A Hogan Championship Reign, TNA 24/7 Concept, Thoughts On AJ Leaving Storyline, Impact Back To Universal Studios, Eric Bischoff Being “Sent Home”

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Assuming that Hulk Hogan wins one more World Title to cap his career, which of the three recognized World Titles (WWE, WHC or TNA) do you think would be the best for him to win and why?

hollywood champ

First off, let me say I have mixed reactions about Hulk Hogan winning one more World Title. On one hand, I wouldn’t mind because I saw what The Rock accomplished this year in WWE when he won the WWE Title. Ratings rose, attendance rose, and merchandise sales spiked. It was, what Triple H would say, “best for business”. One the other, Hulk Hogan is very limited in the ring. All he can do is throw punches, apply headlocks, do a body slam or two and maybe one more leg drop. Hulk Hogan does look in tremendous shape though as he has been training hard. With that being said, I honestly don’t feel the TNA World Title would fit him. If Hulk Hogan is going out with a bang, he needs all the eyes on him. He, and the company, needs to make the occasion special. WWE can do that. For me, I can see him win the World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE Championship. He has given both meaning and prestige in the past. But if I have to pick one, I would probably say the World Heavyweight Title. It’s just like John Cena holding it. It adds meaning to the title. Since John Cena is holding it now and Hulk Hogan wants John Cena at Wrestlemania 30, we could actually see this unfold in front of our very eyes.

What do you think about the new 24/7 concept TNA Wrestling is doing?


TNA Wrestling is trying to find the right marketing campaign. They had several since 2006 from “Cross the Line” to “Wrestling Matters”. Now they are marketing the “Where the action never ends”. We can give our own input on which ones worked and which didn’t based on rating data and so forth. We can clearly see the transition though. TNA Wrestling tried to market the whole wrestling concept where they would deliver tremendous ring work every single week. I don’t want to speak for them, but they probably didn’t see the success they were seeking. They are now changing focus to something that is hot and trendy right now and that’s reality based television. We can clearly see the success of Total Diva’s. The company wants to blend that reality programming into their weekly shows. They want people in on the excitement and the “real” side of things. It’s interesting to know that cameras follow superstars around all the time. It all depends how they use it going forward. They state they are going to plug it on social media, but social media only goes so far if you don’t promote your social media to begin with. Either way, it’s a new concept for the company and we need to see how it goes.

What are your thoughts on the whole AJ Styles leaving TNA with the title story?

AJ Styles winning the World Heavyweight Championship

AJ Styles winning the World Heavyweight Championship

The company talked about doing this story for at least a month. I was told the morning of Bound for Glory that AJ Styles was going to win the title and “leave” the company… aka CM Punk in 2011. Like most things, I had mixed feelings about it. I was leaning to the whole, “Why are they taking this path?” Seeing it unfold for over a week and, as like anything, things could be better and things could be worse. I do want to point out that TNA Wrestling updated their website to take AJ Styles off the roster page and say that the TNA Title is vacated. It’s the small things that matter. To take it a step further, AJ Styles is taking the TNA World Title and is defending it at a AAA show this Sunday. I love that and that is something we didn’t see CM Punk do with the title in 2011. However, the company needs to follow up on the title situation on Impact Wrestling. They need to let the viewers know that AJ took the title and is defending it elsewhere. I know people will say that he shouldn’t be mentioned because he is no longer with TNA and mentioning him will only hurt the story. I feel it is necessary to keep people updated though. Face it, not everyone who watches the show knows what is going on. There are those casual fans who TNA needs to grab and keep them informed. I mean, they are doing the 24/7 campaign. It only makes sense.

What are your thoughts on TNA moving Impact Wrestling back to Universal Studios?


When I spoke to Austin Aries on Tuesday, he commented on the news about Impact moving back to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. He stated: “The company is taking a step back but is taking a step forward in another direction.” Aries did tell me that he is disappointed that they are no longer taking Impact on the road. However, the company needs to do what is best for the company. I do agree with Aries on how the company is taking a step in a different direction. That is what TNA has done for many years. They need to find the right path at the right moment. It seems like the paths they take always have a huge tree that is blocking them to go any further. I will miss TNA on the road, but, as I wrote in an article about a month ago, TNA was growing while they were in Universal. Remember 2006 to 2009? The company was growing steadily each year.

It was stated that Eric Bischoff will be “working from his home” from now on. I also read Eric was “sent home” by TNA Wrestling. Thoughts?


I asked one of my sources yesterday about Eric Bischoff “working from his home”. My source didn’t really give any information about the situation and didn’t even talk about it. I had numerous people who work for the company tell me that they like working for Eric Bischoff. I did read reports saying many people are happy he is “working from home”. Whatever the case, I don’t know if Eric was sent home or if he is “walking away”. I do remember Eric saying in some interviews earlier this year that he won’t be staying in the wrestling industry much longer. Let’s face it, Eric Bischoff, at one point, was one of the most powerful people in the wrestling business…. If not the most powerful. He was the only person who ran a company to beat WWE in the ratings for over a year. We all thought he would give Vince a run for his money when he signed with TNA Wrestling. Sadly, the wrestling industry has changed. While some people thought Eric didn’t work for TNA in the past year or two, he did. He played an important backstage role. To actually hear him walking away from the wrestling business for good is quite disappointing. Me being a fan of his work, it was astonishing to see him come back to the business in 2010 as I never thought he would have a prominent role in any wrestling company again. Eric Bischoff left a legacy that very few people accomplished. It only takes one accomplishment to make a career.

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  • Daman

    Alex, exactly how did Eric Bischoff work for TNA?

    • Alex Barie

      When Eric first came into TNA in 2010, he and Hogan were calling most of the shots. They were hiring and firing and booking the shows. They were behind moving to Mondays. He also had an on-air role. As time passed, Eric lost some power. He was named Executive Producer of the show. He produced the show as well as the head of creative. He was no longer the main guy calling everything and signing talent.

  • lamar