TNA Lockdown – A Swerve Heard Around The World?

It’s mid Sunday here in New York and TNA Lockdown 2013 is closing in for this evening. There are a few bouts on the card that I expect to be strong (I am actually not too impressed with the overall card for a major pay-per-view like this, yet it can still surprise) but there is a certain air leading into tonight that’s been commented on here and there throughout the IWC and I’d like to touch on that quickly before the pay-per-view: Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy and a possible swerve.


Everyone has brought up the possibility that Bully is the leader (or a leader) of the Aces & 8′s faction. There are still a lot of questions that haven’t been answered and Bully being involved is a plausible view.

When Aces & 8′s arrived on the scene, they came from out of nowhere, figuratively and literally. Who was letting them in? What was their agenda? We all now know that D’Lo Brown, who is a TNA executive, is the Aces & 8′s VP. This explains how they had access into the Impact Zone but also raises the question of how deep this faction goes. Devon is a high ranking member who was one half of one of the greatest tag teams in professional wrestling. When The Dudley’s separated, Bully was the heel and Devon the face. Come Aces & 8′s and the role’s reversed.

Bully becomes a main event level singles competitor since then and has not only earned a shot at the heavyweight title, but has also married the general manager’s daughter, Brooke Hogan. If you told me this was the direction Bully would take around the time Aces & 8′s first appeared, I would have laughed it off and consider that wishful thinking. Surprisingly, that is the case now and how interesting would it be if this was a huge plan by Bully and Devon to not only have Bully become the world champion, but to bring the gold to Aces & 8′s?

In my opinion, Bully has also become too “honorable” in a short period of time. Coming off of the heel persona and the things he’s done, I can’t picture Bully being completely sincere now. He’s always been a bad ass kind of person in the past, whether heel or face, but there’s something about this time around that’s a little too wishy washy for my taste. He’s a Bully, as he so proudly states, so why would he care about doing the honorable thing now? A Dudley reunion as members of Aces & 8′s would be quite the swerve.

Let’s switch it up though and think about this: What if Jeff Hardy is the leader, or a leader, of Aces & 8′s? We all know the story of Jeff Hardy at Victory Road 2011. We also know that Jeff Hardy was the world heavyweight champion as part of Immortal when he lost to Sting. Immortal kicked him out and upon his return several months later, he doesn’t truly get the measure of revenge against Hulk Hogan and Immortal. He returns as a more humble and fan friendly Jeff Hardy. Taking everything that has happened since then (Hardy making amends with everyone, including Hulk Hogan, and becoming world champion), wouldn’t it be another huge swerve if Hardy retains tonight and reveals himself to be the mysterious leader of Aces & 8′s as a slap in the face to Hogan and TNA for Victory Road 2011 and after? No one has thought about this possibility as far as I can tell or maybe not as many people have discussed this as much as Bully’s possible turn but this would be a cool swerve in my opinion.

I know what you might be thinking: this would be just a rehash of the Immortal angle if Hardy were to be involved. True, but this is only a possibility and one that can blur the lines between heel and face for Hardy. If this were to happen in this wild world of professional wrestling, I can see Hardy justifying his actions by blaming Hogan for Victory Road 2011 and this being his grand payback.

Maybe there is no swerve and the two will compete in the name of sportsmanship. That is a possibility, but I can’t help but feel something is going to go down tonight. I suppose we will have to wait and see how things play out in the cage.

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