Who TNA Should Hire From WWE – 3/6/14

Who TNA Should Hire

When I first announced that I would be hiring wrestlers from WWE, people told me that I better not hire Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. The idea was that I better not be doing this just to take the top stars from WWE. I can assure you, this was never my intention. This is specifically what I have been against. What I’d rather do is take stars who have not been pushed to their full potential and take them from WWE. Just think: Christian Cage.

The first star I would love to hire from WWE to TNA is Matt Sydal. This wrestler has alawys impressed me with his in ring ability. His athleticism is something that you do not normally see. You might be able to say that he has the total package for an X Division star. Could you imagine a Matt Sydal/Amazing Red rivalry? How about a Matt Sydal/TJ Perkins rivalry? Matt Sydal/Kenny King? Sydal could easily be one of the top stars of the division and make the division something to truly watch for. I have always said that I do not want to see the X Division to be seen as below the World Heavyweight division. The two divisions should be stacked with talented wrestlers. Fans should be arguing with each other about which division is truly better and which division they would like to be champion of.

Matt Sydal is exactly what I am looking for. As you can tell with the roster, I am trying to build the roster around athleticism. This is my main goal. The next goal is to make the Impact Wrestling roster younger. Hiring people who are past their prime is not what I am here to do. Matt Sydal would be a huge boost to the TNA Wrestling roster.

Who TNA Should Fire


I would fire Zema Ion. I have nothing personally against Zema Ion. He is a talented wrestler. In an attempt to make the best roster possible, a few wrestlers must go. This is one of those occasions. I think there are many others who can bring more charisma and athletic ability to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Here is the current roster:

AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Angelina Love
Anthony Nese
AR Fox
Austin Aries
Brian Kendrick
Bobby Roode
Bully Ray
Chris Sabin
Christy Hemme
Davey Richards
Dragon Lee
Eddie Edwards
Ethan Carter III
Gail Kim
Greg Marasciulo
Hector Guerrero
Ivelisse Velez
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jeremy Buck
Jeremy Borash
Jimmy Yang
Kenny King
Kurt Angle
La Sombra
Madison Rayne
Matt Sydal
Max Buck
Mickie James
Mike Tenay
MVP (added since he is now on the official Impact Wrestling roster)
Paul London
Petey Williams
Roderick Strong
Samuel Shaw
Sonjay Dutt
Taryn Terrell
Velvet Sky
Willie Urbina

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  • Sean Prem

    Indeed Christian Cage would be a brilliant acquistition as would Matt Sydall. But I do like Zema Ion as he has helped with the Bro Mans storyline. Btw its great to see your articles bro!

  • TT

    Christian was awesome in TNA but I’m not sure about signing him now. Dolph Ziggler is in the similar stage to where Christian was before his TNA move a good wrestler, popular but confined to the mid card, it would be awesome to see him in TNA. Most of WWE’s cruiser-weight class of wrestlers are held back Bourne, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd etc and could make useful x-division editions due to their high flying.