TNA Cuts: A Positive Step?

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Two years ago TNA had more than 60 performers signed with contracts but now they are down to 33. I would like to highlight the people that have been released and then I would like you guys to express your feelings if these guys should have been released.

Let’s start with Christopher Daniels, a man who has been with TNA since the very beginning. He was a multiple X-Division Champion and also Tag Team Champion with various partners like AJ Styles and Kazarian. He had a style that was fast but could easily use dirty tactics. It seems he could not have been fired even though taking the pink slip he would return with a different persona like Curry Man and Suicide. Daniels had the great ability to adapt from singles wrestling and tag team wrestling, a skill that not everyone manages. It is sad for TNA to let him go especially when he was part of an entertaining tag team and also if you consider the current state of the tag team division. I am quite confident that we will see him again in the future although TNA is looking for new stars.

Then there is his former tag team partner Kaz, also one of the veterans of TNA. He is mostly known as an X-Division wrestler although he has been tag team champion on multiple occasions. His greatest ability is being booed as it comes quite natural to him. After their latest push as Bad Influence, Kaz was barely used and was used as a jobber. This is quite sad to see as everyone has witnessed the great matches he can produce given enough time. I understand that new blood should come into the company but he could have been a valuable contender for the X-Division Title, considering there aren’t many.

Let’s go on with the Super-Mex Hernandez. A strong built man with a good looking body, he is one of the best hybrids that the company has had to offer. Of course most of his moves consisted of using his strength and after all why not, these moves are explosive and so entertaining. But he also moves very fast for his size and sometimes uses certain moves like dives to catch us off guard but also makes us cheer. We have seen Hernandez mostly in the tag team division were he has won the titles with various partners. Mostly he was put in tag teams that would have power and speed such as LAX. An other positive aspect is that he is not afraid to show where he and I are from and is proud to be Mexican and he should be after all.

Last but not least Chris Sabin. A man who has done it all in TNA. A very versatile wrestler with athletic capabilities gave him the ability to adapt to various styles. Some may know him best as part of the Motor City Machine Guns, a highly explosive and successful tag team with Alex Shelley where they had various tag team moves which would excite the fans. Although only being a one time tag team champion they have given us various beautiful matches against great teams like Team 3D and Beer Money. But that’s not it, Chris is also the most successful X-Division wrestler ever in TNA. The record number of title wins show you this. 8 times he has proved he has the best flying ability to beat various X-Division wrestlers and here we could notice he can go at it alone and also look good while doing it. Throughout his career he has both been loved and booed and he was also the World Heavyweight Champion but has faced the same circumstances.

Do you think these decisions were wisely done? Or were they a mistake? Any others you would like for their contract to be terminated?

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  • Christopher Bell

    TNA got rid of AJ Styles, Bad Influence, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Brian Kendrick, Sarita, Hamada, Alissa Flash, Low Ki, Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt. This is a step backwards but a step that probably needed to be made financially.

    • Jeff Elliott

      Low ki is back and I am pretty sure I seen Petey Williams and sonjay duty on the spin cycle on Wednesday. I think they’ll be x division ambassadors and also road agents.

  • TNA Chris

    I think sonjay was injured