Will Low-Ki Go To GFW?, TNA Giving Up On Tigre Uno, My Thoughts On The Menagerie, MVP’s Knee Injury


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I know that this website is about TNA news only but if Low-Ki and TNA won’t work out again, do you see Low Ki heading to GFW?


There is speculation that Low-Ki has signed with TNA Wrestling, but we are unable to confirm that. I won’t be surprised if we see him at the upcoming Destination X taping at the end of the month. However, if his time in TNA doesn’t work out, I have to question whether we would see him in GFW. I am a huge fan of Low-Ki, but I question how long he has left in the wrestling industry. He has already retired once. Beyond that, GFW has a database of 500 talent… probably even more. They can’t sign them all. The company will have a very difficult situation on which ones they want to sign to a contract. It’s not going to be easy. Many talented people will not get signed. Low-Ki is more well known than most independent talent, but the competition is going to be tough from presentation, appearance, passion, and age. I honestly don’t think we will see Low-Ki in GFW, but that’s what I am seeing.

Has TNA given up on Tigre Uno now and if so that’s very sad and he has been a waste of time for TNA the way they have used him?


Tigre Uno went under to Bram on last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. In other words, Uno jobbed to Bram. It was almost a squash match. Why? It was suppose to make Bram look superior. It was suppose to make Bram look like this beast. It did that, however, at the same time, it made Uno look weak. It made Tigre Uno useless.

Sadly, wins and loses in the wrestling business doesn’t mean too much these days. That doesn’t mean they can’t mean something again, but that is how the wrestling companies are doing things. In ideal wrestling, you need lots of wins to mean something, but one loss can destroy you and make you fall way down the ladder. Tigre Uno, since coming to TNA, really hasn’t been impressive. That’s my opinion, honestly. He showcased some cool and impressive moves, but I am still going back to his match with Sanada on an episode of Impact Wrestling where he almost severely injured him. It was almost scary watching the match. These matches shouldn’t be scary in the sense of people being injured but scary in a sense of the high risks talent take but protect themselves and their opponents.

Back to Tigre Uno, I don’t entirely think TNA gave up on him. People receive pushes on and off throughout their career. With Destination X being taped at the end of the month, I hope more focus will be put on the X Division and that means the talent in the division. At the end, I have to wait and see how they book Uno going forward, but it never is great to get squashed.

I have no interest in Knux’s group whatsoever and they’re just terrible out there. What do you think?


Obviously not everyone is going to like the same story or gimmick. A company can’t create something that all of their fans, viewers, or users like. Even though you do not have interest in The Menagerie, that doesn’t mean it is terrible. I actually know a few people who are fans of the group. One is Patrick Wong, a writer for the site.

As for my opinion, I am not entirely high up on The Menagerie. Sure, it is something new but I feel it is more about trying to catch people’s attention rather than gaining interest. Yeah it is going to turn heads, but those people will be turning their heads back after they realize the whole situation.

There are two things I find the most important when developing a character. First, you have to relate to them. You need to understand what that character went through or is going through. Great characters that people can relate to is Stone Cold Steve Austin or even Daniel Bryan. The underdog story or the rebel against the authority figures always can get people to relate. Second, people need to have interest. They need to have an emotional attachment to the character. Sure you may like The Menagerie, but if they get beat up by MVP, Lashley, and King or if they got beat up by Aces & 8s, would people care? On the other side, how many people can actually relate to the circus act of The Menagerie? I personally been to the circus once in my life. Not everyone is going to like the same gimmick, but gimmicks need to be relatable and have an emotional interest.

Who do you think will take MVP’s place at TNA Slammiversary if he can’t go?


I have been talking to several of my writers about this situation and there are many ideas floating around. While I would try to find out from my sources about MVP and the main event match at Slammiversary possibly being in jeopardy, no one really knows the condition of MVP. Actually, TNA is keeping the entire situation secret. I honestly do not blame them as if MVP can be 100% by Slammiversary, there’s no reason to speculate. However, if he isn’t 100%, the question will surface of whether he will work against Eric Young for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

In my eyes, I actually see him working the PPV. I still see the match airing, but if MVP is hurting, not 100%, or is even still injured at the time, I can see TNA having Mike Tenay record a short audio clip where they can insert it into an episode of Impact Wrestling stating that the match will be a No DQ match. That will give the opportunity for Bobby Lashley and Kenny King to go against Eric Young while MVP works a very limited match. I do not see TNA drastically changing the main event match as they even taped all of their Impact Wrestling shows leading up to Slammiversary. While 20% of TNA’s audience is not happy with MVP going after the championship, I certainly do not want to see him hurt.


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  • Luchador

    Does anybody else thinks GFW logo looks like a 70’s tv news logo?

  • Luchador

    Since they stopped using Norv Fernum and Dewey Barnes, TNA doesn’t really have jobbers and UNO being new I guess they went with him but I agree they didn’t need to squash him

    • http://miscellaneousmumble.blogspot.com/ Alex Barie

      I liked Norv and Dewey. I guess the fans were getting behind them too much.

      • Luchador

        They were funny and have skills

  • TNA Chris

    Menagerie have the best entrence in the wrestling business.

    Simple fix to the Young and MVP storyline would be to make it a king of the mountain match.