TNA Knockouts… Dare To Be Resilient!!!

Do I miss Karen's days

Do I miss Karen’s days

Without a doubt the KOs division is facing a hard time nowadays. I gave the Knockouts official website to find out that TNA has about 5 active KOs (ODB, Velvet, Madison, Gail and Lei’D)!!! I really don’t know what happened to make the KOs division turn from a hell of a division to this!!


That is why I was really glad to see the queen make her long awaited return to add some heat to the division since, well, 4 of the 5 stars are either involved in other stories (Brooke and the Aces and 8s, ODB facing Lei’D and Velvet is busy with Sabin) or are out for a while (TT) so, yeah, the division needed someone to face Gail for the title. Madison is a perfect choice since she is really popular plus she is fun to watch but is it enough?! Will Madison solve the problems of the KOs division?! My answer: Nope! The division needs more than just a returning Madison. What this division really needs is some new blood and focus from the management. In my last couple of articles I criticized TNA for ignoring their sub-divisions while focusing on the main event picture and the KOs division is one of these neglected divisions. Thing is you can’t feel that the stories were going anywhere like the feud between ODB and Lei’D. The feud itself on paper is good but in reality the story needs to be taken to the next level. What about Gail Kim? I love Gail, she is a walking legend but the thing is she didn’t face any strong competition or threats which made her title reign look weak and for a legend like Kim I was expecting more. That is why I was glad to see Madison.


We have to admit that the KOs are really popular and a lot of people watch TNA because of the KOs division. A wrestler like Velvet Sky for example has a really great fan base and followers we can say that Velvet has a devoted and cult following. I have an experience with a Velvet Sky fan page, people are madly in love with Velvet. I actually remember a fan from Twitter who treats Velvet like a walking God (For me Velvet is one of the most hard working KOs, I adore her, to be honest).

Sabin is so damn lucky

Sabin is so damn lucky

The beautiful people were also really popular, fact is, in my opinion, they were one of the most popular and best women tag teams in recent memories. Can’t deny that they had a really great chemistry. Such things are important if you ask me. Fans love the KOs then give them some attention like the X Division. I am not bashing TNA or anything but this is the reality – the division needs more work and attention. TNA has really great women wrestlers but they need more time and some interesting stories that makes people get involved with then I “THINK” that may be by giving more care to the KOs the ratings might get more stable again. I remember when TNA was pushing the KOs so hard that the KOs main evented Impact in a cage match (Mickie James vs Tara if I’m not mistaken)!! Hell, last year two KOs matches were nominated for Match of the Year on several websites and facebook pages (the Gail Kim vs TT saga).


TNA has the talent but it needs more fresh blood. There are some decent stories going on but these stories need some spices and giving Madison could be the beginning but the company also needs to make the Lei’D and ODB to move forward plus giving the KOs more TV time is important so maybe adding them to the Dixie vs the locker room war could be the solution. In other words, get the KOs and their title more involved in the main event picture and I really don’t think that the fans will mind such a thing since the KOs are important and popular. On the bright side, after Genesis I got more hopeful since TNA started to give some attention to divisions like the X Division by making AA part of the division. The guy gave Sabin an awesome push plus Velvet played an important role in the story and giving the title to Madison made me happy. But I wish to see Velvet back to the ring soon and maybe we could see her and Madison join forces – never say never!! I hope the problems that the KOs division is facing get resolved soon. The KOs are an important part of TNA so don’t ignore them. I really don’t want to see the KOs division turn into a bathroom break like the WWE divas but, hey, let’s wait and see, with the new direction TNA is taking and the whole investor thing I think the best is yet to come…


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  • Nic Winstead

    Tapa is personally for me a legacy wrestler of meng or something she just pulls her hair out screams does power moves like a ryback on crack, that’s why I didn’t add her as a KO on my roster, I’d rather hire Rikishi in wig.

  • Nic Winstead

    I respect gail, but what’s up with the overrating she’s meh to me, but a good meh.

  • Aaron Scott

    I’d love to see Ivelisse signed, but with Alpha Female coming in things do look better. Can’t wait to have Taryn back.

  • slimrjs

    Tapa is showing her being green in some of the Impacts I have seen, She just seems lost to me Glad to see TBP and I hope this group goes heel and use Velvet as a heel

  • Rusty

    They also need to bring back Angelina Love. She's what made the Beautifuk People work. And bringing back Mickie James wouldn't be a bad move either.