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TNA NEWS LIVE! – 1/23/2014 is live tonight for TNA Wrestling Genesis Part 2! Sound off in the comments section and let’s start Genesis at 9pm EST with a bang! Remember to use #TNANews on Twitter to interact and join the Facebook event by clicking here as well!

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Ric: Dixie’s TNA is apparently in a takeover. What’s going on? Sound off guys! Let’s hear it!

Ric: “PAPER CHAMPION” chants for Magnus! You can follow Magnus on Twitter at @MagnusOfficial

Ric: The Wolves look like they are playing for keeps. I haven’t seen their work, but they look to be something special in TNA. What are your thoughts? Sound off below in the comments!

Ric: Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle in a steel cage. Let’s go!


Ric: Match of the night. Not surprised!

Ethan Carter III to Rockstar Spud: “You’re the British Dream!”

Kurt Angle shares emotional words to Sting. Will this be his last night in TNA Wrestling? Sound off below!

Ric: Main event time folks. Who’s winning the bout? Sound off below!

Samoa Joe holds off EC3 from interfering in the match. Will this be one on one?

Ric: Here we go with this all out heel assault on Sting. Ugh.


‏@ariacintron: #impactlive Gunner!!!! #Genesis #TNA I knew it

‏@tnaturnbuckle: Austin wearing his cape maybe he can fly right into velvets open? Arms #ImpactLive #Genesis

‏@ProjectSabin: :-(

@GKInteractive: The moonsault off the cage by @RealKurtAngle was insane! So was his landing

‏@BrendanB31: I think @SamoaJoe just put the “tiger” @RockstarSpud to sleep #JoeIsGonnaKillYou #TNA #Genesis

‏@MidcrdManifesto: If Sting really IS leaving #TNA, they are doing him a HUGE favor in booking him out like this… #ImpactLive #Genesis

@ShroomMeister: It’s like #TNA’s trying their best to make Magnus look like a TERRIBLE champion. #Genesis

‏@RevoltedYouth: Fortunately Sting is “the investor”…or he’s going to #WWE so it’s a Win-Win either way. #TNA #Genesis

‏@smFISHMAN: If that was Sting’s last match, it’s a horrible way to end the Icon’s run in #TNA . Deserves better. #ImpactLive #Genesis

Hey hey hey



TNA Booking Sheet: Gunner def. James Storm.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Gunner def. James Storm to keep the briefcase.
Thoughts: Even though I had Gunner as the winner, James Storm took that briefcase down. In my eyes, he should have been declared the winner. What are your thoughts?? Sound off below and on Twitter using the hashtag #TNANews !

TNA Booking Sheet: Austin Aries def. Chris Sabin (New TNA X-Division Champion).
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Chris Sabin def. Austin Aries to retain.
Thoughts: Wow, I’m VERY surprised that Austin Aries defeated Sabin and is the new X-Division champion again. I feel as though they are playing hot potato with the X gold or they really don’t have a solid plan with it. Aries should be competing for the world title, while Sabin carries on as the X-Division’s top heel. This is why my booking sheet has Sabin over Aries.

TNA Booking Sheet: Kurt Angle def. Bobby Roode.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Kurt Angle def. Bobby Roode.
Thoughts: The right man won tonight. Angle has been in a losing streak that needed to be broken and there is no doubt that these two stole the show. Angle is damn near indestructible when he’s performing and after losing to Roode on multiple night, this was Angle’s night to take the biggest win of the feud. Also, he needs his Hall of Fame spot open. Roode is on a level where this loss doesn’t hurt him at all, as it should only elevate his stock in TNA and the world title picture.

TNA Booking Sheet: Samoa Joe def. Rockstar Spud.
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Samoa Joe def. Rockstar Spud.
Thoughts: It’s easy to say Rockstar Spud could have taken the win due to interference, but Samoa Joe taking the win make the most sense. What needs to be built on, especially with these new investors coming in, is internal friction. No one came to help Spud, which should begin Spud questioning Dixie and EC3. For Joe, this is the beginning of is resurgence in the TNA main event scene, where he so rightly deserves to be in. TNA also needs a top face to defend the company and Joe can be that person.

TNA Booking Sheet: Magnus def. Sting (Sting is gone(?) from TNA).
Ric’s Booking Sheet: Magnus def. Sting.
Thoughts: Well, what other outcome would you expect? Magnus needs heat, especially with the UK tour coming up. How will his countrymen take to him? I’m all for heat and heels doing terrible things to get that heat, but the blunt interference by Team Dixie is a bit much now. There is basically no chance for anyone to defeat Magnus at this rate. However, with the new investor storyline, things will (or should) change. The new era in TNA continues with Magnus still your world champion, as he should be. However, TNA needs to be careful and not make this faction too strong. Or maybe they already have…


Tonight’s edition of TNA Wrestling Genesis 2014 Part 2 was a far more superior show than last week’s show. Not only was this week wrestling heavy, but the in-ring, backstage and video promos were well timed and made sense. Despite your feelings on who won and/ or how they won, it was a very entertaining night of IMPACT Wrestling action. We move on to next week in the UK or Magnus World. It will be interesting to see how the fans receive their champion and how TNA will showcase their muscle in their biggest tour of the year.

Tonight was the first of many TNANews Live! experiences. We hope you enjoyed your time and join us next week for another edition. Remember to visit for new articles with opinions of TNA analysts and fans just like you. Leave us a comment, but be respectful of us and of each other. You can also read a detailed results report of the night by visiting our sister site,, by clicking here. Until next week, THANK YOU for contributing to TNANews Live! and sharing your TNA Wrestling night with us!

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  • Alex Barie

    Welcome everyone to the premiere of LIVE! It is surely going to be an awesome night for an awesome Genesis part 2 show! We got a lot for you tonight so don't miss a beat!

  • Kyle_RS

    Hey everybody, hope you are all well. I've stayed up too damn late to watch this so I'm hoping for a good one!

    • r2k4c1

      Hope you took a nap! Haha

      • Kyle_RS

        Haha, I'm more coffee than man at this point.

        • Alex Barie

          That's never a bad thing! Can have coffee any day of the week! Haha

  • Kyle_RS

    Damn happy to see Magnus as champ and Spud on TV so much. Never thought I'd see the day!

  • Kyle_RS

    Weird thing to comment on, but the blue roped Impact ring is one of my favourites. It looks so much more professional than the black and red.

  • Alex Barie

    So, any new guesses for the new investor?

  • CJ Blaze

    I'm predicting Angle wins this. Should be a good match.

    • r2k4c1

      I have Angle as well. He's been on a losing streak to Roode that needs to break.

      • Alex Barie

        Same. They wouldn't make his Hall of Fame induction vanish… even if it is almost already a joke already (my opinion).

        • r2k4c1


  • r2k4c1

    Anyone else think Abyss' segment was an uneventful return?

    • Alex Barie

      Is that really a return or just one of his many appearances?

      • r2k4c1

        Appearance :-(

    • Kyle_RS

      I just hope it's the end of the Joseph Park gimmick for good.

    • cowboy

      Hope he will come back soon that way they can start using the tv title

      • r2k4c1

        The TV title is dead my friend. There is no more TV title.

        • Alex Barie

          It's still on their website though.

          • r2k4c1

            Oversight, lol

          • Kyle_RS

            Why they treated that title like crap I'll never know, such a waste.

  • Jason Franklin

    Show doesn't come on for another hour here…..good thing for spoilers….and you guys!!!

    • Alex Barie

      Oops! Still watch Jason! :)

  • Kyle_RS

    Goodnight everybody!

    • r2k4c1


  • Jason Franklin

    It's all good, Boss….I read the spoilers last week. Its…like…I…can't…help…it.
    Must be an illness….RichardGray-itis……aka Sucker for Spoilers….will still watch. Curious of the the Abyss segment you guys spoke off.

    • Alex Barie

      I wouldn't be able to stand myself if I read spoilers for the show. Haha, call me a sucker! Haha

  • Ibra

    Waiting To see the fantasy standing Alex

    • Alex Barie

      I just posted it! Enjoy!