Sacrifice Thoughts: Where Was Joe, Aries, MVP, Abyss, King?, Should Shamuel Shaw Have Won His First Major Feud?, Tag Team Division Slipping, Best & Worst Matches Of The Night, How I Would Rate Sacrifice – Was It Worth It?


So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using “#TNATalk”.

Where were Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, MVP, Abyss, and Kenny King at TNA Sacrifice?


I stated this question on my Facebook page right before Sacrifice started as I questioned why Samoa Joe and Austin Aries aren’t part of the pay-per-view because they are huge fan favorites. I was hoping we would see them in a backstage segment or even run in to interfere in a match; however, that did not happen.

Kenny King just returned to the company about a month ago but hasn’t even been showcased every single week. His program is still developing and it is going to take time. I didn’t expect him. I wasn’t expecting MVP either simply because all of the matches were booked and everything fell into place. Sure, maybe if there was a hiccup during the main event, but there wasn’t so MVP wasn’t needed. Someone else also sent me a question about Abyss and why he didn’t interfere in the main event. By the looks of last night, Abyss didn’t even need to “seek revenge” on Magnus. Magnus lost anyway. Abyss looks to be turning face already, so it is interesting to see if he will be friends with Eric Young again or if he will sail the boat in his own direction. Either way, I am guessing Abyss has his job back with the company. I don’t know if they will continue his feud with Magnus or not, but Magnus needs a program after losing to Young as well as Abyss, so I can see it continuing.

As for Austin Aries… just like Kenny King, Aries returned after a much smaller hiatus but he doesn’t fully have a program to work with. TNA has to rebuild Aries again not only from his hiatus but from his loss last week against MVP. It still surprises me as Austin Aries should be on the main event stage every single week and month. I want to see him on Impact Wrestling. It doesn’t make sense to me. As for Samoa Joe, that is the biggest question of all. Many thought he would show up in the main event to cost Eric Young… or Magnus. However, we didn’t and we can count Sacrifice as another show that he hasn’t been part of. Just like Aries, I want to see Joe. I am a huge fan of Samoa Joe and I just can’t wrap my brain as to why they aren’t showcasing him and to give him his payoff. He said he wasn’t injured. So does he have personal issues instead? I am not sure. If it is personal issues, I hope everything goes well, but until I know the exact fact I do not want to comment.

Should Samuel Shaw have won his first main feud?


I am curious what they are going to do with the Samuel Shaw character after he was thrown into the padded van on last night’s show. I hope TNA doesn’t end the Shaw character. I don’t think they will though because of how over he is. At any rate, I think Shaw should have won his first main feud, but he honestly doesn’t have to. Shaw is a character that is getting over not because of wrestling matches or of his in-ring skills but because of the character itself. He is over because of his mannerisms. Shaw could come back as the same creepy b@stard that they make him out to be and the audience will still react.

I do want to touch on Mr. Anderson though. He has been victorious in the past couple of feuds, so I really think TNA needs to think how much they are elevating Anderson and whether a championship shot should be in line. If you continue to win your feuds you are essentially climbing the ladder. Whether TNA notices that or not is the question, but I certainly am keeping track.

Bromans and Wolves feud has been amazing but why are the the only two main tag teams?


Their tag team championship match at Sacrifice was great. I am glad it opened the show as it really started the show off on the right foot. I am pleased that Wolves won the belts at the pay-per-view as it is so much more legitimate than a championship win at a live event show, as they had, to lose it a week or two later. I honestly don’t even want to count that reign as their first reign because it was so embarrassing. As for the tag team division, yes, it is very slim right now, but every division gets to that level. Divisions peak and then die down. While I am not against only have two tag teams and having those teams work for months and months as the story can develop greatly to be personal and full of emotion. If TNA does decide to branch out the division right now, obviously they are going to have trouble. The only choices they have are either bringing in new tag teams (which I don’t see happening unless Knux and his friends become a tag team within the division) or they pair talent up whether that be Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III or Kurt Angle and Willow.

What was the best match at Sacrifice – What was the worst?

I was asked this question on Twitter last night after the pay-per-view and I narrowed the selection down by two each. For the worst match of the night, I said it was either the Knockouts championship match or Angle/Willow vs. Ethan/Spud. However, after I was able to sleep on the question, I do have to state that the tag team match of Kurt Angle and Willow against Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud was the worst match of the night. The Knockouts was decent as both still gave a great fight. You wouldn’t see women wrestling like that anywhere else on United States television so that was a plus. The tag team left a lot to be desired. I really wanted to see more of Kurt Angle in action. I know he had knee surgery, but I was told that he feels great. He was down most of the match and when he did come back, he hit his signature moves and that was it. I wanted more while Ethan and Spud really didn’t impress me. I predicted that Kurt and Willow would win, so I don’t have a problem with that, but it was how the match played out left me disappointed. These four stars are talented but it felt like they wanted to play it safe while giving Kurt an easy night.

As for the best match, I would have to say it is a toss up between the I Quit match and the World Championship match. The I Quit match was brutal, as I expected. Gunner and Storm have great chemistry. They know how to work the crowd. Sadly, during the match the crowd chanted “AJ Styles” at one point. Very disrespectful on their part as Gunner and Storm were putting their bodies on the line. The I Quit match was very entertaining and I enjoyed it. The World Championship match showed a great wrestling match. I never underestimate Magnus or Eric Young as both can work in the ring. Many think Eric isn’t a great wrestler but that is not the case. Both gave a great battle and I applaud them for it. It was great to cover this match.

How would you rate Sacrifice – Was it worth it?

As I stated at the end of the last question, I was covering the pay-per-view last night for, so I didn’t have to purchase the event out of my pocket; however, if I was, I would honestly be disappointed.

I been very vocal about the lack of build to Sacrifice, so I am not going to talk about it again. A pay-per-view should showcase the absolute best from the company. They should give us not only how much we paid but make us satisfied with the purchase. They should even make us feel like we should pay more. The PPV had great wrestling. I am not going to deny that. The show produced great stuff in terms of wrestling and I was expecting that because of what the card consisted of, but there were a couple of things that it was missing. First it was Austin Aries and Samoa Joe. If I am going to pay $40, I want to see all of my favorite stars. Aries isn’t hurt. Joe may not be available but what about Bobby Lashley? Secondly, the PPV didn’t give me any indication of why I should watch on Thursday. Sure, I will be watching but nothing told me, “I want to find out what happens on Thursday.” Everything was predictable. It was simply a wrestling show. This show could have been an episode of Impact Wrestling, in all honesty. We seen more dangerous matches on Impact Wrestling. We seen championship changes on Impact Wrestling. It gave me nothing to say that it wasn’t anything more than a regular Impact Wrestling show. There’s a reason why it is called a pay-per-view… we pay to see it. Give us something special, unique, exciting, unpredictable that makes us continue watching. I can tell you that we always see a spike in viewers here on the site when big events come up on TNA’s schedule, but we never seen an increase for Sacrifice. If we never seen an increase for Sacrifice, then that shows the lack of interest in the pay-per-view and with the lack of interest that will make us assume how many people bought the event.

If I had to give a grade for Sacrifice, I would give it a letter grade B. It wasn’t a horrible PPV by any means as it gave us some great wrestling matches, but, as I stated, it was lacking. It didn’t increase my interest to watch Impact Wrestling on Thursday while there wasn’t anything unpredictable, special, or unique. Some may state that the Dixie Carter involvement could fall into that category and while it was quite funny to write that Dixie dressed up as a man, and I think that whole involvement was effective, it didn’t increase the monetary value. I do not regret watching it nor should anyone, but we should expect more for our hard earned money.


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  • Mark M

    For me Shaw definitely should have gone over in his first feud. It made sense going forward for him. Also it would have been perfect for Anderson who could have lost the match and returned in a few months with a different look etc, bare in mind Anderson has been doing the same thing for 8 years if you include his WWE stint. The guy needs to freshen up his act desperately.