Where’s The Television Title?, My Super Card With WWE & TNA Stars, Spike TV’s Involvement, TNA Wrestling In 2014

Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk where I answer your questions about TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling whether it is an opinion question or a question you want to know about a superstar or the business in general. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link.

Is the Television Title ever going to be defended again?

This is certainly one question that so many people want answered. The Television Title was last seen back on June 2nd when Abyss won the title from Devon. We haven’t seen Abyss since then. I expect the title to make its return when Abyss returns which will be when the whole Joseph Park storyline develops. Sadly, this has been a story that has been going on for months with little to no progression. I was really high up on it, but now I either want it to really start growing or just end. There’s no doubt Abyss will return to some capacity one day. The title is still shown on TNA Wrestling’s site, so they still have plans for it. As I wrote about last week, TNA has the potential to have a great mid-card division. The Television Title can really help, but it looks like TNA wants the X-Division to be that mid-card division.

If you could put a super card together between Impact and WWE what would it look like?

I was actually pretty excited when I read this question because I can really go all out with it. The possibilities are endless when you actually think about it. After taking some time to think about it, I would have to say that the card would be headlined with Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle in a face vs. face match. Just the fact that these two can go one-on-one with one another in a match that could last 40+ minutes is something I dream about. Then it would be Sting (face) vs. Undertaker (heel). Below that would feature AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk in a Fatal Four Way match with AJ and Dolph playing faces and Aries and Punk playing heel. Next would be Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian), and Samoa Joe vs. The Shield with Team TNA playing as the faces and Team WWE as the heels. A lock would be Gail Kim (heel) vs. Natalya (face). I would then have Bully Ray (heel) vs. Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman (tweener) in a Hardcore match. Certainly a super card would vary with every person, but I think I add a little bit of everything in this card. Let me say that I am throwing titles out the window.

Do you think TNA needs to be on a bigger network that will promote them a lot better and get behind them unlike Spike TV because its seem to me that Spike TV puts no effort into promoting them at all?

I, for the longest time, have been against Spike TV when it comes to their relationship with TNA Wrestling. First of all, I do agree that Spike TV barely puts an effort when promoting Impact. They could do a lot better. However, Impact Wrestling is Spike TV’s highest rated show. With that being said, Spike TV is happy with that. If they are happy, then why even fix it? They should though to be even happier! Also, Spike TV is a huge network that reaches around 100 million people nationwide. Even WWE Raw was once on Spike TV. If TNA Wrestling would leave Spike, where would they go? More importantly, what network would actually even be interested? That’s what I fear the most. Not many networks would. Spike loves TNA Wrestling not only because of their numbers, but they also have a heavy influence of what happens on their show. I don’t see TNA Wrestling leaving the network, but Spike really needs to step up and actually start promoting to help grow the company they “like” so much.

Where do you see TNA Wrestling in 2014?

This question must be referring to the most recent report going around NEWZ sites today. I stated multiple times before on my Facebook page that 2014 is going to be a whole new era for TNA Wrestling. As time passes, that statement looks to come to fruition more and more. First off is the whole discussion of Impact Wrestling being taken off the road next year. It very well can happen. In fact, I asked my sources inside the company and one stated, “I wouldn’t doubt it.” The next reason is their roster. I know that there are people with the company now will not be with the company this time next year. Hulk Hogan may be negotiating right now, but he still has interest with WWE. Eric Bischoff’s contract ends at the end of the year as well as AJ Styles. I have come to a conclusion that Samoa Joe’s contract probably ends this year as well. Sting’s contract is coming to an end too. These are huge stars that helped the company grow. Will they stay or go? More importantly, who will go? There will be some. The next question asked is who will own TNA? I found some outrageous reports saying that either the company has been sold or it may be sold next year. Those reports are so inaccurate because no one knows about that. The fact is The Carter family owns most of TNA Wrestling. They have the money. They are the ones that are keeping TNA afloat. Will they or Jeff Jarrett bring in an investor? What about Viacom as they have been interested in TNA Wrestling just in case The Carter family actually pulls out. Only time will tell, but let me make it clear that 2014 will start a new era in TNA Wrestling. An era that will see the company go through major changes.

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  • kyle

    great show but my biggest problems, where the new star's they can make out of this storyline,
    if i would of did this story here, i would of had dixie come in and said due too not having contract aj bfg series win is non-void and the new Winner that she deserve the shot at the Bully at bound for glory (Jay Brady) mega heel heat on dixie and brady who has no point, so hulk hogan come out and said u r the priz but im the book, book aj style and brady in deciding clear winner of the bfs series winner, then dixie said, but hogan if brady does not win the match, the end of hogan here with tna. then at the end good match between both guys, oh before this match dixie is talking on her phone to ???? Ego during the match ego come out and attack, with a ref bump, hogan comes out clearing house on ego, then goes to hit brady but turns and hits aj instead with booooooooooooo rain down hogan leaves the ring and brady hit's aj with boom stick 1……2…. kick out . brady pissed off and gett's in the ref face set up another boom Stick Miss pale from aj style clash while hogan watches ends show.


    • Alex Barie

      Hey Kyle. I like your creativity, but the biggest problem I have with your scenario is the BFG Series still being contested. Let's face it, we only have three episodes of Impact Wrestling left till Bound for Glory. The company needs to start building AJ vs. Bully as much as possible in that time. Involving Jay in that would just be a waste of time. We know AJ deserves it.

      • kyle

        not a waste of time because if you think about it what did they do last week with aj vs bully nothing, with this booking u can create a star down the road and have a story to tell down the road with dixie heel turn. this how i see after last week have Dixie come out and said if hogan say sorry and and stay on her side she would not fire him, then blah blah the ending will still happen, this week.

  • http://www.tnanews.com/gut-check-didnt-they-see-nexus/ Sean

    Indeed the Teleivision championship could help. Abyss could drop it to a young guy, like how I suggested in my possible match card for BFG in a previous article. Good article Alex as usual.

  • Steven kelly

    Im just glad the asshole of tna has pretty much resigned that will keep bully occupied and away frm title for a bit. Id like to see magnus vs aj2 at genesis that would kick off 2014 big time that is if aj is still champ would be ideal having magnus as champ for the uk tour boy that tour would sure explode over here

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