TNA Thursday Night Impact March 20th, 2014


Following on from my last column we now head onto TNA Thursday Night Impact Live on spike TV and the continuation of the World Heavyweight Title Tournament!

Opening gambit – a look at back at Saturday Night Xplosion

Tony Schiavone,‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay & Don West welcome us to this 3 hour broadcast!

James Storm and Bobby Roode head to the ring.

Storm says that Saturday night on Xplosion it was a momentous night for TNA and all the fans when Beer Money reunited in front of the world but that was ruined by Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly.

He asks them to come to the ring.

The music hits and out come The Motor City Machine Guns!

Chris Sabin says that MVP has promised change and that he and Alex are here to prove they are the greatest tag team in the world.

Alex says there would be no Beer Money without the Machine Guns.

Bobby Roode says why don’t they get in the ring tonight and prove who is the best.

Hernandez music hits and out he comes with… Homicide!

Hernandez says forget about Beer Money and The Guns, the greatest tag team in the history of TNA is LAX and they’re back! He says if they really want to prove who is the best then why not make it a three way dance right here tonight live on Spike!

MVP comes out and makes the match on one condition – it’s a no DQ, no count outs match!

Up next the final first round matches in the world heavyweight title tournament will begin!


World Heavyweight Title Tournament – Round one

Davey Richards vs Samoa Joe

The match goes back and forth until Joe hits Richards with the muscle buster for the victory!

The lights go out and up in the rafters it’s… Willow!

The cameras pan in towards him as once again he just looks down on the crowd below.

An advert for Saturday Night Xplosion airs which will include the return of The Spin Cycle! JB’s guests this week will be Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Eric Young and Shanna!

Talking of Portugal’s Perfect Athlete Shanna – here she comes she’s defending her new knockouts title against Gail Kim in a street fight!

The match is a hard hitting and goes back and forth in the ring and on the outside.

Gail Kim hits the Eat Defeat but Shanna kicks out!

Shanna nails Gail with the foot stomp off the top rope to retain the title!


Here comes ‘The Monster’ Abyss!

Abyss says its time for the monster to go home, he needs to be with his ‘father’ and rediscover his true self.

He warns everyone in TNA that he is their worst nightmare and that a dark cloud will descend upon TNA upon his return.

We see Willow looking down on Abyss in the ring as we head backstage.

JB interviews MVP he asks him what the hell is going on with Abyss.

He says no idea but he isn’t having the inmates run the asylum around here.

World Heavyweight Title Tournament – Round one

Eddie Edwards vs Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud wins the match with help from EC3!

MVP comes out

He says this is the exact thing that he is fed up with, outside interference! He calls for the match to restart and if EC3 interferes he will be kicked out of the world title tournament.

The match continues and Eddie Edwards gets the win!

Backstage JB interviews Samuel Shaw as the live crowd in the arena chant creepy b******!

His match with Mr Anderson is up next but first we get to hear from Anderson for the first time since the vicious attack on his wife by Bully Ray.

Anderson comes to the ring.

He says that what Bully did was unforgivable and he is begging MVP to lift his suspension so he can do to him what he did to his wife.

World Heavyweight Title Tournament – Round one

Mr Anderson vs Samuel Shaw

Anderson is really aggressive in the match as the commentators say he is taking his frustration out on Samuel Shaw.

Anderson hits the mic check off the top rope for the win!

After the match once again we see Willow looking down in the ring at the fallen Samuel Shaw.


Tony Schiavone hypes the new 7 day TNA coverage on Spike TV

Mondays – The week ahead in TNA – 1 hour show hosted by Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme

Tuesdays – One Night Only specials (Bi monthly)

Wednesdays – TNA Classic Matches – 1 hour show featuring the best matches from TNA from the first ten years

Thursdays – Impact Wrestling Live!

Fridays – Re-Action (All the fall out from Impact and looking ahead to Xplosion with Jason Hervy and Simon Diamond)

Saturdays – Saturday Night Xplosion

Sundays – Weekend wrap up – 1 hour show hosted by Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme

World Heavyweight Title Tournament – Round one

Kurt Angle vs Magnus

Kurt Angle wins the match when Magnus taps out to the Ankle Lock!

We have now completed the first round matches – Tony, Mike and Don hype the quarter finals which will begin this Saturday night on Xplosion!

A pre recorded interview airs with Taz who says this Saturday night on Xplosion he is calling out MVP!

Backstage MVP is talking to four wrestlers who we can only see from behind he tells them that it’s great to have them back and he can’t wait to see them back in the ring this Saturday on Xplosion!


Back in the arena the cameras spot Joey Ryan sitting at ringside.

Mike Tenay goes over to speak to him.

He asks what he’s doing in TNA he doesn’t work here.

He says he brought a ticket like everybody else.

He says he has heard that MVP is bringing change to TNA and he’s here to see what all the fuss is about.

Al Snow comes down to the ring and tries to get security to eject him from the building.

Joey shows him the ticket and says he’s just here to watch the show like everybody else.

Tony Schiavone hypes the next one night only TV special which is coming to Spike TV on Tuesday 1st April and will feature stars old and new – MVP will announce more details this Saturday night on Xplosion!

NO DQ No Countouts Match -

Beer Money vs Motor City Machine Guns vs LAX

The match goes through the crowd, up to the top of the stage and back in the ring!

The action is crazy!

Finally Storm last call super kicks Sabin for the victory!

The crowd go wild as Don West screams ‘that was freaking amazing’!!

The crowd chant That was awesome and TNA! TNA! TNA! as Beer money celebrate with beers in the ring!

End of the show.

Thanks for reading.

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