Thoughts On: Samoa Joe & Austin Aries’ Next Program, Genesis On Spike TV, Possible James Storm & Gunner Break-Up, New Impact Wrestling Arena


Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk and this week I will be doing something different. Instead of answering your questions, I will be briefly giving my thoughts on the major stories right now involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link

What’s Next For Samoa Joe And Austin Aries:


One of the most interesting topics that rose from my account is, “What is next for Samoa Joe and Austin Aries?” Honestly, I can’t give an answer to that because I do not sit in the company’s creative meetings. I would love do, but I simply do not work for them. However, anytime you have to question what the company is going to do next with incredible talent doesn’t look good. Incredible talents like Austin Aries and Samoa Joe should always have a program on the show. I understand if the company wants to give them a break or if a talent is injured, but these stars love the business and want to be on television. They want to be right there in the mix. Whenever you see the main event filled along with other rivalries going, you can assume that they don’t have anything for the other stars. They may not like to say that, but it is true. Take Jeff Hardy for example. Once he lost his rematch to Bully Ray for the TNA World Championship, he was written off television for awhile. They then put him in the BFG Series (which was fine) but then they stuck him in the X-Division. It added to the division, but we can also make the case that he took away from Kenny King who just came back on television to fight in the division. I’m sure TNA will think of something for Aries and Joe, but it won’t be for the TNA World Title. This is just another instance of TNA having lots of talent and not enough time to showcase them.

Genesis Pay-Per-View On Spike TV For Free:


To my dismay, and probably many others, I have people writing me saying that making Genesis free on Spike TV is a bad idea. In fact, someone said that TNA is “making a big mistake”. I disagree with them. I do not know TNA’s 2014 PPV schedule, but I am trying to gather information to find out. Last year, TNA had Genesis on pay-per-view as well as Lockdown, Slammiversary, and Bound for Glory. Those were their big 4. Are they going to have 4 in 2014? I don’t know. I do feel like the build could hurt if it was an actual PPV because of all the holidays between Bound for Glory and Genesis.

I am trying to get into TNA’s mind and I think I understand what they are thinking. I heard Dixie Carter say multiple times that they would rather have shows than PPVs because more people watch the shows on television than PPVs. I also heard Dixie say that PPVs generate the company a lot of money and when they cut down to 4 PPVs, they were losing a large amount of money they could have made. Dixie feels like the best way to put their product out there is to have the most eyes watch it and that means have it on television. Someone brought up ratings about these themed Impact Wrestling shows and, for the most part, the theme shows work as there is an increase in viewership and cable ratings. No one should expect them to gain a 2.0 rating or a 3.0 rating with these shows. That is just illogical. TNA wants to keep Impact Wrestling fresh and appealing and having theme shows do just that.

Possible Break-up Of James Storm & Gunner:


Last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling: Turning Point teased a possible break-up between James Storm and Gunner. In a brief overview, Gunner threw in the towel for James Storm in his match with Bobby Roode. Roode was declared the winner but Storm wasn’t happy. Technically, Gunner caused Storm not to get the TNA World Championship. Storm was furious after the match. In my opinion, I think James Storm and Gunner make a great tag team. I watched them grow since Slammiversary where they won the TNA Tag Team Championships. Their chemistry grew as weeks and months passed. I honestly would pick them over Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. If TNA does decide to break them up, we are down another tag team. We then have to ask, “How many tag teams are there in TNA?” Does BroMans have any competition? At any rate, I like Gunner and I see him growing to be a threat and quite a character on the show. Describing him as the modern day Viking fits him. I can see him grow through the mid card and maybe even see him on top one day. Splitting up people does hurt both though because they can only go so far with the main event spot being filled up already (which I describe in the first discussion above).

Production At Universal Studios:

Turning Point 2013

One thing I was worried about when TNA headed back to Universal Studios was how the product would look on television. I know they were in Universal Studios for years and years, but they are now in a smaller soundstage than they were before. One thing that has improved when Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan came into the company is that the product looked a lot better on television from the camera angles/views, to the lighting to the graphics. The show looked legit. When they moved on the road, they carried all of the production keys, but there were some flops like showing areas where lots of seats were empty. One of the worst things to see on a show is empty seats. It just huts the product. After watching Impact Wrestling last week, which was their return week to Universal Studios, I do have to say that they made the show look great. I couldn’t even notice that it was a smaller soundstage. They didn’t show any emptiness in the arena (and I heard there wasn’t any to begin with). The overall product looked great and hopefully they continue along with how it looks. I hope TNA realizes that they don’t need a huge arena to make their product look legit. They can save money and make the show look awesome at the same time! Talk about efficient!

Now it is your turn to sound off! What do you think?

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  • Sean

    "Incredible talents like Austin Aries and Samoa Joe should always have a program on the show." – Very well quote. It is true as you say that it is worrying that fans are questioning why they're not being used. Incredible talents, where there have been times during their career, where fans were worried that WWE would pounce on these two

  • Aaronscottj

    Aries is X-Division Champ again, Storm should be a singles wrestler in my opinion. Samoa Joe… I don’t know what he needs but aligning with AJ Styles is a smart idea against Dixie. He needs a feud with someone who can match him physically and technically.

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