These Knockouts Are No Divas

hqdefaultFlat out, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell changed the game, and possibly the face of women’s professional wrestling with their ladder match on the last episode of Impact. I hope that the Divas in the WWE took notes during this match, because this was possibly the best match in women’s professional wrestling history.

For starters, Gail Kim is arguably one of the most talented wrestlers on any roster, though she is undeniably the best womens wrestler on the planet. She’s skilled in the ring, she’s convincing on the mic, and her mere presence on television brings to mind the glory days of women in professional wrestling. Class acts like the Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Wendi Richter and Lailani Kai are all channeled when I see Gail Kim on television every week. She is also the women was also smart enough to leave the WWE when she saw the ridiculous direction that the Diva division was heading.
The Knockout ladder match also gave us a look at Taryn Terrell, who I believe is destined to be a star in professional wrestling. She has the look, the strength and the agility to grow with the business, providing that she doesn’t fall victim to either the over or underbooking of her matches. The switch with ODB, a formidably ring technician in her own right, from referee to title contender has provided an incredible learning experience for Taryn, and with every single match, she really gets better. With the right support, and the right booking, Taryn Terrell is a future Knockouts Champion. However, expect Gail Kim’s evolution and epic run to be rewarded by a lengthy title rain after taking the belt from Mickie James.

While WWE relies on beauty over talent (i.e. The Bella Twins), TNA has done of magnificent job of finding Knockouts who are more than just a pretty face, they sought out those that had the talent. I believe it is the same reason Tara jumped ship, as well as Mickie James. These women now have the opportunity to put their honed skills on display for longer than the usual five minute Diva match which features more blood-curdling screams than actual wrestling moves.

Bottom line is that the Knockouts in TNA is FAR superior than the Divas of the WWE, and I mean this on so many levels. While I believe Kaitlyn believe that WWE Diva #1 contender Kaitlyn is a future star, the Knockouts just have what is lacking in WWE. That thing? Wrestling. The Divas don’t wrestle for more than 5-7 minutes, the work is sloppy and they tend to scream more than is necessary in a wrestling match. In TNA, great workers like Kim and Terrell are surrounded with talented Knockouts like Ms. Tessmacher, Velvet Skye, Tara and Mickie James- beautiful and gifted women who have proven that it takes more than just a pretty face or a skimpy outfit to make an impact in the world of professional wrestling.

tumblr_mm8mkaZxVt1rpg71oo1_500WWE’s go-to Divas right now are the promising Kaitlyn and the overrated and overbooked AJ Lee. However being the only two semi-talented women on the roster can not last forever. While that confusing storyline continues to make no sense, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell raised the bar in women’s professional wrestling with just one match. The bruises that Terrell tweeted the following day can only illustrate to us what these outstanding Knockouts are capable of, and how they intend to change the face of women’s professional wrestling.

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  • TNA Chris

    I thought the last knockout standing match was better.

  • Mario

    Good and accurate article …. i was also really impressed by those daring ,exciting and dangerous wrestling moves that Gail and Taryn performed on that ladder match . I`ve never ( been a wrestling fan for almost 40 years ) seen women perform in such a professional and demanding way .

  • Brad Drysdale

    They're hungry right now and this division is on the rise! They need to keep putting on such matches, incorporating gimmick (e.g. ladder and last Knockout standing) and girls who are willing to do what it takes to further the reputation of the Knockouts.


    it is so true!!! i think all the knockouts in tna are suprrior to the diva of the wwe,but liik closer and you will ee that the man division is alsogoing on the right direction,i personelly can not see wwe anymore its like a kid show compering to the wrestling skills that tna hows lately

    • Kazuya

      Maybe you should check out WWE lately then,Not so much what you think

  • Kazuya

    WWE has been very good this past few month especially with the rise of Daniel Bryan and good long matches but the knockouts are still superior to the divas even though the AJ/Kaitlyn feud has built interest inthe division but am sure Mickie James didn’t just leave,She was released

  • carl

    I slighty disagree I do believe wwe has talented women wrestler but They are not allowed to show boat them. Vince don't feal women should be eqaul to men wrestling and used to turn on he men. For example natalie neighthart is really good but she being book as a comedy act. also I believe Layla has some chance to be good. Timana snuka is another one. and there has been ex divas like the amazon, eve, ivory, lita, luna venoch, marysa,molly holly, torrie wilson, and last but not least trish status. If any of these women was giving the chance like TNA does with their women I bet they all would be huge stars.. Would Love to see some of them in TNA, expecially Glamazon, Karma, and Trish Status and Lita, snuka and natalie .. They all could be huge….

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