TNA PPV Model Part 2: Fixing The Bad


In my last article I laid out what I like and do not like about TNA’s PPV model. In this article I will discuss how I would fix the downsides to TNA’s PPV directions. I have a couple of ideas that I think could help or that I would at least enjoy.

My first thought is spacing. I mention this before, I do not like having 3 PPV’s in the first 6 months of the year. I am very disappointed in the scheduling of PPV’s in 2014. March, April, June, October does not make sense to me. Looking at the calendar, it makes sense to have a PPV in January, March, June, and October in a continuous cycle year in and year out. The problem with the spacing is I don’t believe that they should move Slammiversary from June or Bound For Glory from October. These two PPV are staples that shouldn’t be touched. It would be like moving the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania to different months.

Another issue I have had with the PPV’s is the build. When I first heard about the PPV model I was excited and thought that the storylines would build. But we have had what feels like the same rushed storylines. I think the problem is with their build to the monthly specials, while I like the specials, I think they have hinder some of build to the PPV’s and have yet to become what they should be, but that is a different article. The build to these PPV’s should be drawn out. We should be begging for two guys to get into the ring. For about 2 months we can see guys have run-ins and promos until we need to see the match. I also think that with the build to the PPV’s if we do not see a title defense every month on every special or random impacts, title matches will mean more, title reigns would last longer, and the payoff to a title change would be huge.  Even with 2-3 months in between PPV’s every title should have a long drawn out story so every match means something. TNA use to do a good job with this but lately, it’s hard to remember their champions. They only have 4 titles and with a 2 hour show I don’t think it would be hard to get a storyline around each title on tv.

My final idea is to make these 4 PPV’s the biggest events in the industry.  The WWE has their “Big 4” because they were some of the first PPV’s in the company’s history. Well think about this, TNA stays with Lockdown, Slammiversary, and BFG, already their “Big 3” but they need to make their fourth PPV a big yearly event. My opinion it should be Destination X and that should happen every January.  Destination X has “option C” for the World Title. It also is the focus of an entire division that put TNA on the map. I know for me, it is a highlight of the year in TNA. Using Destination X as their fourth yearly PPV would give each PPV their own identity.

I think fixing these issues will help TNA with some excitement leading into their PPV’s. The company already has a “Big 3” but making Destination X an annual PPV will create excitement in the months leading up to the event. If TNA can capitalize on this and create intriguing and elaborate storylines leading into each PPV they will truly be the alternative in PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING.

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  • Jeff Elliott

    Agreed but I think they should have 6 ppvs a year spaced 2 months apart I would defiantly include destination x along with genesis and rather no surrender or final destination. That way you have two months to build on the matches and it won’t feel rushed. Scrap the specials unless they do it on Sundays and keep impact as impact.

    • Adam Eaton

      I wouldnt mind 6 ppv either. I think there needs to be consistency when the ppv occur. I have my thoughts on the live specials in part 3 of the ppv model series.

      • Jeff Elliott

        Nice can’t wait.