Thoughts On: TNA Live Events In High School Gyms/Community Centers, Impact Wrestling Taping Spoilers, Future Of Bully Ray, Why I Fell In Love With TNA


Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk and this week I will be doing something different. Instead of answering your questions, I will be briefly giving my thoughts on the major stories right now involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below.

Holding Live Events In High School Gyms & Community Centers:


When I first read the post on that TNA Wrestling will be holding live events in January 2014 in high school gyms and community centers, I quickly hesitated to read the comments section because I know there will be people jumping on the “TNA Bash Wagon”. While the response on there was low, I did receive questions and comments from people about the whole situation. And, of course, they threw their opinion in the mix. They said it “makes TNA look bad” and “they are doomed”. However, I learned from someone on my Facebook page that WWE actually held live events in high schools in the early 1990s. He stated it was around 1991 to 1994 during the weeknights. I tried to look this information up, but couldn’t find anything. The fact of the matter is, every company goes through this point. WWE could barely get 5,000 people to their shows in 1996-1997!

I have been saying for months that TNA needs to book smaller venues. There is absolutely NO REASON why they should be in 10,000+ seat arenas. They can’t fill it. They know they can’t fill it. Dixie Carter even stated that. So, why even waste the money and book it? Smaller venues have so much more value. Not only is it a better atmosphere for the fans in attendance, but just imagine how it will come off to everyone when a smaller venue is packed full of people cheering and reacting to the superstars! Instead of people trying to analyze every decision with their opinion thrown into it, they need to start analyzing decisions as if they were running a business. Would you book 10,000 seat arenas if you know you can’t fill them? I know I wouldn’t! And you very well know you would do the same thing!

If TNA Wrestling booked the gymnasium of the high school I went to or the township’s community center, I would still attend. I wouldn’t miss it! Ric Santos explained it perfectly in his article earlier this week. TNA Wrestling is not at the level of the WWE. They need to do business their way instead of the WWE way. Therefore, people need to realize this and stop comparing how each company does business. There’s a reason why WWE is airing Total Diva’s and there’s a reason why TNA Wrestling is taping Impact Wrestlings and One Night Only PPVs in the United Kingdom in 2014. There’s a reason why Vince McMahon is working on the WWE Network while TNA Wrestling is working on making Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida as their television home.

Impact Wrestling Taping Spoilers:


One of the problems I am finding with the Impact Wrestling taping schedule is the massive amount of spoilers that are filling the internet. TNA Wrestling had their “live” show two weeks ago and then taped two days in a row afterwards filling up several weeks worth of shows. They are now taping three consecutive days this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (today)). You can clearly see the large amount of spoilers that are available. In fact, TNA taped the all of December’s shows. I do not like spoilers as I always feel that it takes away from the show itself. I would rather wait a month and be surprised when it happens then know what happens in a month from now and report it. Sadly, some people are purposely sending me spoilers of the show.

One of the hot debates is whether spoilers actually affect the viewership and rating of a show. After years of thinking so, I analyzed the situation and I came to a conclusion that spoilers do not actually hurt the numbers. We seen record viewership and ratings for Smackdown and we even see taped Impact Wrestling shows get a higher viewership number than a live show. Spoilers do hurt how people see the show and how they feel about it, so I think it will hurt Impact Wrestling if the continue to tape their shows like this. I am waiting for the next live Impact Wrestling, but sadly it looks like the next one is in January. Long wait. I’ll try to forget the spoilers that I read and hopefully enjoy the show, but I know there are some people who are going to find it hard to swallow the satisfaction pill.

Booking Bully Ray


Since the Aces & 8s had their funeral last week, the groups is now resting in peace. During the funeral video segment, Bully Ray came into the shot near the end and threatened Mr. Anderson and his pregnant wife. I was very curious how they were going to book Bully moving forward, but it seems that they are continuing his rivalry with Anderson. That is not a bad thing at all as Bully Ray wants revenge. These two have some sort of chemistry going and I think they can continue to make it personal and entertaining. 2013 has been Ray’s best year of his career. Not only have I been impressed, but I applaud him for the tremendous work he has done and give him the upmost respect. I was afraid that they were going to do to him like they did to Hulk Hogan and pretty much make him an afterthought. That would have been a huge mistake. While they don’t even mention Hogan’s name anymore, they continue to have Bully. I can’t see him falling back down to the side after his feud with Anderson though. Bully Ray is a key talent on the roster. He is a main eventer and needs to be treated as one. I can see him going after the title in 2014; however, the main event scene is going to be very saturated with so many people.

Why I Fell In Love With TNA Wrestling:


I decided to do something a little different in the last topic and give a little discussion about how I fell in love with TNA Wrestling. It was summer 2005 and I was searching through the stations on my television. I came across TNA iMPACT and kept it on. That defining moment changed my life. As I watched the show, I saw some superstars I had no idea who they were. I continued to watch as I realized these stars had incredible talent. The matches they were putting on were awesome (X-Division style matches). Then one person came across my screen and that was AJ Styles. He stuck out more than anyone because of the talent he processed and the skills he showed. In fact, my sister came into the room and saw Styles and she continues to remember him today… the only name she relates to TNA Wrestling! Now that says something!

I continued to watch the show for several weeks until he no longer aired. 2006 came along and it appeared on Spike TV. At the same time, I started my quest to learn about the business. I went on the internet one Monday evening and I read the headline that Kurt Angle signed with TNA Wrestling. I couldn’t believe it. I was stunned! I was so excited though!

It was that moment when I never stopped watching Impact. I continued to watch as years go by… which leads to where we are at today!

I didn’t watch and continue to stick with TNA Wrestling because it was another wrestling show. Now don’t get me wrong, I was really enjoying WWE at the time and loved the company. However, I continued to watch TNA Wrestling in 2005-2006 every week because it was different! It wasn’t like WWE! I knew I could turn on iMPACT! and watch some incredible matches from people I never heard of. Yes, there were names I knew like Jeff Jarrett and Sting and Christian Cage and Raven, but it was about how unique it was. It was original.

People say that TNA Wrestling is trying to be like WWE and that came to fruition when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came into the company. I don’t disagree with that statement at all. Honestly, I don’t think people want to see another WWE. If they want to see WWE, they will watch WWE. If they want to see something different, they will watch their competition. That is where TNA stands. I may not own a business, but I do understand business and I understand competition. While everyone says competition is great for companies, it is also about getting to that point. Competition is about two companies, not a company trying to be like another company. Businesses need to be different. They need to set themselves apart.

Think of the WWE like the big grocery store chain in your area. They get that $1,000,000 in sales every single week. It’s that grocery store everyone knows. Then think of a little grocery store that is somewhat well known and it sprouts up down the street from the monster grocery store. The monster grocery store has everything you want with a wide variety of ketchups and cereals. This store also has a bank and a cafe in it. The small grocery store has all the food items you need, but it doesn’t have the variety. It doesn’t have the cafe or bank. So, what makes them different? They sell the idea that their prices are lower than the monster grocery store. They sell that they are more customer oriented. People may go there because they live a little closer to it. That small grocery store knows they can’t beat the monster, but they try to get 10% of the market. $100,000 a week isn’t anything to cry about!

I would love to hear from you! Why or how did you fall in love with TNA Wrestling?

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  • Sean

    ' I was afraid that they were going to do to him like they did to Hulk Hogan and pretty much make him an afterthought. That would have been a huge mistake. While they don’t even mention Hogan’s name anymore, they continue to have Bully.' – I like this quote.
    Its a TNA theme to suddenly forget a past formiddable star, like Jeff Hardy. They shouldnt repeat the same mistake, and thus far, without the title, Bully has been relevant

  • Steven kelly

    Ah apologies i sent u a msg once with some spoilers in didnt know you didnt like em wont happen again i was just exited about tnas future

    • Alex Barie

      That's alright man. It was bound to happen sometime.

  • TNAisamazing

    I fell in love with TNA a couple months after I began watching WWE, it was probably like July or August 2009. I liked both of them equally at the time, but now I obviously prefer TNA. By the way just in case I get any comments about it, no I haven't watched wrestling for as long as many of you, but I have basically studied the history of both companies since watching, along with WCW, ECW, etc.

    • Alex Barie

      Interesting! I remember TNA 2009 and I enjoyed it so much! I really liked the build-up of Matt Morgan and then the debut of Desmond Wolfe.

  • Steven kelly

    Yeah i saw a bit of wolfes early rivalry with angle then i lost access to tna until challenge picked it up by then he was gone its a dam shame nigel sounds like a really nice bloke. I think i came bk in just as he was being made manager of tna xplosion the challenge recap show

  • Numero Uno

    I fell in love with TNA around 2009. I was at Dad's house, and he is a huge Sting fan. I was flipping through the channels and he tells me to stop and then recognizes the man in the ring as Sting. So we were watching and was orginally going to turn it, but we decided to check out one of the matches. One of them featured Kurt Angle and I watched cause I'm an Angle fan. Then we saw people like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels wrestling and fell in love with the product and watched every week from then on out.

    • Alex Barie

      Sweet story! I how yours comes about because of the major stars in this business (Sting and Kurt Angle) rather than the less known guys and the talent they have. I love how each story is different.

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