TNA Really Is Listening


Lets make one thing crystal clear……I am a TNA fan, I have been a fan since 2004 and would like nothing more than the company to flourish and succeed. Unfortunately like most TNA fans I am guilty of, at times, complaining and knocking the company. Which is why it feels so refreshing to be able to write a positive piece on TNA. All to often I write about what I feel the company does wrong or what Dixie should change. So with that said I am writing when I think TNA get it right and recently they have done just that.

Lets start with Slammiversary. A terrific PPV that had a little something for everyone, TNA really pulled out all the stops and gave fans what they wanted……a great wrestling show. Forget all the pre taped episodes of Impact held before listless crowds in Orlando, on the night of Slammiversary TNA had the crowd ignited and sent them home very happy…..on that night TNA got it right.


For a long time now fans have been complaining about the crowds in Orlando and urging TNA to go back on the road. Obviously it can’t be like it was before with TNA touring weekly and performing in front of half empty arenas. That was costing far too much money and bleeding TNA dry. Thankfully they seem to have found the right combination by booking smaller arenas and taping a few shows over the course of a couple of days. Again us fans wanted it and TNA are giving it to us and before anyone moans that they haven’t visited such and such town yet……remember they can only visit one town at a time.

6 sided ring

Ah yes…..the argument that was into its 4th year and still going strong, when would the 6 sided ring return? John Gaburick had stated previously in an interview in April that the 6 sides would be returning though at the time was unwilling to specify a date. This still didn’t appease fans so last week TNA asked fans to vote, surely they knew what the outcome would be, on if they wanted 4 sides or 6 sides. To the shock of no one fans voted for the 6 sides and once again TNA obliged and gave us exactly what we were asking for. For the record I still believe fresher material and better creative are what will help TNA more than what shaped ring the action is performed in. Regardless though the fans asked and the fans got.

Dixie and Muto

So we come to today’s huge announcement that Bound For Glory will be held in Tokyo Japan in October. Now I am not suggesting that fans were asking for this. However, what they were asking for was TNA to be different from WWE, well you have to go back 22 years to the last time WWE held a major PPV outside of North America. TNA are doing what they did back in 2002, when the company first started, and daring to be different. I am, for now, not going to get bogged down with worrying about the time zone difference, the respectfully quiet Japanese crowds or what the main event will be. I’ve got plenty of time to concern myself with those details. For now I am just going to enjoy the fact that TNA is willing to do something that WWE simply is not. That alone is cause for celebration.

Make no mistake TNA really are trying to listen to its fans and deliver……..which in 2014 is refreshing. That’s not to say TNA should ask the fans to vote on everything but it was nice to feel part of the process. TNA has a good reputation for interacting with its fans and needs to push on to increase viewership and ratings. But alas lets put all that to one side and bask in the glory of knowing that TNA listened to us for a change. Dixie actually put on her business head and made the right call… please TNA I beg you KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!

Are you guys happy with TNA listening?

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