TNA Impact Review 12/12/13

Last night’s Impact was one of the best shows in a LONG time. Honestly, I thought it was better than Turning Point, and every Impact since then.

The show started out with a segment with Angle and Roode. It was a good segment, just like all their segments have been, and it was a good way to set up for their 2 out of 3 falls match next week at Final Resolution.

After that was Joseph Park and Eric Young vs Bad Influence. It was a decent match, won by Joseph Park and EY. In the middle of the match, Eric started punching Park, causing him to bleed, and then he destroyed Kaz and Daniels and got the pin. After the match, EY got on the mic, and finally revealed that Joseph Park is Abyss. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this to happen for months. It’s not that I hate the Joseph Park character, I just want Abyss back. I’m hoping this means Abyss will be back soon.

Throughout the show, every few minutes there was a video update on Rockstar Spud’s progress on trying to get the World Heavyweight Championship back to Dixie. These were awesome. Spud went from being lost near some gas station to ordering a ‘Ladyboy Chaser’ in a redneck bar. Eventually, he ended up in AJ’s house, but failed in his attempt to steal the championship back. I think Spud’s character is very entertaining, but I hope he starts wrestling on Impact soon.

After the Park vs Abyss match, EC3 came out to the ring and challenged Jeremy Borash to a match. My initial reaction was ‘Really, I thought since he was in Feast or Fired we wouldn’t have to see another one of these stupid segments.’ But then Sting came out. Sting has been absent for a couple weeks, and I was wondering when he was gonna come back. He got on the mic and challenged EC3 to a match. EC3 made it look like he was gonna wrestle him, but then left the ring. I really hope that was the beginning of a feud between those two, because a solid feud with ‘The Icon’ would be a good way for him to prove that he has what it takes to be a top guy in TNA, something many people have been questioning lately.

Next, Gail and Tapa came out. Gail talked about how the competition so far in her open challenge has been below average, but then ODB came out. Gail then said something about ODB obviously not understanding the rules of the open challenge, but then ODB said she isn’t hear for the open challenge, she is here for Lei’d Tapa. ODB attacked Tapa, but soon after, Gail and Tapa had control over her. Then, four time Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne came out to help ODB. This was an awesome way for Madison to come back. Madison was in the division when it was at its best. When she got released, I was sad because she was always my favorite knockout. I wish Angelina Love would come back so that The Beautiful People can come back, but I also liked Madison as a singles competitor.

One thing I noticed about this weeks episode is that ‘Samuel’ Shaw was not even mentioned. Hopefully he’ll start wrestling on Impact soon. Speaking of not being on TV, where are Kenny King and Manik? Kenny King was absent from Impact for months, and then came back for like two weeks, had an awesome match with Aries, and then left again. I still don’t understand why Kenny King wasn’t in the Ultimate X match but Samoa Joe who literally randomly inserted himself into the match was.

Then, Dixie came out and talked for a bit, then Jeff and Magnus came out and both had a little while on the mic. Dixie then revealed the ‘Dixieland’ match. When I first saw ‘Dixieland’ on the Wheel of Dixie the night the tournament was introduced, I thought it would probably be some stupid match, but it actually looks really cool. It starts out as a Steel Cage match, and then once you escape the cage, you have to go up the ramp to the stage, and then climb a ladder to the championship. I think Jeff and Magnus are two of the best wrestlers in TNA, and that match should be amazing.

After the segment was the X-Division title match, Austin Aries vs Chris Sabin. When I first read spoilers from this episode the day after it was taped I was so happy Aries beat Sabin. Since winning the title at Bound For Glory, Sabin has been a HORRIBLE champion, partially due to the fact that he was thrown into the world title tournament right after he won the title. It was a good, fast paced match, and I don’t think I saw one person on Twitter or Instagram that wasn’t satisfied with the result. I’m hoping the division gets better with Aries as champion.

Next was the match we were all waiting for, the first Feast or Fired match since 2009. The first person to make his entrance was Mr. Anderson. He began to introduce himself, but then was attacked by Bully Ray. I’ve been waiting to see what they would do with Bully after Aces and Eights ended, and they 100% delivered. Bully once again proved that he is THE best heel in wrestling, cutting an amazing promo. It was a lot darker than his Aces and Eights gimmick, and I can not wait to see where they go with this character. Then there was a commercial break, and when it came back the rest of the competitors were already in the ring. The match started out, and pretty much as soon as the bell rang Curry Man left, realizing he got fired last time. Curry Man is an awesome character, and I hope he sticks around. After that, Norv and Dewey got in control for a bit, but then were taken out by Joe. Those guys are insanely over, and I really hope they are here to stay. Only like a minute or two into the match, EC3 grabbed the first case. My only complaint about the match is that in the old Feast or Fired matches, once you got the briefcase, your feet had to touch the floor before you officially got the briefcase. It looked really awkward because EC3 got the briefcase off the thing, and I thought Chavo or whoever it was was gonna try to take it from him, but then his music started playing and I was like ‘wait, what?’ A little bit after that, Norv and Dewey were really close to getting a briefcase, which their significance in the match really made me think they are gonna stick around for awhile. Zema Ion ended up stopping Norv and Dewey from getting the case, and grabbed it himself. Zema looked good in this match, and I’m excited to see him wrestling regularly on Impact again. Then, Aries almost got a case but ended up being stopped by Norv and Dewey, but then Aries did a sick 450 Splash to Norv and Dewey. Chavo then got a case, but would have been stopped by Joe if they still had the old rule where your feet had to touch the floor. A little bit after that, Gunner did an awesome triple powerbomb, and then Storm did a brutal superkick to Samoa Joe. Then Storm went to grab the last briefcase, but his tag team partner Gunner ended up stopping him and grabbing the briefcase. Honestly, I’m happy they are finally breaking up because as I and many other people have said before, they have NO chemistry together, and they were possibly one of the most boring tag team champions in any company in the last few years. Then, it showed a video package of Jeff and Dixie talking, and then the show ended.

Next week is Final Resolution, and it looks like it is going to be an awesome show.

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  • cinimodyeslah

    really really good show last night i can't wait for Final Resolution next Thursday oh & amazing review:) i really enjoyed reading it

  • steidman

    It was a good show. Glad to see AA back with some gold. IMO, TNA should have a mandatory X-Division match on every show. It is not like every match has to go 10 mins, even a 5 minute fast-paced match would satisfy my appetite.

  • Sean

    Interesting review, makes us UK fans excited to see it on Sunday