Ordering Bound For Glory, Jeff Jarrett Returning, What If John Cena Came To TNA, Thoughts On Ethan Carter III

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Are you going to purchase Bound for Glory this year? Would you recommend it?

To be perfectly honest, I only bought one TNA PPV in my life and that was the 10/10/10 Bound for Glory. The thing that sold me was the whole “They’re Here” scenario. I felt like I got my moneys worth with it. That was 3 years ago. I honestly didn’t have to think too hard about this year’s event. While I will explain my thoughts on the build of the PPV during my predictions on WrestlingNewsWorld.com this weekend, I honestly feel like it is going to be worth it. The wrestling matches are selling it for me. We can talk about a recent string of bad pay-per-views in the WWE and the lack of build for TNA’s pay-per-views, but I look at TNA’s PPVs for the wrestling. I have no doubt that we are going to see some entertaining and classic matches at Bound for Glory. The Ultimate X Match may steal the show but we also have Sting vs. Magnus, Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode (two who never disappoint), and AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray. If you want to be entertained and see some cool and, hopefully, fantastic matches, then you should order Bound for Glory. I will be covering the pre-show on WrestlingNewsWorld.com and giving my full thoughts of the PPV throughout the night on my Facebook page, so join in on the discussion and share your thoughts!

Do you see Jeff Jarrett returning at Bound for Glory in an on-air role?
Jeff Jarrett
I have heard a couple talk about the possibility of Jeff Jarrett returning in an on-air role at Bound for Glory… most likely during the AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray main event. Let me say that these people are merely speculating as they aren’t anyone inside the company. I have reported during the summer that Jeff Jarrett refused to come back to TNA Wrestling. However, as months passed, he became more lenient and started to have some backstage influence. However, do I see him returning on television? Honestly, it’s hard to say. Jeff Jarrett, obviously, is not happy with the direction TNA Wrestling is taking, but that doesn’t mean he won’t show up. I do see it depending on whether Hulk Hogan re-signs with the company. If he doesn’t, I can see Jeff being involved in the Dixie Carter story. Let’s not forget that AJ Styles really praised Jarrett in the recent Q&A that I and Richard were part of. I would be surprised, but very thrilled, to see Jeff Jarrett return at Bound for Glory. I will never forget the huge story that led to Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory 2008. The feeling for that match was strictly amazing. Anyway, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up though. Maybe it’s another reason to watch the PPV.

If John Cena went to TNA would the ratings go through the roof?
John Cena TNA
I remember an interview Eric Bischoff did back in, I think, 2010. He was asked what superstar he would want to get from the WWE. He answered with the name John Cena. It’s pretty self explanatory why. John Cena is the number one guy in the WWE. He sells the most merchandise and he draws. He helps the ratings and viewership numbers. We can clearly see that right now as he has been out for about two months. However, would he do the same in TNA? Let me make one thing clear, a superstar is only as big as what the company makes them. WWE spent ten years on John Cena and, not only making him the top star, but keeping him the top star. TNA Wrestling hasn’t created a John Cena. They get John Cena type stars, but they only are as big as what TNA makes them. If TNA doesn’t advertise John Cena or market John Cena, then he’s not going to make the ratings “go through the roof” as you say. I can’t really predict this kind of scenario, but I would expect a little increase in viewership and rating, but would it stay or grow? That’s what TNA would to do. For TNA’s sake, they can’t rely on a star or stars. A person can only do so much while a company and a network has much more resources. John Cena is the number one guy in WWE because they made him like that. TNA will have to make him like that otherwise he would just be another star.

What role do you think the Ethan Carter III, EC3, will play when he makes his debut on Impact Wrestling?
Just by looking at the name you can speculate that he will be involved in the Dixie Carter story. Will he be her nephew or son or what? Could he be someone she adopted? Could it just be a coincidence? Either way, it’s interesting. Him being involved in the Dixie story though is the most logical. When he was first announced that the character was played by Derrick Bateman, a former WWE star, everyone attacked the company because they were “bringing in another ex-WWE star.” Everyone wants to find a way to attack TNA Wrestling. I see this as an opportunity though. Derrick never made it to the WWE Raw or Smackdown roster. In the eyes of the casual fans, they don’t even know him. He’s someone who has extreme talent. TNA could very well elevated him to the top where WWE never was able to do so. Let’s give it a chance and see where he goes.

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  • http://luchalibre.webs.com/ Luchador

    lol I didn't put attention on Ethan and the name Carter. I like the promos that there doing for him and hopefully he will be used right and I'm glad he's not a WWE guy he was just in NXT development

    • https://twitter.com/TNA_is_Best Chris

      Could you call Kaz a WWE guy? I remember back when he was in WWE on Smackdown in 2005. We could all tell that he was loaded with potential. Very glad Kaz is in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Ethan Carter might do great things in TNA. As long as you are not a big star or majorly known for your time in WWE such as Kurt Angle or Chavo Guerrero, then you are not a WWE guy.

      One more thing: I am glad that Luchador is commenting on articles. It seems that you always have something interesting to say and I love hearing it. Hey, if you ever have an idea or question for me to address in my weekly column, message me on twitter at twitter.com/TNA_is_Best or ask.fm/chrisimac

  • http://www.tnanews.com/gut-check-didnt-they-see-nexus/ Sean

    Thats a good point about Ethan. It's going to be really good. Its like Pope who wasnt a significant guy in WWE, so it allowed him to be a genuine TNA wrestler.

    WWE has been great with the new HHH era, leading to a lot of people saying that WWE are ready to be in their new golden era. John Cena has not been as significant to WWE for a while, with WWE heavily reliant on CM Punk. He's been pushing WWE very well. Cena is one of the top stars, but his importance has gone down for a while

    Jeff Jarrett was great last week in the independent scene. He can be great if he returns

    • http://www.tnanews.com/author/cbell/ Christopher Bell

      True. Many consider 2000 to be WWE's best year, the year that Steve Austin was injured. It's kind of like NBA. When a star such as Kobe Bryant is out, others step up. When the mega star of the show is out, others will step up and everyone is sure to benefit.

      • http://www.tnanews.com/gut-check-didnt-they-see-nexus/ Sean

        Hey Christopher, thanks for responding. Interesting comment, as WWE were able to push The Rock to new heights, and Triple H proved to be a major heel. Then we saw others being used such as Paul White and Mick Foley. The McMahons were at war, the debut of Tazz, and how Kurt Angle was doing well as a major wrestler in the midcard scene, rising well, with a talented mid card division.
        But I have to disagree with some points here. I would of assumed that the best year was the whole predicament of Stone Cold against Vince McMahon, since this was the major attribute of the Attitude era. The difference between Steve Austin and John Cena is Steve Austin had a much less polarising if any, effect. Everyone loved Austin. I used to hate him then because I prefer The Undertaker and Kane as my all time favourites. But his tenacity and determination are hard to neglect.
        John Cena once he lost his thugonomics, and entered the US title picture, changed completely. He hasnt had a great deal of support from adult fans, the mere minority. The return of The Rock proved to be the catalyst of getting these fans happy, along with CM Punk then providing the long term solution of keeping these fans happy. After all, since then, John Cena shirts in arenas have diminished significantly. It used to be full of green and purple Cena shirts.
        Then the whole idea of Cena in the last 10 years. As Brock rightly said in their feud last year, Brock was the face of WWE and if he never left, there would of been no Cena. Then in 2004 in reference to the Wes Brisco article, there was the heavy push of Randy Orton. Unfortunately he was a nuisance at backstage and lost his chance. The same Randy who was the tag team partner of John. So John was watchin on the side lines. Then when John got his major push for the title, it was for the B championship, with Batista headline the Raw main event, along with Batista defeating Cena at the Royal Rumble. Afterwards Cena eventually got to Raw in a new plot to bring PG. Cena started to slightly edge Batista but the adult fans preferred Smackdown which was less PG, possessing Batista , Taker and etc. People were hating him. Like the 2005 ECW event. Although Orton was hated too like when he fought Angle. Eventually Cena by probably around 2008 and 2009 became the major guy. He then became so big, that even attempts for a heel turn and make him face a good Orton didnt work.
        When Punk came, it was refreshing. WWE have been heavily reliant on him. Best way to prove this is when Raw started with 3 hours. Punk was doing 2 promos per show. Not Cena.

        What helped TNA was that when they got Kurt Angle, they didnt get the biggest name, but arguably the best wrestler available, although Benoit and HBK were perhaps better. So the idea for Cena to come would have a Hogan effect I believe. Irritate the legit TNA fans, and the less exposure will hinder Cena. Someone like Daniel Bryan or CM Punk is the better choice for TNA to dream of acquiring. Kofi would be pushed to a major player in TNA. R Truth too as he can talk on the mic well, along with good athletism.

  • Tna-babemagnet

    I would love JJ to come back in an on-screen role to smash his trademark guitar over Bully ray's head, and then AJ hit the springboard 450 splash to win the title, and that leads to a match at genesis between Bully with Dixie in his corner and AJ with JJ in his corner for the WHC, and an added stip that if aj wins, JJ gets control of the company from dixie