Too Late For James Storm?, TNA Wrestling Producing Another Show, Sting Vs. Magnus, What’s Next For Hulk Hogan

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Do you think TNA can rebuild James Storm or is it too late?
James Storm

James Storm was at the top of the company in 2011-2012. He had a great run feuding with Bobby Roode. Since then, the company push James Storm to the side and he ended back up in the tag team division. Let me first say that James Storm is a great asset to the division. He’s been there and thrives there. He makes it grow. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t be in the main event again. He very well can. James Storm is only 36 years old… the same age as John Cena and CM Punk will turn 35 years old in a couple of weeks. Storm is not done yet. Just like Roode, Aries, and others, Storm is waiting to be back on the top of the card. The main event can only hold so much because TNA only has a two hour show every week in the United States. I expect James Storm to be back on top just like the other names I mentioned sometime in the future.

I think another wrestling show like Impact Wrestling would be good for TNA Wrestling. What do you think?
Impact road crowd

I would totally be against having TNA Wrestling produce another wrestling show. We always say TNA Wrestling only has two hours a week on United States television, but if they had more they could develop their future stars and really work on their divisions. That sounds great, but we have to think about Impact Wrestling first. The show just started their ninth season on Spike TV, which is tremendous, but let’s look at where the show is at. The show still has trouble hitting that 1.0 cable rating. I talked to an official inside the company and they stated that ratings can be flawed, they are a way of measurement. Ratings are still analyzed. The company has people look at each segment and match to see when people tuned in and tuned away. The show is nowhere near the level of WWE Raw… or even WWE Smackdown for that matter. The company needs to keep focusing on Impact Wrestling. They need to improve that show in terms of recognition. If this show doesn’t draw an increase of ratings over a couple years, there is no way a new show can produce any significant rating at all. Plus, the company is trying to cut costs. Producing another show will dramatically increase expenses and there is no way TNA Wrestling would be in favor for that.

What are your thoughts on the Sting vs. Magnus match at Bound for Glory?

I was expecting to see Magnus vs. Bobby Roode at Bound for Glory or a type of tag team match with Main Event Mafia vs. Aces & 8s, but they booked both of those on recent episodes of Impact Wrestling. I was quite surprised they went with Magnus vs. Sting. When Magnus started to have a tantrum after his loss against Roode, I thought they were turning him heel. I would have really sounded off on that. They didn’t though. I see Sting vs. Magnus in a number of ways. First, this could be Sting’s last Bound for Glory as his contract ends in November. He has the desire to fight that one Wrestlemania match, which I was directly told by someone inside the company. However, he is very loyal to Dixie Carter. I see this as Magnus’ shining point. Sting can put anyone over. This could be amazing for Magnus. I said in the past that I see Magnus going for the TNA World Title and winning it sometime next year. Magnus was on the top of the Bound for Glory Series for the longest time and now he could go over against Sting. It’s a huge boost and will really help him in the future. I am glad to have interviewed Magnus earlier this year and see him develop to become a major face in the company.

What is the next step for Hulk Hogan after quitting TNA Wrestling?
Hogan Quits

Let me first say that the whole Hulk Hogan “quitting” ordeal was a story line. He did not quit the company; however, his contract supposedly came to an end earlier this month. Now the wrestling world asks what is next for Hogan. I stated on my Facebook page that Hulk is one of the most talked about stars in the wrestling business right now. One guy right up there is John Cena and that talk only started this week. At any rate, Hulk will either stay with TNA or go. He can either stay out of the wrestling industry or go to WWE. I kept thinking he would go to WWE. He would love that paycheck and the major buzz he would receive. However, I don’t think he is finished talking with TNA Wrestling. The company is still promoting him through their roster page and advertisements. He can very well stay and we can expect a swerve to occur. It’s very interesting, to say the least, and I am actually excited and eager to see it develop. We have not seen the last of Hulk Hogan, that’s for sure!

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