TNA Thursday Night Impact Thursday March 27th 2014


Following on from my last column we now head onto TNA Thursday Night Impact and the Semi Finals in the World Heavyweight Title Tournament!

Opening gambit – a look at back at Saturday Night Xplosion!

All 4 men in the world title tournament semi-finals – Kurt Angle, EC3, Mr Anderson and Christopher Daniels are shown arriving separately at the arena.

Tony Schiavone, ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the three hour broadcast live on Spike TV!

MVP comes to the ring.

He asks for all 4 men in the world title tournament to come to the ring.

They all come out individually.

MVP says tonight is the opportunity for 2 men to fight it out to become the new world heavyweight champion at One Night Only on April 1st.

He says to up the stakes tonight he is making both matches no DQ, no count out and to make sure there is no problems he is appointing himself as special referee in both matches.

Magnus comes to the ring!

He tells MVP that since Dixie Carter lost control of TNA he has been pushed by the wayside, he is the face of this company and he wants to play his part in the future direction by being the special referee tonight.

MVP tells him he can face him tonight and the winner gets to referee the matches however if Magnus does not win the match then he must leave TNA forever!

Magnus agrees and says tonight he will win his match and then he will be coming for the world champion after one night only!

Austin Aries comes to the ring.

He says he has already issued the challenge to the new world champion and he is pretty sure it’s going to be Kurt Angle and tonight he wants a piece of the action – he wants the chance to referee the semi-finals.

MVP says ok, let’s make it a three way match! But if Aries doesn’t win he must forfeit his X Division championship!

Commercial Break

Tag Team Title Match – The Wolves vs The Bromans

The Wolves win the match after Davey Richards pins Robbie E

Tony Schiavone runs down the card for one night only on Tuesday 1st April on Spike TV!

Tag Team Title Match – The Wolves vs Beer Money vs Motor City Machine Guns vs LAX

Ultimate X, X Division Title Match –Austin Aries vs Jay Lethal vs Petey Williams vs Sonjay Dutt vs Tigre Uno

Knockouts Six Ladies Tag Team Match –Shanna, Velevt Sky and mystery partner vs Gail Kim, Lai’d Tapa and mystery partner

Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels in a submission match

The final of the world heavyweight title tournament and much more!

Eric Young comes to the ring.

He says he is going to give a shot at his hard-core title to any member of the roster

Bam!!! ODB’s music hits and out she comes!

She tells Eric Young that she is pretty hard-core and she wants to wrestle him tonight, she doesn’t care she’s a woman she is the toughest person in TNA!

EY agrees to the match!

The match begins and goes back and forth in and outside the ring.

ODB covers EY, 1…2…3…the winner and new hard-core champion – ODB!

Commercial Break

After the break Tony, Mike and Don react to ODB winning the hard-core title

Backstage JB interviews her, she says she is willing to defend the title 24/7 and welcomes all comers, she issues a challenge to any wrestler male or female to face her for the title at one night only!

Beer Money and Petey Williams vs Motor City Machine Guns and Kazarian vs LAX and Tigre Uno

The match is fast paced with lots of high flying moves.

Petey Williams hits Kazarian with the Canadian destroyer to win the match!

Backstage Kurt Angel goes into Austin Aries dressing room, he says he better call the match down the middle tonight he doesn’t want any funny business.

Aries says tonight he is going to call it straight down the middle and he is sure Kurt being the great wrestler in the world will get the job done.

Rockstar Spud goes into MVP’s office. He tells him he is fed up since Dixie has lost power, he has no opportunities and he wants out of his TNA contract. MVP tells him not to worry he will find something for him to do.

He tells him to make sure he turns up at the impact zone on Saturday at Xolplosion and he will give him a brand new opportunity in TNA!

He says he is now heading to the ring for his match.

Spud leaves the office looking happy!

Match to decide who referees the semi-finals –

MVP vs Magnus vs Austin Aries

Magnus wins the match!

After the match MVP tells Austin Aries he must now forfeit the X Division Title and a new competitor will be found for the X Division title match at one night only!

Commercial Break

‘Portugal’s Perfect Athlete’ Shanna vs the debut of new knockout Brittany!

Shanna wins with the foot stomp off the rope!

A video package is shown of Kenny King – King of the Knight coming soon!

Tony Schiavone hypes Saturday nights Xplosion, MVP vs Taz, the announcement of the new competitor in the x division title match at one night only and more!

World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Final Match –

Special Referee Magnus

EC3 vs Mr Anderson

Anderson hits EC3 with the mic check and Magnus gives a very fast count!

But Ethan kicks out!

EC3 gets the pin on Anderson and he counts really slowly but has to count three after Anderson can’t kick out in time – your winner advancing to the finals – Ethan Carter the third!

After the match Magnus and Ec3 get in each other’s faces and the referee have to separate them.

Commercial Break

World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semi Final Match –

Special Referee Magnus

Kurt Angle vs Christopher Daniels

Angle kicks out of the angel’s wings and the BME!

Daniels survives the angel slam and reaches the ropes on two occasions when Kurt gets him in the ankle lock.

#Eventually Daniels taps out as the crowd gives both wrestlers a standing ovation for one of the greatest matches of all time!

The final will now be Kurt Angle vs EC3 at one night only – but first Saturday night Xplosion this weekend!

End of the show

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