A Mickie James TNA Return, Why Bobby Roode Hasn’t Returned, One Night Only PPVs Now Enticing People, Is Impact Wrestling’s Viewership Slip Serious?, My Favorite TNA Moment, Should John Gaburick Really Go?


So, welcome to another installment of #TNATalk as I answer your questions you sent to me involving TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. If you have a question for me to answer, send them to me at this link or write them in the box below or tweet them by using “#TNATalk”.

With Mickie James being pregnant with Magnus’s child and considering that they’re dating, will she return to TNA instead of WWE?


Since this was brought up, I want to congratulate Mickie James and Magnus! Now, I want to stress that sometimes there are couples where one works in TNA and one works in WWE. Yes, there are ones where both work in the same company. For this instance, Magnus has a greater pull in terms of TNA signing Mickie James, but it all depends if TNA will want to sign her or not. They are going in a different direction in terms of their roster, so the question is whether Mickie fits in that direction. I searched for interviews she did after leaving TNA and she is very open to returning to WWE. She also missed leaving TNA Wrestling. However, she also put over Jeff Jarrett. Mickie stated she is not finished with wrestling, so I think we will see her in one of the three companies again (WWE, TNA, GFW). It all comes down to money, schedule, and the position being offered.

Why if wrestlers are challenging MVP’s authority has Bobby Roode not returned?


In storyline terms, Bobby Roode has been suspended from the company. MVP suspended him because Roode got in his face and questioned his authority. As far as Austin Aries and Samoa Joe, they were never “suspended”. Story wise, Joe “went home” on his own terms and Aries simply wash’t scheduled to compete. Roode’s instance is a different scenario which is why we haven’t seen him. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him come back at Slammiversary.

At the Victory Road One Night Only taping someone won a World Title shot but if the ONO PPVs are seperate from the main story why are title opportunities awarded?


This is the same instance of the One Night Only: Xtravaganza pay-per-view the company filmed earlier this year where one talent was awarded an X-Division Championship match. I can tell you that one talent has yet to receive the opportunity. I am curious how TNA will incorporate the story in their regular Impact Wrestling shows. Let’s face it, the only time they mention the One Night Only PPVs is the day before they are released. After they are released, how many times do they mention it on Impact? Once, if that. I can see TNA adding this to the One Night Only shows to entice people to order it to see who gets a championship shot, but TNA has to follow up on it. With TNA producing 2 or 3 Impact Wrestling shows in a matter of two days, a story can be overlooked. We seen that within the past month where TNA produced a month or two worth of shows in a matter of weeks. Logic within the stories were lost. Continuity was horrible. Even people inside TNA said so. At the end of the day, hopefully the One Night Only shows are going to become more enticing, so we all have a feeling that should order them.

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