TNA BFG – It Needs 2MB

Bound For Glory 2014 will be happening in Tokyo, Japan

Bound For Glory 2014 will be happening in Tokyo, Japan

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest installment of my articles. There’s a lot of buzz in the Impact Zone. We are around the most important months in TNA’s calendar. The road to Bound For Glory. This isn’t any usual situation as this time; TNA will host their first ever foreign pay-per-view in a country that adores wrestling, Japan! This has the potential of being a slobber knocker. But the key word is ‘potential’. This article will review in what could aid fulfilling that possibility.



The Sunday before last week, I think we were able to experience a ‘Back To The Future’ time travel scenario, as that feeling of complete disgust and despair regarding WWE was unanimous across the IWC, with excitement with the things happening in TNA. At WWE MITB 2014, after watching the MITB Briefcase match, we were mesmerized by the performance of the wrestlers, embodying a spirit that indie/TNA wrestling (as well as CM Punk) has yearned for a long time, give the smaller guy a chance and they will deliver. It was magical with every participant doing well, even if Jack Swagger isn’t technically a ‘small guy’. It made you gasp in anticipation with more exciting wrestlers set to fight in the main event. I’m not ashamed to admit it, but Alberto Del Rio is a top quality wrestler but his Mexican background limits his affiliation with the predominant American crowd, although our British Wade Barrett appeals. Anyways, as you know, with the smallest of contributions to the match, Vince McMahon for the unfortunate reason thought that John Cena should win. I’m a man of principal who will watch his wrestling till the end, regardless of the results, but with WWE refusing to give a youngster a chance, or even one of the other competitors; they resorted to the egotistical John Cena. This led me to switch off the channel immediately, something I’ve only done when Alberto Del Rio ran over Father Christmas, or Santa Clause I should say. If you want ‘U’ level of entertainment, please switch on a cartoon or watch Slam City!

Devon Dudley and Matt Hardy showing they still have what it takes at a recent House Of Hardcore event

Devon Dudley and Matt Hardy showing they still have what it takes at a recent House Of Hardcore event

Regardless of what happened at Raw the night after, it showed that WWE was  listening to the business of 5 year olds or very odd adults who will invest on John Cena merchandise rather than investing in a new wrestling phenomenon, thus listening to the IWC, who love wrestling. I’m not saying to obey every spontaneous change of opinion, but there were top talent there, come on. So now here comes the more relevant part of the article. Let’s look at what TNA is doing. For a very long time, the Impact Zone have complained over numerous things. When would TNA bring their product to New York? With TNANEWS’ @thebyrontaylor being one of the leading people behind that movement. What did TNA do? During a period of redevelopment, instead of taking the easy path, they listened. That isn’t all, TNA started a scheme of asking the fans, what do you want? A lot of people demanded for the return of the 6 sided ring. Many fans wanted the return of Devon Dudley and Matt Hardy. Basically, TNA have suddenly reverted back to their principals of being the alternative company of satisfying us fans who love wrestling. TNA have succumbed to the realization that it isn’t a competitor to the WWE, but as we are seeing, that isn’t entirely a bad thing. You can still be successful in other ways.

Daniel Bryan + Chris Sabin

Daniel Bryan + Chris Sabin

Last year, TNA was in a dire state. There was a change of leadership with TNA needing to resolve their disastrous financial situation. It was symbolic of TNA facing the fact that they can’t challenge WWE, ending the crusade of excess expenditure, which had been present before the arrival of Hulk Hogan. There were a lot of cut backs with TNA being more cautious in renewing the contracts of some stars, with notable big names exiting the Impact Zone. During this period, there were questions where TNA can go, with a lack of future talent, leading to articles by the TNANEWS team perceiving Bound For Glory 2013 as the event to rebuild TNA, such as my previous article. Now with almost a year gone pass, it’s the total opposite. The vocal criticism against Dixie Carter has digressed as she continued to grow. The rise of new stars whilst preventing the current stars from eluding from the spotlight helped TNA to have the resuscitation that they required. We have the rise of the Bro Mans, the arrival of the American Wolves, Magnus finally reaching that main event stature, the creepy b****** Samual Shaw, Ethan Carter the Third, the return of Kenny King and Bobby Lashley mixed with MVP, the rebirth of Samoa Joe and so much more. Actually just seeing Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode together as friends rather than ripping each other’s throats during last week’s Impact was enough to make you interested, as it shows how much of an effect MVP has had, to shift their views upon each other.

Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley

Eric Young vs Bobby Lashley

Okay, so does this mean everything is now heading to a fairy tale conclusion? Not necessarily, it could end up like WWE MITB 2014. I was glad to see @RealRicSantos writing regularly and in particular a recent article about TNA being in a peculiar situation of having a few weeks of tapings free prior to Bound For Glory 2014 in Tokyo, Japan after the tapings in New York. TNA have to utilize this period very carefully. They can’t be poor creatively and simply emulate a popular theme like they did with Eric Young aka Daniel Bryan 2. It must be something to help build into the event while embracing the sudden change in surroundings from New York to Tokyo. Both regions are wrestling crazy so you need the world to have that excitement. This is the exception where you can take a note from WWE in how they ensure the recent Wrestlemania events have been spectacular. You ensure that you will see things that you will have never have seen before. TNA are familiar with this, but this has to be executed with a lot of build up, like how Hulk Hogan has assisted them in doing so.

Jeff, Devon, Matt and Bubbah Ray

Jeff, Devon, Matt and Bubbah Ray

A major theme for TNA Bound For Glory 2014 is the Hall Of Fame Induction of Team 3D. It is an unique choice as TNA have turned their attention to honoring a form of wrestling that was fundamental in their rise rather than ‘Heavyweight Singles Competition’ as described in a previous article. It has got many people impressed with TNA also bringing back Devon Dudley and Matt Hardy. Without contemplating anything with their tag team partners being different now with Bully Ray and The Grudge’s version of Jeff Hardy as Willow, you immediately start the excitement of a possible tag team reunion. The theme ‘tag team’ wrestling is already present with many of the Impact Zone in awe of this possibility. Hell not too long ago, we had Beer Money Inc have a brief return with everyone going bonkers!

Me posing with 3MB at Wrestlemania Axxess 04.04.13

Me posing with 3MB at Wrestlemania Axxess 04.04.13

The WWE recently released a bunch of wrestlers with some of them being talented whilst possessing a decent fan base. In this regard, the most notable stars are Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal. The latter wrestlers were part of 3MB and they had a solid fan base among the IWC. They would sometimes operate as a tag team together and had a good system. With the 90 day rule of these wrestlers being unable to compete for the period, it is a perfect time for them to arrive in time for Bound For Glory 2014, during the period that hasn’t been planned for yet. But this has to be in perspective and correlate with a previous article where they must be used correctly. Both competitors may have aspirations to return to WWE or to compete in their native Scotland and Canada. They could do a few appearances just for Bound For Glory 2014, to make some one off matches like we witness in Wrestlemanias. Also not to use them as jobbers or in the opposite end of the spectrum as unbeatable wrestlers who dismantle The Bromans and the American Wolves. They could probably even fight the Motor Machine Guns who could also return. The pay-per-view is meant to be the best possible, mixing ‘the big stars’ with the current regular roster. As long as there is a good blend, it is workable. This could help TNA continue their resuscitation that they had begun last year. Also TNA could try and ask the Impact Zone, “Did Somebody Call My Mama?” with Aksana as a Funkadactyl. I guess sarcasm doesn’t work with written words, of course I’m not being serious with Brodus Clay and Aksana. In the same regards as the tag team situation, the X Division needs some rebuilding with Evan Bourne the perfect solution to help that. Also there could be John Morrison and some stars in Japan to make the one off appearance like Shelton Benjamin. Austin Aries, Manik and Shark Boy fighting these guys could be so good. Then Josh Matthews also making his presence official with him already being backstage at a TNA taping in New York. TNA have always generally had a good wrestling roster, so possessing someone of his caliber could help TNA address these issues.

At the 20.5.14 taping of Main Event at the O2 Arena, London, UK. 3MB as the Union Jack fought in a dark match. The crowd gave them a warm welcoming with the Union Jack then quashing any support by saying "we will never be the union jacks again" I guess they knew back then... But were certainly entertaining! Pucture taken by myself

At the 20.5.14 taping of Main Event at the O2 Arena, London, UK. 3MB as the Union Jack fought in a dark match. The crowd gave them a warm welcoming with the Union Jack then quashing any support by saying “we will never be the union jacks again” I guess they knew back then… But were certainly entertaining! Pucture taken by myself

The Bound For Glory 2014 event is already set to be revolutionary with an American wrestling company ignoring their competitive nature and embracing wrestling fundamentals by hosting a huge event in arguably the second largest wrestling nation after America. It is symbolic that TNA are restructuring their intent from deluding themselves as a WWE rival, to accepting what they are, the wrestling alternative that helps us satisfy our wrestling needs. This will help TNA be successful to an extent. TNA can further use this opportunity by utilizing every resource available. Drew McIntyre isn’t bad at all, in the miniature battle a few pay-per-views ago, he pulled off a sublime summersault over the ropes onto a table but neither the miniature or real commentators applauded him. The ‘Chosen One’ along with Jinder Mahal who can like Sonjay Dhutt does, attract the south Asian audience to further boost the wrestling appeal.

It makes sense for sure; TNA BFG does need 2MB.

By Sean Prem


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  • Alex Barie

    There’s a couple things I want to point out in this article that I disagree with.

    First off, you state that the IWC is furious over WWE and them giving John Cena the championship. I stated this multiple times on my Facebook page and I will write it again… it was honestly best for business. While there were several young stars like Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, and Roman Reigns in the match, I would be against any of them winning it. Why? Because we know Brock Lesnar is challenging for the belt(s) at Summerslam. We know he is going to win. It is so predictable. I don’t want to see Lesnar destroy Reigns, Wyatt, or Cesaro. It would make them look bad. However, giving Cena the belt, Lesnar beating him wouldn’t be as damaging. John can take a loss while the others would suffer a horrible defeat and a quick championship reign.

    While you say the fans don’t want to see the “same old” stuff like Cena with the belt, isn’t that the same philosophy of seeing Devon and Matt Hardy… and even Rhino in TNA? They are older talent. They are veteran type stars who, in people’s minds, are taking up the time that the younger stars could have. I honestly don’t mind them in the company, but we can’t be biased here. WWE taking time away from the younger talent for John Cena is exactly like TNA giving time to Matt Hardy and Rhino rather than Samoa Joe or Gunner.

    You also state in your article that TNA was trying to be like WWE before Hulk Hogan entered the company and I would have to disagree. While TNA had many veteran talent part of their team, they also had a very strong youth movement with super strong emphasis on the tag team division, X-Division, and Knockouts division. The company was different. It felt different. Once Hulk and Bischoff entered, that changed everything.

    I do think TNA is going back to their pre-Hogan days and I hope it works out for them. TNA is not competition to WWE in the sense of viewership and money wise, but they can produce an alternative product that makes people think they are better in the sense of entertainment wise.

    Also, let me acknowledge that WWE’s demographic is the kids, so catering to John Cena and the other childish segments on the shows fit their demographic.

    • Sean Prem

      Im hoping to make this an article in itself. Will go into more detail talking about Rhino and those guys too

    • Sean Prem

      A very constructive response, thank you. Before I reply, I think for those reading, this is further evidence that the writers on Tnanews, have varying views unlike other wrestling sites.

      All Hulk Hogan did was put an exclamaton mark that TNA were aiming to emulate the WWE model, by eliminating the 6 sided ring. But thi was evident for a while.

      The first example is the arrival of Kurt Angle. It is a harsh criticism but unfortunately true. His arrival marked the distingration of Samoa Joe. Ever since Kurt Angle arrived, Samoa Joe has never recuperated the status that he had, even with the pushes he has had since. It was the dream match we all wanted was eclipsing WWE. But that rivalry got dragged out which included everyone winning titles. By the time Samoa Joe finally won, it was too late. Amazing matches they had though, but it was clear that TNA amed to appease their new expensive recruit. Very harsh but true as both are wonderful talents and Kurt Angle was a favourite to win. It symbolised TA’s aim to favour a heaywigt above the X Division, which as u said was vital to their success. Signs of changing from their X Division preference. The X Division has never been the same since then.

      But it isn’t only Samoa Joe who has suffered. No doubt prior to the rise of prominence of the Double A, the most successful X Division stars beside Samoa Joe were AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. What has happened to that trio? Years of misuse drove them out of the Impact Zone. The days of them having the best match in TNA history, the triple threat between Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels long gone along with Joe’s towel that had Daniels’ blood.

      Kurt Angle is perhaps a harsh example as he was a major acquisition although a valid argument. Let’s talk about Christian. He’s a very talented wrestler, one of the guys I highly rate. But it is inexcusable to tolerate the idea of making him the leader of a faction that included a wrestler that was fundamental in the rise of TNA, AJ Styles. His lack of mic skills was addressed as a major culprit, which I’ve talked about in a previous article**phenomenalshoot**. But that’s unacceptable. Just imagine after wwf acquired wcw, they decided to push down the rising kurt angle in favour for an established wcw star who had woin 5 titles, like booker t. It just wouldn’t happen. It was another sign of favouring the popular name to ‘the general wrestling fan’. Bischoff tried the seemingly logical conclusion of favouring hulk hogan over stunning steve austin. Then the seemingly impossible occured with Stone Cold Steve Austin eclipsing Hulk Hogan with the ‘Austin 3:16′ t-shirt the 3rd most successful general t-shirt of all time.

      These are the ingredients of alienating the ‘rebranding’ philosophy jeff jarrett introduced. Making him see what Vince used to do to him back in wwf. His power of control had diminished during the period of the decline of those X Division stars

      Then there’s the John Cena issue. It is definitely a business made decision to appeal to children. But let’s not forget that all of the writers of tnanews and wnw are above the age of 10. The majority of the viewers of these sites are too. So that means there are a lot of older fans of wrestling too.

      In a business perspective, its not the best thing in the long term. You can’t continue to give the same guy the championship. This is an issue that John Cena spoke about with Steve Austin on his podcast, stating that WWE must take some blame for its lack of creatvity in building more stars. He is nearing the end of his career and it feels as if this title reign was done to appeal to his ego. Plus how can the fans really buy into a storyline that he is a revel to management? As he’s a product of it, although the only legitimate thing is that he isn’t in the pocket of triple h. He’s part of someone much more powerful, as its well known, Vince. So it makes it less convincing. Let’s not forget that we agreed that a lot of authoritarian vs the rebel storylines hasn’t been great for a while, including john cena, as it doesn’t work for him. We spoke about this when discussing EY & Mvp.

      Am I one of those fans who believes john cena should disappear? Certainly not. I would be a hypercrypt as he’s a man who brings fans to the business. He’s our Hulk Hogan, when we were at te age, not able to fully appreciate others around him like Jake Snake & Macho Man even though there was an affiliation for them. This is specially important when wrestling need fans. Bt its how you use your wrestlers. John is always going to draw attention. He doesn’t need the title to get fans interested. His rivalry with the Wyatts was really good. It helps to build the Wyatts much further, hence the mobile phones’ lights. At the same time, it pushes the others.

      In the article, I said the IWC wanted change with the new guys and us wrestling fans wanted to anticipate it. But I didn’t say if it would be right. Its too early where u may end up like Swagger, Del Rio and Sheamus, who needed to grow despite earning their first world titles and it didn’t work out. But that doesn’t mean it should be Cena. Should be someone directly related to the main storyline, being that of the Authority. Randy should have won. Build a rivalry with Roman Reigns to push him. Has to be done carefully but not too quick or dragged on, or you have another Ryback. So huge with “feed me more”. Pushed aside for The Rock. Then turning him heel ruined him. John Cena is just irrelevant in the storyline. Using him in a similar way to the Wyatts would be interesting.

      Regarding Cena andd merchandise. He’s the most sold at events and not at internet events as so many of his merchandise is offered, in particular in the UK. 2/3 of merchandise was just his. Since The Rock returned, we’ve seen the rise of loads of stars and they had been able to progress by not hogging the title to John Cena

  • Aaron Scott Jockers

    Ya know in terms of Matt Hardy and Devon, I am glad to see them back. If we get a true three way tag with The Wolves at Bound for Glory I see it as a torch being passed. Cena doesn’t pass torches, and Brock doesn’t need said torch anyhow, because you may know, he defeated the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    But I can’t see Rhyno, Devon or Matt ultimately going over any future TNA Superstar so if they’re to work with, and put over this generation of young, exciting, and rising talent, I am glad these guys are here. Now if TNA can take young talents such as 2MB, Sydal or others, and give them the EC3 treatment, then perhaps they should.

    • Sean Prem

      Hey Aaron thank you for reading and commenting. Precisely, it is how these guys will be used, which will determine their success factor. They need to be used to help build the stars but at the same time, not to be jobbers, to keep their relevance too.

      Building up to a big match involving The Wolves would help. Just to help the theme of tag teams can help the future stars. But it has to be consistent. Sting supposedly passed on the torch to Magnus and now he’s been derailed. Yet that match itself grabbed alot of attention due to the idea of passing on the torch.

      Rhyno and those other guys could try to do what RvD does if they don’t want to surrender their status by going over any future TNA star. Just lose controversially or something. At least it wouldnt be a white wash. But in a TNA perspective, whats most important is delivering a good match, so the guys should aim to give an awesome match, and then that will be remebered fondly, like jerry lynn whenever he came down. Just to have the hardys and team 3d mixing up with other tags would be a spectacle and a show stealer

      Yea, Lesnar had no need to receive that honour of ending the streak. Big moments help propel careers. Its like giving Bully Ray the whole story fo being with Brooke. It helped Triple H;’s career when he eloped with Stephanie. Something like that with a young star would have made them. Bray or Reigns defeating Taker next year or the year after. But Taker;s health is too bad i guess.