Too Soon For Bully Ray/AJ Styles 2?, Abyss’ Return A Letdown, Magnus Turning Heel, TNA’s 2014 Schedule

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Do you think TNA is rushing the World Title rematch of Bully Ray and AJ Styles?


I have a couple things to say about this. First off, I see people are complaining that this was the main event at Bound for Glory, which we had to pay for, but now we are getting it for free on Impact Wrestling. It is actually pretty foolish to think that a rematch for free wasn’t going to happen. TNA is finished with their live pay-per-views for 2013. The rest is all going to be free on television. It’s pretty obvious, like any other World Title match, there is going to be a rematch. Is it too soon though? I completely understand why TNA is doing this. They want to continue the Dixie Carter story. She lost the fight at Bound for Glory, but, as she said, he will not win the war. It was booked right away because she needs to get the title back. Doing this in a few weeks or a month from now would actually make little sense. However, I do have to point out one thing. Why would this match even happen tonight? AJ Styles does not have a contract with TNA. Why would he even show up? He has the title. He has what he wants. He could very well fly home and stay there tonight instead of being on Impact. That’s one flaw. Doesn’t make sense.

How did you feel about TNA’s use of Abyss at Bound for Glory when he could have brought the Television Title and use it to help implement a mid-card division?


Sadly, I forgot about Abyss’ return at Bound for Glory. Bound for Glory had so much going on from different outcomes to matches to random finishes and promos. I think the Abyss return actually fell to the waste side with most of the fans. At any rate, Abyss did return at Bound for Glory after being away since June. Is this a full time return though? We have to wait and see. I am not sure if the message came off clearly at the PPV that Joseph Park is Abyss. If this is really how the story is going to end with Park finding out he is Abyss then it has been a letdown. The story went on way too long with zero progression. I enjoy Park but I also would like to see Abyss return.

He didn’t return with the Television Title though, so it is making people believe the title is gone. However, the title still remains on TNA’s website. I sure hope the title returns and it gets an actual meaning. I wouldn’t mind seeing the title be used regularly for the mid-card division as people like Rob Terry, Ethan Carter III, and Knux to people like Jeff Hardy, Bad Influence, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and more could battle for it while they aren’t in the tag team division or in the main event. TNA has so much talent and really anyone from Samoa Joe to Jeff Hardy could be fighting in the main event. There is just not enough time with only one show and only one story going on in the main event right now to give all of the stars main event time.

Do you see a Magnus heel turn in the near future?

Magnus Sting

I would be absolutely against a Magnus heel turn. People love to throw around the phrase that Magnus is the future of the company. I actually throw that phrase around since last year. He has the look, great wrestling skill, and is really improving on the mic. I see him going for the TNA World Title, and probably winning it, sometime the middle of 2014 (or even sooner). Magnus can be a huge seller. The fans are behind him. TNA has been pushing him throughout the year. He could very well be pushed to be the face of the company as well as the top seller in the company. Honestly, I believe he can. TNA should want to make money on him. TNA needs to make money on him. Turning him heel would only disrupt that. I understand the company could make money off of heels (like WWE did with Stone Cold and WCW did with NWO), but I feel he and the company would be better if he was a face. Magnus really hasn’t even made a dent in the company yet. Plus, we also have to think about who will be in the company in the future. Will Hulk Hogan return? Will AJ Styles stay beyond December? Will Sting re-sign? Magnus could really be the next face…. And should be!

With Bound for Glory being the last PPV for TNA in 2013, where do they go in 2014?


There’s a couple of things we have to think about regarding TNA’s schedule in 2014. First is their live event schedule. They canceled several of their live events leading to Bound for Glory. They have 4 live events from now to the end of December. If they canceled those events, how many will go on during next year? Next is their Impact Wrestling taping schedule. There have been talks within the company to move Impact back to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. When will they go back? They have yet to make an announcement, but there’s no Impact Wrestling taping for November 21st. We then have to think about their PPV schedule. Will they continue with the 4 PPVs a year? If so, when will their January PPV, Genesis, be announced? Isn’t it essential for TNA to announce it early so they know where to head regarding storylines? We really just have to wait, sit back, and see. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long because TNA needs a firm and concrete plan heading into next year… which is only almost two months away.

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  • Christopher Bell

    Alex Barie, you did it again! Great article, man!

    The Abyss return at Bound For Glory made me sick. It made no sense. It reminds me of when TNA was going against WWE on Monday nights. They did angles and stories and surprise appearances just to do them. You could tell it was going nowhere. That is what Abyss is. He randomly shows up and disappears at the drop of a dime. It's crazy.

    "I wouldn’t mind seeing the title be used regularly for the mid-card division as people like Rob Terry, Ethan Carter III, and Knux to people like Jeff Hardy, Bad Influence, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and more could battle for it while they aren’t in the tag team division or in the main event." Those first three men that you mentioned haven't proven that they can even wrestle. For them to have a shot at a championship is too much of a leap.

    • Alex Barie

      The first three I mentioned, and you elaborated on, are mid-card stars and could be enhanced to main event down the line, but I wouldn't go that far yet. However, Knux has proven to me, and many others who I have talked to, that he can certainly work in the ring. For a guy his size it is always cool to see someone as agile as him doing flying cross bodies.

  • Christopher Bell

    As far as people like Bobby Roode and Austin Aries go, they should be in the heavyweight division. It is the same with Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. No questions asked. These are main event caliber wrestlers and need to be treated as so. As far as Bad Influence goes, if they ever break up, I see them perfect for the TV Title division. They seem to be ones who have great wrestling ability but I do not want to see them in the main event.

    Magnus does deserve to be a face. TNA can make so much money off of him. He has the look and the wrestling ability. He is one to look out for in the future. Yes, Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan have been great heels but that was after they had made a name for themselves. I disagree that he should be the next face. If you are thinking the next face in terms of the next top babyface who hasn't been in the main event yet, you might be right. But the next face of TNA as a whole seems too soon. Who needs to be the face of the company are guys like Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Robert Roode.

  • Christopher Bell

    Those faces of the company should only stay around for maybe one more year. TNA has a serious problem. The serious problem is that they do not recruit any new talent that is worth a damn. They will recruit talent and if they are not good, they do not get a contract. If they are good, they get sent to OVW for a while. TNA needs to bring in talented wrestlers and cut the dead weight. By dead weight, I mean people who are not on iMPACT often and when they are, they only have a very minor role.

    • Alex Barie

      Why would the supposed "faces of the company" only stay around for TNA for only one more year? A face of the company is a guy who takes the top spot and runs with it. It is a person who the company can rely on and not only draw viewership/rating but also money. Sadly, TNA really never had a top face before for a long period of time. They always switch, but they need someone to fill that spot and then have people build up to be just as great. The bigger the stars the more money the company makes. I see TNA having an extremely talented roster, but they only have one show to showcase that. That's the problem.

      • TNA Chris

        The problem is they should have booked AJ Styles correctly and he could be the baby face of the company. That’s on TNA!

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