TNA Stars On The Rise: Rockstar Spud

Hey everybody and welcome to “TNA Stars On The Rise”, a new look at the up and coming wrestlers and their future in TNA Wrestling.

Today’s wrestler in the 2013 winner of British BootcampRockstar Spud.

Rockstar Spud, real name James Curtin has been professionally wrestling for over ten years. While he has mostly appeared on the British independent scene, he has made brief appearances overseas, even wrestling a few matches for Ring of Honor.

Known for his diminutive size (5ft 3in!) and his “Rockstar” gimmick; an arrogant, obnoxious 1980′s superstar. Spud wrestles a fast, luchador style and his finisher is a frog splash called “Five Star Spud Splash”

Spud is quite the cult hero here in the UK. It is true we always love an underdog story. (The British Wrestler is fantastic documentary about the rise of our local underdog hero Grado) and Rockstar Spud is quite possibly the ultimate underdog. He has exceptional mic skills which helped establish him as a great babyface. Already in TNA however, he has shown his versatility at adapting both roles and I’m confident he will go over as heel very quickly.

I must admit out of the four British Bootcamp contestants, Spud was the last I thought would win. The Blossom Twins were bound for the top (Blossoms > Bellas) and Marty Scrull’s tremendous wrestling ability and history with current star Magnus all suggested to me that Spud would not win. However I was wrong and after seeing him perform on the UK tour, I am optimistic that he will succeed in TNA.

My one fear is that he might flat out not connect with US fans and subsequently get lost in the shuffle. I would put money on him at least winning the X-Division title during his tenure with company however.

2013 has already been a breakthrough year for Rockstar Spud and the future only looks brighter for him.



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