TNA Thursday Night Impact Thursday March 13th 2014


Following on from my last column I would like to write how I would book Impact after Lockdown 2014.

Opening gambit – a look at the history of TNA Wrestling.

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Don West welcome us to the show, 3 hours live from Atlanta Georgia! On Spike TV, this show is TV14!

Tony says tonight is about change, fresh off the back of his teams win in Lethal Lockdown MVP has promised that a new era in TNA will begin tonight.

MVP’s music hits and out he comes.

He says tonight marks the start of a brand new TNA, he says despite previous people Hogan, Bischoff etc. claiming this to be the case tonight it becomes a reality.

He asks all the current champions to come to the ring.

He says that all titles as of now are officially vacant and that a tournament for the World Title will begin Saturday on Xplosion and the X-Division, tag team title, TV title, Knockouts title and the new Hardcore Title will all be decided in a series of 3 way matches tonight.

Dixie Carter’s music hits and she comes to the ring with Magnus, EC3 and Rockstar Spud.

She says her whole life has been destroyed and that MVP will pay for messing with her and that she will not be forced out of her own company.

She says she has consulted her lawyers and won’t take it without a fight.

MVP says it’s too late, she no longer has a place in TNA wrestling and expects her to clear out her office in Nashville by the weekend.

He tells Magnus, MVP and EC3 they are staying but from now on they are working for him and things will be different he says all three men have the night off though as they are not in any of the matches and tells them he’ll ‘be in touch’.

They all leave the ring.

MVP announces the championship matches for the evening -

Tag Team Title – The Wolves vs Bad Influence vs The Bro Mans

X-Division Title – Austin Aries vs Chris Sabin vs Kenny King

Knockouts Title – Velvet sky vs Gail Kim vs Mystery Opponent

TV Title – James storm vs Gunner vs Robby Roode

Hardcore Title – Abyss vs Eric young vs Tommy Dreamer


After commercial break we see JB trying to get a word with Dixie Carter, Magnus, EC3 and Spud as they leave the building but they make no comment and leave in a limo that is waiting outside the building.

X-Division Title Match – Austin Aries vs Chris Sabin vs Kenny King

Austin Aries wins the title after pinning Kenny king.

After the match Aries says he is going to watch the World Title Tournament with interest and he issues a challenge to the winner to face him for the World Title.

Backstage JB tries to get MVP to tell him who the mystery Knockout will be in the title match tonight he says ‘all I will tell you JB is she’s going to be the perfect fit for the knockouts division’.

An advert airs for this weekend’s Saturday night Xplosion hyping the World Title Tournament.

Back in the arena and the lights go out.

Its Miiiisssstttteerrrr Anderson!!!

Anderson hits the ring and says that he is not done with Bully Ray and tonight he is calling him out.

He says his wife is here and after the match they are both going out for a meal with MVP to discuss world title business.

Bully Ray comes out and says he has no more interest in Anderson and that as far as he is concerned he is yesterday’s news.

Anderson disagrees and says he wants him one on one tonight, loser leaves wrestling forever!

Bully says he will on one condition, his wife is at ringside to see what he will do to him and when he’s done he will pile drive her through a table!!

Anderson tries to get to Bully but the officials come out and break it up as Tony Schiavone hypes the match!


Knockouts Title Match Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim vs Mystery Opponent

Gail Kim gets on the mic and calls out the mystery opponent she says there is no one out there that can beat her and it doesn’t matter if they are from America, the UK or Europe she will beat them.

The music hits and out comes Shanna – The Perfect Portuguese Athlete!

Shanna wins the match after kicking out of Gail Kim’s Eat Defeat.

Backstage Tommy Dreamer is interviewed by JB.

He says he is happy that MVP has created a Hardcore Title and tonight the Innovator of Violence is going to show why he is not only hardcore but he is extreme.

Abyss walks in.

He tells Tommy that he has no idea what hardcore or extreme are until he has been in a match with the monster, he says he is going to win the title tonight and prove that he is the most extreme wrestler in the business today.

Abyss’s music hits and out he heads to the ring.

Hardcore Title match – Abyss vs Eric Young vs Tomnmy Dreamer

Early in the match, Eric Young is attacked with chairs by both Abyss and Dreamer. Abyss and Dreamer brawl through the crowd and through the arena, they eventually come back into the ring and Dreamer gets black hole slammed on thumb tacks!

Eric Young slides back in the ring and covers Dreamer for the win!

Abyss goes crazy and chases Eric Young through the crowd!


Backstage JB interviews Shanna the new Knockouts Champion!

She says she is going to take on all challenges and welcomes all the competition that the TNA Knockouts bring she says she is going to be the perfect champion the fans deserve!

Gail Kim attacks Shanna from behind, she grabs the title and says she is coming back for the belt and she better watch it!

Tag Team Title Match – The Wolves vs Bad Influence vs The Bro Mans

The Wolves win the match after Davey Richards pins Robbie E

Backstage MVP congratulates the Wolves on their win, he says tonight is just the first step in the rebirth of TNA Wrestling.

The lights go out and up in the rafters its…Willow!

The cameras pan in towards him as he looks down on the crowd below.

Tony Shiavone tells us there is a something going down backstage!

Abyss and Eric Young are brawling in the back, they keep brawling right out of the arena!

TV Title Match –

James Storm vs Gunner vs Bobby Rodde

James Storm comes down to the ring and says tonight he’s going to win the TV Title then drink a lot of beer!

Out comes the opponent.

Gunner wins the title after putting Storm in the torture rack!

Gunner continues to attack Storm after the match, but Bobby Roode saves Storm!

The refs usher Gunner to the back as Roode and Storm stare each other out!


We head to the announcers booth where Tony, Mike & Don hype Saturday Night Xplosion and the World Title Tournament which begins this weekend!

Taz comes to the announcer’s booth he calls MVP out, he says who the hell does he think he is removing him off the air he says if he has the balls to come out he will choke him out!

MVP comes out he tells Taz he isn’t going to choke him out, he says this isn’t 1996 anymore and he couldn’t hurt anybody but not to worry he gets to keep his commentating role on Xplosion because he has to find something for him to do to justify the ridiculous wage Dixie Carter gave him!

He says Don West got re-hired because he is passionate about TNA and is a TNA original and it’s who the fans want over a WWE reject!

Taz looks pissed but heads backstage.

Backstage JB interviews Bobby Roode.

He says he held his hand out to Storm tonight because he is fed up of fighting he says he is done fighting with him, he says he is headed to Xplosion this Saturday and is calling Storm out to end it once and for all.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring

Kurt says he has an announcement to make, he is in the World Title Tournament but when he wins the title he is going to retire as World Champion.

He says he has nothing more to prove, he has achieved everything in TNA, all the titles, Hall of Fame etc. but this is it for him, he wants the young hungry lions to step up and take the company forward into the next ten years. He thanks the fans as the commentators react to the news in shock!


Up next, Anderson vs Bully Ray!

Mr Anderson’s wife comes to ringside.

Mr Anderson comes out to the top of the ramp as the mic comes down from the ceiling and he introduces himself.

Bully Ray attacks him from behind.

The match goes back and forth in the ring, Bully taunting Anderson’s wife throughout.

The match heads outside the ring and Bully gets a table and places it at the side of the ramp but Anderson hits back and the head back to the ring.

Anderson hits the mic check on Bully Ray but he kicks out!

The match continues and Bully hits Anderson with the Bully Bomb! 1,2,3!

Your winner of the match Bully Ray!

Mr Anderson must leave TNA!

Anderson’s wife comes into the ring to try to help Anderson.

Bully grabs her by the hair and drags her to the top of the stage.

Earl Hebner is screaming at Bully to stop it but he picks her up and pile drives her off the stage through the table!

The commentators are screaming at Bully ray, he has lost his mind!

MVP and wrestlers from the back all come out as Bully stands over her laughing.

End of the show.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Nicolas Winstead

    Good show, I liked it a few things though…

    Don’t bury Magnus please.

    Tony Shivoney?!

    Don’t stretch out Anderson/Ray fued.

    Overall, I liked it and maybe we could be Heyman and Dutch Mantell.

    Overall, I enjoyed

  • Chris Wbafc Peace

    this seems so shit, perfered the old tna