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After The Wolves and MVP make their way backstage, Eric Young and Abyss are battling it out backstage as well and into the arena!

Monsters Ball Match: Abyss defeats Eric Young in a brutal match after EY unmasks Abyss!

Backstage, Bobby Roode presents Dixie Carter a contract for his title shot against Magnus. After a few barbs, Dixie books Roode against Joe and if he beats him, Roode gets Magnus at Lockdown.

MVP in the ring and sets the record straight on who’s in control and changes need to be made. Rockstar Spud tried to play peacemaker between MVP and Carter as MVP makes a match: Magnus Vs. Kurt Angle!

Bully Ray is now backstage with his coffin and cuts a promo about Mr. Anderson. States that the next person he see’s will go in the coffin.

Chris Sabin in a purple room inviting Velvet to join him. He feels hurt and looks to want to apologize.

Curry Man makes his way to the ring and we have Bully Ray’s music (not good). Bully takes out Curry Man with a boot and piledriver and puts him in the coffin.

Magnus, Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud backstage discussing Magnus’ match. EC3 comes in and has something important to talk to Dixie about. Dixie has no time with the investor situation. They will meet in a week to EC3′s delight (sarcasm).

Austin Aries in the ring and aspires to repeat his X-Division trade in for the world title. BroMans distract and Aries is taken out by Zema Ion and asks for a ref! He is cashing in his X-Division briefcase!

X-Division Championship Match: Austin Aries defeats Zema Ion to retain in street clothes.

Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud preparing backstage for the investor MVP.

Video of last week’s dinner with Samuel Shaw and Christy Hemme at his place. The American Psycho of TNA Wrestling! Back live at the show with the two talking about last week. Hemme knows about the mannequin in Shaw’s home and tells him they need to be just professional. Shaw is not happy.

Roode talking to the interview about his match until Magnus comes in. The two bicker as heels do.

MVP and Dixie meet in the back with Spud in the room as well. Dixie talks her history about TNA as well as recent history with AJ Styles, Sting, etc. She tried to use business sweet talk to get MVP in and MVP offers to take this out in the ring.

Non-Title Match: Kurt Angle defeats Magnus by DQ due to interference by Ethan Carter III. EC3 takes out Angle with a chair to the knees.

In the back, Joe sees Kurt in a stretcher and talks to the camera, angry at Dixie and proclaiming he will fight the war, even if it’s alone. They will all pay.

Eric Young talks about the Monsters Ball Match from earlier.

Video package highlighting the Sabin/ Velvet Sky drama.

Chris Sabin in the same purple room where he and Sabin had their first kiss. Velvet comes in and sits after Sabin says we, the fans and camera/ sound guys, won’t forget the moment. Back from commercial, Sabin says Velvet broke his heart last week and gets on his knees to propose. She opens the ring box and it is empty. Sabin laughs and goes full heel, telling her to leave his life. Next week, Sabin challenges Velvet to a match. Really?

TNA recaps the night with MVP and recaps last week’s match with Joe and Magnus.

Number 1 Contender’s Match: Samoa Joe defeats Bobby Roode by submission.

Dixie Carter in the ring with Rockstar Spud and introduces MVP. Dixie praises Magnus’ accomplishments to heat from the crowd. After taking TNA business, MVP takes the spotlight and proclaims that changes are coming soon and Dixie’s party is over! After a stare down and a waving of the fingers from Spud, the show fades and ends.

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  • r2k8877

    Welcome to TNA News Live! Let's get the show started!

  • Alex Barie

    Hey everyone! goes LIVE again tonight! Huge show coming to us! I'm looking forward to the Monster's Ball match. Someone in TNA even told me it was an "awesome match"!

  • r2k8877

    Holy crap EY can work like a BOSS!!!

  • r2k8877

    Fun Monsters Ball Match. Now MVP is in the house!

  • r2k8877

    My girlfriend, who doesn't watch TNA, says Dixie Carter sings her own theme song. Haha, love it.

    • Alex Barie

      Haha, that's great! Did she like the show?

      • r2k8877

        Unfortunately she doesn't find it great to watch only because she's familiar with WWE guys (Randy Orton, Cena, Undertaker). She doesn't know anyone in TNA except Kurt Angle so she's not interested (boooooo), Haha.

        • Phenomenal1

          It was the same with my missus. Give it time. Last year she was in full support of magnus only for him to turn heel. Now she cheers on anyone that can take him out. Its pretty awesome when someone you didn’t think would like the show, ends up so involved with it. It reminds me of when I was a lot younger and I used to scream at the TV screen when the nwo would destroy everyone lol.

  • lord of honor

    I like the way that they opened the show with the best match of the show. btw magnus, JGKY!