TNA Genesis – The Beginning Of A New Company

I don’t think anyone can disagree with me when I state that TNA Wrestling has been through some major changes in the past several months. In fact, we heard the phrase “new era” almost every month since October. Hulk Hogan is gone and people stated it was a new era. AJ Styles became champion and it was a new era. The company went back to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and that was a new era. Magnus became the TNA World Champion and that was a new era. AJ Styles is actually gone from TNA Wrestling and it is a new era. See the picture? While all those moments in time certainly changed the course of TNA’s future, they were all different pathways leading up to this point. Some say life is already determined. Some say everything happens for a reason. If that is the case, this is the road that led TNA down. TNA, in some people’s minds, should be at this stage. This is where they are suppose to be. TNA Genesis is upon us and we are in for… well, a new era!

Dixie Carter sent this tweet out that very well pinpoints what this Impact Wrestling themed show means. Here is the tweet:

Genesis – An origin, creation, or beginning. That’s actually where we stand at this moment in time. That is actually where we stand on January 16, 2014. TNA Wrestling had their first show on June 19, 2002 in Huntsville, Alabama and that was certainly a historic moment in the professional wrestling world. Well, this Genesis themed show is in Huntsville, Alabama. Yes, the exact city where TNA had their first show. The company was born on June 19th and now it will restart on January 16th! This is the first live, or somewhat live, Impact Wrestling show in two months. In two months, many events occurred. AJ Styles is gone. A 27 year old Magnus is the face of the company. More importantly, Jeff Jarrett resigned from the company. The co-founder of TNA Wrestling, the man who put his blood, sweat, and tears into the company, left. Jeff continues on his way to pursue other interests, but after gaining more and more backstage power in the past couple of months, Jeff decided to leave the company that he co-founded and basically give the keys to The Carters. It is time for Dixie Carter to get in the driver seat, buckle the seat belt and drive off. This is her time to prove herself. This is time to prove herself not only as an on-screen character, but as a business leader. TNA Wrestling is now Dixie’s company. TNA Wrestling has been called a lot of names since their inception. People questioned how long they will survive to others calling it “a promotion with washed up WWE stars”. The company seen growth, hardships, setbacks, but at the end of the day, they are still around and they are still proving themselves to the world. In all honesty, it all depends when you started watching TNA to have a feel on what it should be. When you first tuned in from its inception till around 2009 you would understand that is is the company that has, “Alternative wrestling you won’t see anywhere else.” However, if you tuned in from 2010 to 2013 then you would think that the company is in direct competition with WWE. The shows are different. The roster was different. The stories were different. When fans are painted a picture that picture is stuck in our minds. We can’t let go of that picture. We certainly don’t want to forget the picture but we do need to move on and see other pictures in the museum. This is TNA’s instance of moving on… Genesis is that example of moving on in the museum to see another painting. They aren’t like they used to be from 2010-2013 and they certainly don’t feel what they were like in 2002-2009. There’s no doubt in my mind that TNA is turning their roster upside down, and honestly, they need to do so. Let’s make this clear, AJ Styles, the face of TNA Wrestling, the guy who has been there from the start, is gone. Kurt Angle will be undergoing surgery next month and will be out. His contract then expires in September! Sting could very well leave TNA if he doesn’t re-sign with them soon. Jeff Hardy is coming up on his optional year and TNA can very well restructure his deal and Jeff may not accept. Those three are the biggest names in TNA. They been there for years to help build TNA’s fan base. They helped establish the company. With the possibility in mind, TNA’s roster will be slim. At one time they were considered to have the best roster in the world. That could change. On the bright side, Dixie is ready to sign. She is willing to bring in new talent. She sent this “hint” out via Twitter:


Many are thinking she is talking about Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. These names are top names in the indy wrestling scene. Extremely talented. That is what TNA needs right now in order to rebuild their roster. Both are 30 years old and are ready to showcase their talent to the world. TNA wants to bring in young and fresh talent. Let’s face it, their cheaper than the likes of AJ Styles or Kurt Angle.

First comes finding the talent. Then comes building the talent. Sadly, I have to admit, this is where TNA lacks. They haven’t had AJ Styles in the top for years. When was the last time Samoa Joe was in the main event? Where’s Kenny King or Manik? Even though that is the case, we are set on a new start. We are set on a new beginning.


TNA Wrestling is not the company of Jeff Jarrett anymore. The company isn’t based on AJ Styles anymore. When you think of TNA you aren’t going to think of AJ Styles. The veterans are around, but for how long? Plus, what will be their role in the company? With the company having a 27 year old champion, we can certainly understand their direction right now and for the future.

2014 is going to be an absolute historic year on many levels in the wrestling business and I stated that early 2013. We are already seeing what is happening and it is only January.

Never forget TNA Wrestling’s history. Never forget their past and what got them there; however, don’t solely think of TNA like those eras. Don’t think of them of their past. This is certainly a new beginning of TNA. TNA Wrestling is having their genesis and it certainly will be a new company inside out!

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  • Friends of EC3

    Good luck tonight Ethan in your match against Sting all your friends and family are rooting for you. See ya at RW and Janice's later for a family get together. #theworldneedsus

  • seabee

    i think tna is actually starting a new era because they seem to have leaned by making the same mistakes as wcw. wcw`s big picture was "the next wwf star to jump ship" instead of creating their own big name talent. samoa joe should be a wrestling monster,abyss should be an icon who only wrestles big matches, sting is and should be an icon,Aj should be the man with 1000 holds..austin Aris should a butt kicking SOB winning by all means necessary ..i am very impressed with tna`s good maybe even great work recently developing EC3, Rockstar Spud, Bobby Rude, Sam Shaw and gunner.