Thoughts On: TNA’s New Television Deal, One Thing Done Right With Their Recent Television Tapings, The Hulk Hogan Hype, Clear Picture Who Is In Charge


Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk and this week I will be doing something different. Instead of answering your questions, I will be briefly giving my thoughts on the major stories right now involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below.

TNA Wrestling’s New TV Deal:


Someone wrote to me earlier today about the lack of coverage TNA got with their new television deal with Challenge. Quite frankly, I overlooked it too with a busy Wednesday from promoting my article yesterday to WWE news that Kaityln left the company and The WWE Network. After thinking about it, the TV deal should be addressed, so I am doing so right now.

After reading the press release from TNA about the new television deal, I have to say it is huge! They are not only keeping Impact Wrestling on television, but they are airing the 1/30/14 episode in the UK before the United States. That’s not all though. They will be airing Xplosion as well as TNA PPVs on the station. They are also going to feature past TNA shows. Honestly, it is a sweet deal that I wish I lived in the United Kingdom or Ireland just to watch it. TNA needs that kind of deal for Spike TV. This is almost like TNA’s version of their own network (of course a lot different than WWE’s but still almost the same situation). I am proud that TNA’s international success continues to grow. For anyone who is across the pond, I would love to hear from you in regards to how the new television deal is. You can check out the full press release here.

Positive Aspect To Recent Taped Shows:

Jeff Hardy walks away from TNA

There has been a lot of talk recently about how TNA is rushing their television shows. They taped two months worth of shows in a matter of weeks. There has been clear frustration with TNA fans and writers for this website as you can tell by the recent articles posted. I agree that TNA has rushed their shows as there have been clear logic holes missing in their stories. These shows have been rushed so much that we haven’t seen Samoa Joe in weeks, Manik since October, and who knows where Kenny King is. Would these stars be on if they didn’t rush the production? I’m not sure but anything is possible. At any rate, I do feel that one positive aspect that came from these taped shows is how TNA ended each Impact Wrestling. They did a terrific job from having Magnus win the TNA World Championship one week, have Jeff Hardy walk out on TNA another week, and then have AJ Styles return last week. All three of these ending moments helped boost traffic here on the site. You know TNA is doing something right when people are interested to see the results or want to know more about what is going on. This week should be no different as the show is built around Magnus vs. AJ Styles – Winner takes all. I am interested to see how they book tonight’s episode but more so the aftermath. And to break the ice, next week’s is going to be live so it surely will drive hype and discussion up!

The Hulk Hogan Hype:


I was doing my normal covering the wrestling business yesterday when reports start surfacing that Hulk Hogan was in Las Vegas where WWE was making their blockbuster announcement about The WWE Network. I really didn’t read too much into it because there were rumors that Hulk was at the Smackdown tapings the day before but he wasn’t. When the word started to spread, I saw an overwhelming excitement across many fans. I was getting texts asking if Hulk showed up. I read some tweets where people wanted to see Hulk appear on the stage after the epic announcement. It made me think. It made me wonder why so many people wanted to see him there but didn’t want to see him in TNA. I remember very vividly what Dixie said in her Sports Illustrated article and that was she thought they used Hulk too much. Most agree with her. The fact that Hulk would appear with WWE on a special night means something. It’s just not any normal show. It’s not any normal Impact Wrestling. I still believe Hulk brings something to the table. Sadly, TNA couldn’t reach that level. They used him like a normal star. Hulk isn’t. Hulk is for those moments like The WWE Network or for Wrestlemania 30. Stating that you don’t want to see Hulk in TNA again is, well, an opinion, but it also is quite selfish. Hulk, believe it or not, has something to offer.

Clear Picture As To Who Runs TNA:

Dixie Carter

Over the past several years there has been a lot of confusion as to who is running TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. We had the names from Jeff Jarrett to Hulk Hogan to Eric Bischoff to Dixie Carter. Well, it is all clear now. Hulk is out. Eric is out or soon to be out, and Jeff is out. That leads one person… Dixie Carter. Dixie has been President of TNA Wrestling for the majority of TNA’s lifespan but there has been lots of people in charge of creative to production to the everyday business aspects. Almost 12 years in and we now see that this is a Dixie Carter company. Everyone has left and she is now taking over. A lot of people speculate her ability to run a wrestling company because she doesn’t have any wrestling experience. Whatever you may want to say, she is in charge and she is determined to expand TNA Wrestling. After years of power struggle between Jarrett with Vince Russo and Hulk with Bischoff, at the end of the day neither outlasted. Dixie comes through. The ball is in her hand.


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  • Steven kelly

    Its already started to an extent. Challenge are doing a series of 1st episode ever of all their shows so after sundays newest impact they followed it with the first ever tna episode when ken shamrock became the 1st ever nwa/tna champion plus seeing james storm and aj styles plus mickie james before she took that name yes mickie james is a tna original it was a great episode and note there was no six sided ring

  • Krishna

    Saying this deal is “huge” and is “TNA’s version of their own network” is ridiculous. TNA was already airing Impact, Xplosion and PPVs on Challenge. They’re now airing classic episodes too. On the other hand, WWE on Sky Sports has a different show for each day of the week. Raw, SmackDown, Bottom Line (Raw recap show), Afterburn (SmackDown recap show), Experience (Raw and SmackDown recap show), Main Event, Superstars, NXT and Vintage Collection (old-school matches). No contest.

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