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Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk and this week I will be doing something different. Instead of answering your questions, I will be briefly giving my thoughts on the major stories right now involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below.

Jeff Jarrett’s Resignation:


Monday, December 23rd was absolutely crazy! It started as a easy day with barely any news or announcements in regards to the wrestling business. I was just about to get off the computer when I get a text saying that Jeff Jarrett resigned from TNA Wrestling. I was in utter shock. I couldn’t believe it. I quickly went searching and found his tweet he sent out. My phone lit up with texts and tweets. My Twitter timelines were blowing up with Jeff Jarrett talk. It came out of nowhere. The story was huge. It was major. I knew I had to try to dig for information. So, I did. I went to my sources to find out.

Before I mention any major information, I was actually questioning the story as to whether it was a work or not. I learned to always question everything and this story had to be questioned. Lots of people believed it was a work (many still do). Honestly, I thought it was for a second, but multiple sources told me that Jeff is truly leaving. It is reality. I asked my sources why. Simply put, one stated Jeff Jarrett didn’t have any control. He wanted an investor to come into TNA. The Carter’s didn’t. The decision is based on majority. The majority is The Carter’s. Jeff realized he has no control in the company. He decided to leave. He is officially cleared of his duties on January 6, 2014, but he will remain as part-owner of the company. I asked one of my sources where Jeff goes from here. I can tell you that Jeff is not done in the wrestling business. He has plans for the future. That is not only evident with the recent tweets Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett sent out, but of how clear my source was. My source matched up a story with another one I heard a couple weeks ago. It makes perfect sense. Usually when a story sounds fishy it usually is fishy, but this one is as clear as day for me. I am confident in my sources and I want to point out that no one else or any other website got information as fast or as detailed as I did about Jeff Jarrett’s departure. Check out my Facebook page for all my posts regarding the story. I always say “Never say never”, so if this Jeff story is actually a work, I really do have to question my sources, but I am confident in the information they gave me. Stay tuned!

Magnus As TNA World Champion:


I have to say I am surprised and not surprised that Magnus is the TNA World Champion. Let me explain. He won the TNA World Championship last week when he beat Jeff Hardy in the Dixie Land match. The match was taped, but it aired last week. Anyway, if you would have asked me in June whether Magnus would be champion at the end of the year I would have said no way. However, I am not surprised he is actually TNA World Champion. I knew he was going to become champion within the next year. More so in the beginning of the year rather than later. When the TNA World Title Tournament was announced, I made a prediction that Magnus would win it and we would then see AJ Styles return to fight Magnus (keep that in mind for the next couple of weeks). So, I am not surprised that Magnus won the tournament as I was thinking he was going to win it when it first started. I am happy for Magnus. I am very glad. I loved seeing the success and the growth of him. When I interviewed Kurt Angle in 2012 he said Magnus is the future. Magnus is the now and future.

Some are questioning whether he is a transition champion or not. I honestly don’t know, but I wouldn’t think so. Magnus is a star. He has the backing of Kurt Angle, Sting, and Dixie Carter. Magnus may lose it, but it won’t be the last time he holds it. Magnus has a bright future for many years to come. I wished they didn’t turn him heel though. As I state in the below question (TNA’s Business Focus In 2014), Magnus could have filled that spot as “Top Guy”.

One interesting thing to point out, TNA made this statement on their website: “TNA IMPACT WRESTLING star Magnus has become the first ever Brit to win the World Heavyweight Championship for a major American wrestling organization, ending a wait of more than 108 years.” That is the kind of history TNA wanted to make.

Who Will Step Up In 2014?

world title

I wrote an article in March of this year about who should become TNA World Champion this year. I listed 6 stars, but I had no idea that the TNA World Title scene would be completely swamped with Bully Ray for most of the year. I am not saying that is a bad thing at all. In fact, I am glad it was because it felt like the TNA World Championship was a big deal. Out of the 6, AJ Styles and Magnus won the title. I also had Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and Bobby Roode on that list. Surely each one of them could be seen at the top. With 2014 coming very fast, who will make their way to the TNA World Championship? I, in fact, may make a whole article about that just like last year, but I want to list a few stars. I still will keep Samoa Joe on the list. I also feel like Austin Aries and Bobby Roode could make their way to the top. I may add Mr. Anderson and Chris Sabin. I don’t think we can roll out Bully Ray. Will Ethan Carter III rise up at the end of the year? Honestly, there is a lot of names, but I need to narrow it down. Stay tuned for the article at the beginning of the year, but give me some ideas on who do you think should be on the list.

TNA’s Business Focus In 2014:


I wrote in last week’s #TNATalk about what divisions TNA should focus on in 2014, so this week I want to discuss what business strategies TNA should focus on in 2014. Before stating what I think, I want to point out that I don’t even know what strategy or strategies TNA is going to focus on in 2014. That would have been one question I would have asked Dixie Carter if I was going to interview her, but we know how that went. We know WWE’s focus in 2014 and that is the WWE Network. That’s their main objective right now. They also are focusing on the WWE App. What about TNA though? Sure, they want to focus on the #Impact365 creative direction and I am sure they want to focus on international expansion, but how evident is that? Besides, isn’t international expansion on the wish list of every company?

I can probably guarantee TNA has some type of business strategy for 2014. If they don’t, I would be super worried. However, I will give some of my thoughts on what TNA should focus on. One would be their marketing. That is pretty much a given. I would love to see TNA start some type of marketing campaign across the United States. Remember when they gave people free merchandise if they would hand out flyers about TNA? I wrote an article about 20 weeks ago (I looked it up) about ways TNA can increase brand awareness. You can check that out here. By the way, interviews also fall into that category… are you reading this Dixie Carter? Another business strategy TNA should focus on is actually making a “Top Guy”. I am going to write a whole article about this subject (hopefully next week), but TNA really needs to put some time into one person and make them the number one draw in ratings and in merchandise sales. They need a John Cena. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I can also bring up increase ratings, increase revenue, increase television deals, but I feel like that goes right along the lines of a marketing campaign. Lastly, TNA needs to focus on one very important word… alternative! They need to be unique… they need to be different from the competition. If you are the same as the competition… why are we going to watch?


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