TNA Missing A Mid Card Division, Whether TNA Can Compete With WWE, Current Storylines On Impact Wrestling, Mickie James’ Negotiations

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Do you think TNA is missing a mid card and mid card title?

I absolutely think TNA Wrestling is missing a mid card title. We can’t forget that they have the Television Title, but, in all honesty, that title has been a joke. They announce that the title will be defended each week, but that nearly lasted 3-4 weeks. The title is now with Abyss and we haven’t seen him since June. I would love to see that title again and have a meaning. I do think TNA has a mid card division. Look at their roster. They can easily fill the division with Robbie E, Eric Young, Rob Terry, Jessie Godderz, Wes Brisco, and Garett Bischoff. They could also put some X-Division stars in there and even Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez after their opportunity at the tag titles. Back in TNA’s “golden days”, the X-Division was their mid card division… sometimes that as their main event. While TNA’s roster is being cut down, they still have enough people.

I think the reason TNA cannot compete with WWE is because of their lack of booking and exposure. Do you agree and if not, then what is the reason we cannot see another Monday Night War between WWE and TNA?

Do you mean lack of booking of stories? I actually think TNA is doing a great job with stories and the way it is presented on television. Sure, they have been hiccups, there are in everything in any company, but I loved how the Aces & 8s story has developed. It has lasted well over a year. While it has been rocky at times, looking it as a whole, I can see them rise and fall and rise again and struggle. Plus, all of the little details they put into it. Anyway, they are struggling in the booking department in regards to where they have their shows. Let’s face it, having Impact Wrestling in arenas that can hold 10,000+ is insane. There is no way they can fill that up. They need to go smaller. I do agree with you for their exposure. I have been saying it since day one… market and advertise. They do, but it just not working the correct way. I talked so someone inside TNA Wrestling and that person doesn’t even know if TNA will ever be able to compete with WWE. WWE is a monster. It’s very hard to stay alive with a monster running everything. Instead of comparing, they need to think of themselves as an alternative and grow separately.

Do You agree that TNA does not really have any secondly stoylines right now its all about The Aces and Eights and Main Event Mafia storyline and Dixie and AJ?

I have to disagree completely. Here’s the way the wrestling world works. There is usually one or two major stories going on. You mentioned the main ones. In WWE, it’s The Corporation story and CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman. We have seen secondary stories pop up last week on Impact Wrestling from Chris Sabin vs. Manik to Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez vs. Daniels/Kazarian. Magnus is going against Bobby Roode. Let’s not forget, while Aces & 8s fight Main Event Mafia, it is also Bully Ray against the group while also going against AJ Styles.

Why TNA low ball Mickie James and offer her just $60,000 a year to stay in the company?

I read she was offered that, but can’t confirm. The problem I have is that it came from a site that I barely trust with any TNA Wrestling news. Obviously he had to be offered a low figure because she did not re-sign. The company is cutting costs down the board. A source inside the company told me that they were “restructuring everything”. That is including contracts. Them offering less money is all about business. If Mickie doesn’t want to sign, then she doesn’t have to. She has her music career. Will she go to TNA, click here to find out. The Knockouts division is very small, but it won’t be till a matter of time that we see it grow again.

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  • Wayne Beckman

    Speaking of knockouts…. I think TNA has better girls than WWE! Brooke Tessmacher should not be a heal! But TNA really should bring back the beautiful people, Madison Rayne after her baby comes, and Angalena Love! That alone would help their ratings!

    • Kazuya

      That was then, Not now

  • TNA Chris

    They need to get rid of Hogan and Bichoff. There identity went from X division and tag teams to factions

  • Charlie

    Great idea Alex. I was reading the comments on Richard's Article about changes to WNW. In there I saw a lot of people were saying they wanted separate Ask WNWs according to which company. Well here ya go people. (I know Ask WNW will still have TNA stuff though)

    • Alex Barie

      Thanks Charlie! I really want to be more interactive. We have tons of articles on here, but I feel it needs some new stuff. We had Fantasy Wrestling and also my "The Point of Impact", but I haven't found time to record one. I actually thought of this through my social media accounts from what people have been saying. Love interacting with people and hope to share my different thoughts with people.