TNA PPV Model Part 3: Live Specials


In my previous two articles on the TNA PPV Model I determined what I liked and did not, read at this link and also how I would fix what I did not like at this link . In this article I am going to examine the Live Specials. I enjoy these specials on occasions but I also think that they could be done better.  

When I first heard of the four PPV model my initial reaction was what happens to Destination X and Hardcore Justice? I focus on these two PPV in particular because I felt these two added something special. Lockdown was already announced and we know they would not cancel Slammiversary or Bound For Glory, so the four PPV were already sent when they announced Genesis in January of 2013. Destination X in 2012 was the first year option C was implemented and before that it was a focus of the X-Division. Hardcore Justice I thought put an interesting twist on the BFG Series and I wanted that to continue. Then TNA announced their first live special on Spike TV Destination X 2013. Initially I was excited to not see the show die and option C be another failed gimmick from TNA. After Destination X they continued their live specials with Hardcore Justice which again I was happy about. But then things started to change, and we got a live special every month and the more specials they put out, the less special they felt.

These live specials are built up to be the equivalent to a PPV. This is when we get our title defenses. This is when the big matches happen, we get our pay off that we have been waiting for, for 3 weeks since the last live special.  But after Destination X and Hardcore Justice these specials did not offer anything, let’s say special. All they are is a two hour Impact show, which we get every Thursday night, with a different name. They announce big matches but then have a bunch of talking  and promos and backstage shenanigans and a bunch of other things I don’t want to see, then they extend the show to another week with…. Wait for it… Part 2 of (insert live special name here). This is really irritating to me. I look forward to this special, to particular matches, all week, for a couple of weeks, just to be told I have to wait another week. I feel this is false advertisement and it pisses me off more than it has me looking forward to the following week.

After that rant, here is what I would do. I would follow what the WWE use to do before Raw went 3 hours every week, and that is make these live specials 3 hours. I would book them like a PPV, not so much talking, not a lot of promos, get to the matches that every wants to see. Do not extend these out into two weeks. If the program is 3 hours I am sure they can fit everything they need to into one show. Also I don’t think every former PPV needs its own special. I am fine with just Destination X and Hardcore Justice only because those are the two PPV’s that have their own gimmick that are not on the PPV circuit as is. If TNA is going to continue with the specials, they need to make them feel special and not like I’m just watching Impact. Something needs to happen, I don’t remember a world title changing hands since the Destination X special and I can’t remember anything worth a damn on any other live special since before BFG. I could be wrong, just my opinion though.

I do think these specials are a great concept. If they are looking for a quick payoff then this is where they can do it. But at the same time, why can’t they just take their time and build story to PPV’s with months in-between. Make every Impact mean something. Make it a need for viewers to have to tune every week because you never what is going to happen. I think they did a good job of that last week when EY won the world title. But I feel like I’m getting off on a tangent that I could just explain in another article.

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