Will Fans Ruin The Willow Character, Who I Would Sign To TNA From WWE, Too Many Takeover Angles In TNA’s History, Will AJ Styles Come Back


Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below.

Will fans ruin the Willow character in the same way as WWE fans did to Bray Wyatt through the Husky Harris chants?


I certainly wouldn’t say the fans ruined the Bray Wyatt character as it is certainly grown to become one of the most wanted and anticipated characters on WWE television right now. However, when he did first appear as Bray Wyatt, the fans were chanting Husky Harris. Will fans chant Jeff Hardy for Willow? I certainly don’t know how TNA is going to market Willow. Will they let people know he is Jeff Hardy or are they going to completely separate them? Looking at the Impact Wrestling roster, they are still showing Jeff Hardy but aren’t showing Willow; however, Joseph Park and Abyss were separate for the entire story about them.

I can never predict how fans will will react to something. Wrestling fans are becoming very knowledgable these days, so it won’t be hard for the to distinguish that Willow is Hardy. Hopefully the people attending Impact Wrestling whether it be at Lockdown or at Universal Studios or when the show is taken on the road accept the Willow character and give it a chance. We don’t see people chanting “Bubba” for Bully Ray.

Who would you like to see sign with TNA from the WWE when their contract is up?


When I was reading Dixie Carter’s Q&A session she had with fans during Impact Wrestling last week, I saw a question asking her who she would sign from WWE if given a chance. She simply replied by saying she was happy with her current roster. She was also asked about if she could bring back a former TNA World Champion who she would bring back and she stated that she was a huge Christian Cage fan.

First off, while Dixie may be happy with her roster that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t sign anyone from TNA. She just admitted that she was a huge Christian Cage fan and is implying she would sign him if his contract was up tomorrow. I can’t disagree with her at that level as Christian was absolutely fantastic in TNA and I would say that he had the best singles run in his career while he was at TNA Wrestling. However, fans almost had to pull teeth trying to get Dixie to answer. I understand if she is happy with her roster, but she would love to have at least one person in WWE. It would bring awareness. It would bring discussion. While John Cena wouldn’t fit the TNA mold, he would make a huge asset for TNA in terms of monetary value and overall awareness.

I wouldn’t sign John Cena to a TNA contract though. As stated, he doesn’t fit the TNA mold, but I do remember Eric Bischoff stating that he would love to have John Cena in TNA back in 2010 or 2011. Who would I pick though? Christian (Cage) would be a great fit for the roster. I would have to look at everyone in terms of monetary value, exposure, and popularity. I would be very interested in seeing Daniel Bryan go to TNA if I was was able to decide and see how his growing popularity would work for the company. I do want to state that I do not know when Bryan’s contract ends… more so, I barely know about the contract status of anyone in WWE, so I can’t answer in terms of that.

Do you think TNA relies too much on takeover angles like they’ve done for 5 years (MEM, Hogan/Bischoff:Immortal, Aces and 8s and Team Dixie) I mean we get wrestling for a while but then another stable and no one really gets over.


When Aces & 8s ended and Team Dixie was on the verge of growing into an entity, I made it well known that I was against another heel faction to put a strong grip on the company. Sadly, it has happened again. Even more so, we can trace it back even further as you mentioned.

I really do think TNA relies too much on the takeover angles. Don’t get me wrong, I love heel factions. I love the nWo and Evolution. I love the force behind them and the developments along the way in terms of the rising action, climax, conflict, and falling resolution that leads to the resolution. Nothing powerful lasts forever… just ask Rome! But, to prove the point, TNA does transition from one heel group to another to another to another to another in their course of evolution. While each faction has their own unique take, the concept is quite the same. The thing I think is different with Team Dixie is that it isn’t an outside force trying to ruin the company… it is the inside force of the person who OWNS the company. I would really just like to see some good story telling without any power group that has to run and ruin the show. It can be done.

I do want to state that when I wrote scripts for online wrestling shows, I was very high up on wrestling heel factions and in the course of my show I had many factions made to take over the show and company. I am not exactly sure why, but I think I have the same fascination as the writers for TNA (and Dixie).

Do you see AJ Styles coming back to TNA?

AJ Styles and Magnus

AJ Styles and Magnus

Simply put, never say never in this business. I learned that multiple times. Will he come back? He very well could, but I don’t expect him to come back anytime soon unless TNA is going to give us some major swerve.

When AJ Styles left TNA, I was told by people inside TNA that they think it is a work and he could re-sign or already re-signed. I watched videos and read articles on various websites saying that AJ did sign with TNA again. However, these people are looking less and less credible. There’s a reason why I only believe one particular website and that is WrestlingNewsWorld.com. If AJ doesn’t come back to TNA, I would be fine with it. I love AJ’s work and will miss seeing it every week on Impact Wrestling television, but change is inevitable and we need to move on with each passing second.


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