Thoughts On: MVP As The New Investor, More Investors?, Ethan Carter III’s Rise, Backstage Arguments


Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I will be briefly giving my thoughts on the major stories right now involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below.

MVP As The New Investor:


I predicted in last week’s #TNATalk that MVP would be the new TNA investor. Well, hours later and we found out that my prediction was right. Alright, I wasn’t the only one predicting that. However, there was a lot of rumbling about the possibility that it was going to be Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Sting, or even Shane McMahon. Yes, people were thinking Shane. At the end of the day it came down to MVP. Good decision? Honestly, we all have to wait and see how it plays out. One of the things fans don’t have is patience. We need patience. We need to wait and see how things play out. Just because it is someone like MVP doesn’t mean it is going to be a bust.

MVP is a great talent. He is a seasoned veteran. He knows how to play the game. I am very interested to see not only how TNA books him but how he goes over on television and with the fans. I know several casual wrestling fans who watch Impact Wrestling and I asked them what they thought of MVP being revealed as the investor. One stated that he saw him before but couldn’t remember where. The other had no idea who it was. What does that say? I am not saying it has to be some big name like Hulk Hogan, but what are those casual wrestling fans thinking when some “no name” comes on who “owns” part of TNA Wrestling? Just a thought.

“They” Investor:


One thing I do want to mention is use of one word over the past several weeks from The Wolves. Not only did it happen two weeks ago during a video promo from them but it also happened last week when they were in the ring with Rockstar Spud. The Wolves made it very clear that “They” were watching the main event. Obviously they weren’t talking about themselves. They were talking about the investor. However, “They” is not just a he or she. They is multiple. Did they just state “They” so they wouldn’t give the identity away whether it was a he or she? Let’s face it, did anyone really think it was a she? There wasn’t one lady name floating around the prediction poll. So, with that being said, are we going to see more investors come into the spotlight? If they do go that route make sure you clear your brain because they will need a lot of storytelling on what happened.

Ethan Carter III’s Rise:

images (1)

I was thankful enough to interview Ethan Carter III yesterday on behalf of this site as TNA’s hyped their One Night Only: #OldSchool pay-per-view event. While all of the conference calls I have been to were interesting, this one, in my opinion, tops the list because of how entertaining it was. I almost felt like I was getting ripped off because I was getting entertainment for free. At any rate, Ethan Carter III was taking questions and he certainly shined! Not only did he portray his character in an excellent way at times, but he also kept everyone entertained through his humorous jokes. Beyond that, I was able to pull some interesting facts from it which is always great.

One of the biggest topics during the interview was about the difference between his time with WWE (in NXT) and him in TNA right now. He certainly compared and contrasts both situations, but you can tell he is very pleased with being in TNA Wrestling. Not only that, but I sensed that he has some sort of grudge against WWE. Of course, I think anyone in his situation would. He truly wants to prove them wrong. He really wants to shine and be on top and rub it in WWE’s face that they messed up on him.

This is just another case of how WWE is not for everyone. I always state that TNA Wrestling isn’t for everyone, but we have to realize that it works both ways. Certainly each company has their perks. While TNA may not be the biggest dog in the yard… while they may not be the monster in their selective industry, the realization that actually getting a spot in the monster company is truly difficult… sometimes unreachable! You can work your tail off in the business. You can do everything in your power to get to that level… that top spot… that World Championship or that title of “face of the company”, but at the end of the day, it’s all about politics. It is all about favoritism. It is all about the name. Once you understand that then you have to decide where you want to go in life or if this career choice is the right choice.

John Gaburick Backstage Rumors:

Eric Young

There are certain rumors and reports that go around that are downright awful. Some are so ridiculous that I don’t even mention or talk about them. However, ones that seem like they could be true or something that may actually matter then I will either bring it up or try to find out the truth. That is where this week came in!

TNA Wrestling finished their Maximum Impact Tour and most of the TNA employees came back to the states this weekend. As soon as this week started rumors started flying around. One was about Kurt Angle and how he got into an argument with John Gaburick. Attached to that rumor was the thinking that Kurt’s surgery has been pushed back yet again till after Lockdown. With that being said, I reached out to Kurt for information and he told me how it is. He is getting surgery next week (February 11th). He then clearly told me that he did not argue with John and everything was fine. You can’t get anymore clear than that. If you don’t believe that, fine, but give me information otherwise. You can’t get any more direct than Kurt himself.

Another rumor that started to float around was that Eric Young got into a heated argument with John Gaburick (for those who don’t know, he is a producer backstage and is helping run the creative department). Apparently John yelled at Eric Young after his match against Abyss. I went searching and I was told by a source that the match did go over 4 minutes. However, another stated that it wasn’t Young’s fault. Even so, I can’t confirm if Young and John got into an argument, but none of my sources said they saw or heard anything. Some of these reports have to be taken lightly, but I am glad I can clear things up.


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  • DCIM


    just one point. In English, "they" can be used as a singular too.

    I think they're only going to go with the one investor in this story or well I hope they don't write more investors because when they run out of steam on the whole investors taking over, they'd just write in a power struggle between the investors so that the investors break down and fight amongst themselves and Dixie slips out unscathed. Would be too predictable!

    But I could be wrong and maybe multiple investors might do some amazing things for the story!

    • Alex Barie

      Yes, "they" can refer to one person, which I stated. They probably didn't want to state if it was a "he" or "she" but I haven't heard one female name floating around in the prediction poll on who the new investor could have been. It still makes me curious and I am interested in seeing how they play this situation out.

      • DCIM

        My bad; must have read it wrong. Great article though!

  • seabee

    EC3 is the man he reminds me of the rock when he was starting out; at first the rock had weird looks then the eyebrow……

  • Phenomenal1

    I can’t wait till EC3 turns face. The guy ouzes charisma and wwe dropped the ball with him. Let’s hope he sides with MVP and in a few years maybe become the champ. Anyway great read.