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Welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below.

What’s your opinion on The BroMans?


When The BroMans first came about I wasn’t sure what to think of them; however, as time passed they certainly grew on me. When Bound for Glory came and they were featured in a tag team match at the pay-per-view for the TNA Tag Team Championships, they blew me away. I didn’t think they had it in them but they showed that they can truly get in the ring and work. Then Zema Ion came on board and played the DJ for them. While I find Ion to be very annoying, I can say that he is doing his job. Not many talent get me annoyed by their characters but Ion does and that is a great thing. I enjoy the work of The BroMans and I certainly don’t think people, and TNA, give them they in-ring credit they do deserve.

Simply put, Magnus is the mega heel in TNA Wrestling. Heels cheat. Heels are the bad guys that get away with everything in a match. This goes back decades. While watching the WWE Network, I am seeing loads of people cheating to win. Look at Shawn Michaels in 1993 when Diesel came to be his bodyguard. While TNA keeps building Magnus’ heel character, a lot of people are saying that it is damaging his championship reign. That is certainly debatable, but constant cheating and always winning a match with someone helping you will not make you a great champion for the company in the eyes of the viewers.

When I saw this question I really had to stop and think about the positives of the six sided ring. Here’s the deal, if you don’t know my take on the ring, I’ll explain it right now. I like the six sided ring. In fact, I love it. It is unique and it is fun to watch wrestling matches being contested in it. When I first tuned into TNA and I saw the six sided ring I really took interest in it.

When the company flipped upside down in 2010 the ring didn’t fit. The company became like the WWE. It no longer was unique and the alternative. They tried to be like the WWE in order to beat them. The roster changed, the management changed, and the ring changed. TNA lost their identity in 2010.

To get to the question, the positive of the six sided ring is that it is unique and makes the company an alternative. Should TNA go back to the six sided ring? I don’t think so. It wouldn’t make sense nor would it fit with their style right now. Face facts, TNA is still not old school. Would I support Jeff Jarrett’s company if he brought in the six sided ring? I actually would because, as I stated, it shows that the company is an alternative. Jeff needs to capitalize on that. He needs to be different from the other companies. The ring does that. It caught my eye when I first saw TNA. While the six sided ring may look like a circus show, it can help establish a company that caters to be the alternative.

First off, TNA could start by showcasing the X-Division every single week. No matter how many times people tell me to have patience in regards to the X-Division, I stand by my thoughts on saying that each week the company doesn’t showcase the X-Division is merely a waste of time. TNA has the capability to start feuds and stories with the whole #Impact365 initiative. They can easily start one for the X-Division, but they don’t. Not only that but the last time TNA had an X-Division Championship match on Impact Wrestling was more than two months ago. The division, no matter who they brought in, is a wreck. I don’t care if the championship is defended in Japan… if TNA doesn’t acknowledge it then they don’t even care to let their audience know about it.

Second, the company needs to make the division important again. It isn’t hard. Not only showcase the division but add feuds and stories. Make it mean something. I can’t believe how many people are relying on the whole Destination X “Option C” situation to help the X-Division. That is ONE time a year. A division to only have importance once a year is ridiculous. I know TNA is not what it used to be back in the day, but to see how huge and important the division was back then and to see it now amazes me. It’s just another way of TNA losing their identity.

Is there a chance of the TV or Knockouts Tag Titles returning any time soon?


I can state that TNA really doesn’t have plans for the Television Championship right now. Even Dixie Carter stated that in an interview. While we haven’t seen the championship in almost a year, the company still promotes the championship on their official website. As far as the Knockouts Tag Titles, Dixie did state that the Knockouts division is going to really be heating up. We seen Brittany make her debut and Angelina Love make her return. While the tag titles can return, I honestly don’t see that happening.

Do you think TNA needs another show so they can show the talent they don’t use at all or don’t use very much?

I wrote this on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago and I stand by it 100% (below or at this link):

with TNA building new stars it seems likely Kurt Angle won’t be in the world title picture when he returns; is there anything else he can achieve in TNA?

Kurt HOF

Once Kurt Angle was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame it became very clear that he had nothing left to prove. Kurt Angle accomplished pretty much everything in the company from World Champion to holding every single championship in the company at one time. He wrestled the best multiple times. When Kurt returns I highly doubt we will see him go for the World Championship. He may get one more shot but him capturing the gold is very unlikely. His contract is up in September and he is looking at his options. That is no assumption.


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