Should TNA Move To The UK?


In a recent appearance on the V2 Wrestling podcast, TNA announcer Jeremy Borash was asked what he would do differently if he were in charge of TNA, here is his response  “Move it to London. The fan base is a huge missed opportunity. The production in the UK is miles ahead of anything that is in the U.S., and I have no idea why, but I am a huge fan of the production values over here. I would use that production, and take advantage of how passionate the crowd is.”

That answer was not only emphatic but it really made me wonder if TNA moving to the UK was a possibility or even realistic and of course what may happen if it were to happen.

No doubt JB has some great points regarding the crowds that the UK produce. Lots of TNA talent have claimed that the UK shows are their most enjoyable to work. James Storm, in a recent podcast with Steve Austin, spoke about how much louder British audiences are compared to the US. From that point of view it would make sense but it must be remembered that TNA only visit the UK once a year. Would the crowds be as hot if say it were weekly or even monthly? Also while I agree the Impact zone doesn’t always have the hottest crowds they sometimes have sat through maybe 3 -4 tapings. Any crowd, UK based or not, would lose enthusiasm after that amount of wrestling. It would appear that while the UK crowds are hot they are also given every reason to be. One last point is the upcoming New York tapings will be a good gauge of how crowds in the US outside of Orlando respond to TNA shows, these may well show that its not only the UK that are passionate about TNA.

As for production values being better, I am far from an expert in this field but I would state that TNA already has good production and a professional look. If Britain does have better production values I highly doubt it would increase viewership or help change the perception TNA has.

Dixie Carter

As majority owners of TNA the decision would be down to the Carter family if this move were to ever come to fruition. However there are other issues aside from the TV product, which include costs and talent. First up the costs alone to move the whole operation over to the UK would be huge. At a time when TNA are trying to be more solvent, it would hardly be prudent to spend vast sums just to relocate when there is nothing wrong with the current base of operations.

The last issue and this would be the most problematic is the talent and staff. How exactly would TNA get its staff to relocate to a smaller, colder country which has a higher cost of living? How could they ask the talent to move all their families and who would meet these costs? It simply wouldn’t happen, I fail to see 1 person off the roster wanting to make the move and I include Magnus and Rob Terry in that sentence.

At this stage if TNA really want to capitalize on the UK scene then adding an extra tour later in the year would be the ideal solution because moving here simply wont happen no matter what JB would do if given the keys to the kingdom.

Not only is TNA moving to the UK a pipe dream I’m not even sure if its the right move. I fail to see any significant proof that it would be beneficial to TNA as a company or from a product stand point. Staying where they are and investing in good talent and working on an overall better TV show is what will make crowds electrified. Not crossing the Atlantic I am afraid.

What do you guys think?

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  • Luchador

    Very good points I also think they would do better on the road and go to new places like California in L.A and Orange County where I never seen them to visit the closest was in San Diego

    • Mark M

      Thank you for reading. TNA could also try and market the areas that WWE doesn’t attend often?

    • Adam Eaton

      They went to Irvine for BFG in 2011 and the have a had a couple of live shows in California but they have only been here (I live in Cali) that I know of 4 times in there 12 year existence.

      • Luchador

        They need to do it more often

        • Adam Eaton

          Yea they do 4 times in 12 years is not acceptable. I don’t think they have ever filmed an impact in Cali either.. which sucks I would love to go to an impact taping

          • Mark M

            Do WWE go to Cali at all?

          • Adam Eaton

            About twice a year. Summerslam has been in Los Angeles for the last 5 or 6 years. I already have my tickets for this year!

          • Mark M

            Thats right, is it the Staples centre? They went there way back in 96 i think. Still at only twice a year thats a market that TNA should be looking into for sure.

          • Adam Eaton

            Exactly WWE twice a year and TNA 4 times in 12 makes no sense. I mean if it’s good enough to hold an annual event and not just any event but the 2nd biggest show of the year why us TNA not here more. (Sounds like an article idea lol)

          • Mark M

            It really would make the basis for a good article, questioning why TNA doesn’t try to get a strong hold over areas WWE hardly visit or never go to.

          • Sean Prem

            Very good points guys. But TNA do need to be careful as their tour around the USA backfired. But it’s about how they market their tour. If they advertise it more effectively, then for sure it would be a massive hit.
            RVD upon his return to the WWE nearly exactly last year, said that the MITB advert did more justice advertising him than his entire stint with TNA.
            There is a reason why we are associated with TNA, as they have a fantastic in-ring roster. However there are other conundrums that I have addressed in a previous article ‘is tna a wrestling utopia?’ months ago, with Alex Barie also posting the recent article of Vince Russo also questioning external issues that undermines TNA like the pyro

  • Sean Prem

    “Would the crowds be as hot if say it were weekly or even monthly?”

    It’s a really good point in this very thoughtful article. I would say you could say yes and no. It wouldnt have that “yes it’s our chance” but we generally do love our sports like Soccer (real football). The crowds are passionate for the games twice a week.

    It would have to go around the UK, but 2 TNA tours would be a good test to review that possibility