TNA Return To Glory


Those of you who friended me on Facebook know by now I haven’t been the biggest supporter of TNA in recent years.  Who could really blame me? Not quite a lot going on in the company to make me go wild for them. That all started to change this last week.  TNA has announced they’re bringing back the six sided ring and will be heading to Japan this October for Bound For Glory. They are seemingly going back in time to the companies origins that made them a must see promotion for the more educated wrestling fan.  

hqdefaultI have always been a huge fan of TNA bringing in talent from around the world to showcase their talent. The world X-Cup was quality in the ring.  While it’s questionable actions about the long term sustainability of your company’s future by not having guaranteed workers to build up, that’s a topic for another day.  It was quality television and made me tune in weekly to see what happened. Then TNA introduced Global Impact to the mix by having their talent go and wrestle with talent from Japan putting out some matches that have yet to be beat in the TNA ring to date.  It was the variety of talent and the variety of wrestling styles coupled with a company daring enough to do such a style of direction for the company that made me mark out like crazy for them.  To the point fighting with anyone who told me they were a joke. Say what you will about the WWE universe, TNA is willing to make mistakes (and trust me there have been many bad mistakes) but there is a bit of risk and reward to them.  One of those risks was bringing in Hogan.


I won’t drone on all day about how bad he was for the company because I’d just be echoing what ever other hack with a keyboard and half brained sense of entitlement to their opinion has been saying.  I was bummed and confused years back when Jarrett was unable to bring Hogan into the company when he hit him with a guitar.  When finally a deal was finalized with Dixie and that press conference happened I put in a request at work and got that day off.  That’s right, I took off work just so I could see the next phase in the evolution of TNA.  While that was a bust It’s just a modicum of light for you all to realize how much I loved this company.  The company like I said is willing to make mistakes.  Some of those mistakes were bringing in Hogan.  Though on the flip side of the mistakes are the successful risks they take.  Risks that make them innovated in their approaches to wrestling matches.  For starters there is King of the Mountain.  Yes it can be an overbooked nightmare but there have been some very interesting matches and memorable moments.  Ultimate X matches have always been up until recently a must see draw for the company providing them a video library alone worth purchasing if and/or when the company goes out of business.  There are few others too, but one of the biggest risk-reward things the company has done is switch to the six-sided ring.


While many are on the fence and a ring is a ring, I felt it was a risk TNA took that really sets them apart from the competition and develops a completely different visual look to distinguish themselves from WWE.  Those of you who know me, know I’m a sucker for the subtle distinctions.  Whether it be different emphasis on moves, tweaks to entrance music, or subtle appearance changes from wrestlers.  The six-sides is no different.  Again I’m not going to harp on that because it should be well documented.  I am eager to see what they’re going to do.  To hell with the traditional four sides.  Now the issue with TNA bringing back the two elements of six-sides and Global Impact is putting on action between the ropes that have been lacking for so many years.


Which brings me this issue.  TNA making big strides towards moving the company two steps forward while making sure they don’t take three steps back.  One of the biggest issues is TNA going back and creating quality between the ropes on a consistent basis while going back and building up talent again.  I have said repeatedly some of the talent TNA has let go after years of building up is hurting their company.  Then again some of their home grown talent are getting little too old to build another company on their backs.  TNA has some young talent and will need to find a way to make all of us care what they’re doing in those ropes while remaining innovative and successful that have helped create the legacy I choose to remember.  One of their biggest innovations and risks is a pay-per-view in Japan from an American company.

Not only a pay per view but their Wrestlemania.  Their grand daddy of them all.  I just looked up the time zone difference and it’s roughly about 14 hours depending on the timezone, their observance of Daylight savings, again more than I’d like to really get into with this article.  So we will just assume 14.  If the normal PPV starts here Sunday at 8 p.m. EST It’ll have to be 10 AM  on a Monday in Japan.  TNA will have to air the pay-per-view live.  Not taped to air otherwise it’ll be a bust.  I would be willing to buy a TNA PPV from Japan that airs live but if it’s taped so fans don’t have to get up for a 9 A.M. the show is a no go.  I’m also wondering how being so early will translate to the crowd.  They’re just waking up and going to a show not to mention it’s a work day.  There is also the issue of Japanese fans are different than American fans.  They have a style that I much prefer of sitting there and staying quiet for a show and pop for big moves rather than be rowdy. Stuff I’d hope TNA has thought about before making the decision.  I only ask because TNA is known for their questionable decisions and lack of foresight.  Regardless they’re going back to a bygone time when TNA was innovative.  Quality action and story lines to make us care about their biggest show of the year.


This is TNA’s Wrestlemania.  It’s time for them to attract a crowd that has since been weary or have become tried in recent years and draw them in.  Get them to pay attention to the product, buy into the story lines and purchase their merchandise.  Get them to invest more time and money into the company they once loved using gimmicks that proved successful in the past.  I know I’m considering giving the company another look.  They need to move away from typical TNA booking but I’m willing to get invested in their characters and storylines.  Come back to sweet baby TNA and fall in love all over again.  TNA can you promise me that commitment?


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  • Chris

    Very solid, but at the same time it’s easy to WANT something grand, but Dixie has a great of really screwing them up.

  • Kyle Williamson

    I haven’t been to this site for weeks I’m glad you’re doing something positive for a change thank you

    • Gesus Oliver