The WWE Jack Swagger And TNA Kurt Angle Talk

I was texting the Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle last week about Wrestlemania 29 and we mentioned the top matches for the show. Looking back now, we failed to mention Jack Swagger. That changed as of today.


I was sitting at my desk going through my social media, emails, and sites, and I get a text. It was from Kurt! It is now time to discuss Jack Swagger!

I did want to point out to him about the multiple video appearances he made during Wrestlemania 29 as he was shown in his match with Brock Lesnar and he was mentioned by JBL during the Jack Swagger match. He sure took notice.

The first thing Kurt brought up was Jack Swagger. Plain and simple, he thought Swagger was “Good.” Of course Swagger is not Kurt Angle by any means, and Kurt really pointed that out.

It is very easy that WWE tried to make Jack a Kurt. They should just change his name. Jack has the amateur style wrestling and even uses The Ankle Lock (Patriot Act). Some even say Swagger’s entrance music is the same from Kurt’s when he was in WWE. Kurt recognizes and he isn’t afraid to comment about it.

Jack Swagger

The part I found interesting is that Kurt compared Jack to himself. Sure, I just explained how they are comparable, but that is just through the style. Kurt was comparing Swagger based on how he worked. I am a fan of Swagger, mostly because of his recent gimmick, but when you compare each other based on wrestling… there is no comparison. Kurt easily out beats Swagger.

The other interesting part I found is how Kurt believes Swagger can and possibly will be World Champion in the future. I had to disagree with him. I just don’t see it. We seen Swagger get a huge push earlier this year, but it crashed when he got arrested. Vince gave up on the gimmick and we can tell. Sure, Jack has talent in the ring, but wrestling talent doesn’t mean anything in the business anymore.

It is easy to compare two stars yourself between WWE and TNA. It is easy to compare Jack Swagger and Kurt Angle, but it is quite different when you actually have one of those stars say it. Sure, they are the same in multitude of ways. Kurt and Jack have the same wrestling style. Kurt had his problems in the past while Jack has his problems now. Both are thought of for the same way and that is wrestling. Same finisher too!

Jack and Kurt are quite comparable, but what about others? Who else do you compare between WWE and TNA? What about Sting and Undertaker? Love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Brad Drysdale

    WWE know that Kurt was a huge draw and still is… The problem is that sometimes they view a wrestler's character as a prototype, a formula that can be followed. Recent examples which come to mind are Ryback as Goldberg and Sin Cara as Rey Mysterio. Unfortunately, gaining success from building superstars in this way is not so easy and WWE have found that out. They have down the same thing with Swagger, but surely by now they've realised there is and always will only be one Kurt Angle.