing which made this Impact crappy in my eyes was the A&8s storyline. I realise that it is exactly that, storyline, but why, why, WHY do the faces have to be so utterly, completely stupid. I realise A&8s have pulled off this huge conspiracy, but the good guys + Hogan have the power to shut down A&8s, surely? Let me stop rambling and be a little clearer. Hogan wants to stop A&8s and more importantly, get the world title back. So does he make a match, or several matches for the title that night? No. Does he hire/order some of the roster to start taking out members? No. He makes his four best competitors beat the ruddy hell out of each other, after which the winner will go on to take the title back potentially months away (Slammiversary) in a fair wrestling match… newsflash, not gonna happen. I understand wrestling storylines, I really do. But this storyline is almost hitting the stage of being unbelievable. Why do the good guys never have a plan? Why can’t they just be a little bit smart? Last night’s decision about the main event was just ridiculous. I could’ve been happy if we got a serious main event, but honestly I barely remember seeing any of these 4 men as the match was that short. No one really got the chance to do much. Anyway, I digress.

A&8s were not present. And it showed. We can really acknowledge now how big a part of Impact they have become, because the show really was missing something. While Bully’s vignettes were great in tying up loose ends, they also did a very good job of glossing over the big gaping plotholes. For instance, just what is Anderson’s reason for joining? I mean, they beat him up, right? Took him out of the biggest show of the year… These segments were good, but we still needed to see them.

This is probably not what you want to read if you’re a TNA fan. I’m a HUGE TNA fan, and this was not what I wanted to write, but I was severely bleeped off after this week’s Impact. While it could just be me, I’m hoping, nay, I’m praying that TNA do not go back to back filming Impact. It is never ever, ever going to work, the quality of the show is going to plummet, as we saw, and I just hope that TNA learns quickly, what it is like being on the road, and Impact returns to being great again.

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  • Dan

    I totally agree, that show was boring. How do they pull off doing a show in the afternoon and showing it the following week? Is it the same crowd?

  • Brad Drysdale

    Absolutely the same crowd. I guess you can buy a ticket for either session or attend the whole day. I really hope they don't continue with this format as it brought down the quality of the show.

  • Kdub

    I was there in Chicago it was great live but the taping
    Was kinda boring only cuz it was short they did a
    Better job on tv but the card gang was missing
    (TNA show A) gets a (A) (TNA show B) gets a (C) live and a (B) on tv They also cut some stuff out

  • Numero Uno

    It's ok i found it good too. The fatal four-way was good and got the crowd going(We want Angle/Joe chants.) And I don;t think Dixie want be that stupid. I think Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, James Storm, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries need another title reign. And if their going to reward someone a 1st reign it needs to be a guy like Magnus.