TNA Top 10: A Ladder Leads To The Top

TNA Jeff Hardy


Welcome to the 4th edition of the TNA Top 10!  A couple days later than normal, but here it is!

Every week, I will analyze and rank the top 10 TNA wrestlers based on in-ring performance, promos and angles!  This week, Eric Young and Wes Brisco make their TNA Top 10 debuts!

10. Wes Brisco Top 10 Up (LW: -, Wks: 1)
Wes Brisco had a strong 6-man tag match performance on Impact Thursday, and carried the match for DOC and Garrett Bischoff.  Brisco also picked up the three-count in the match as well.  Sure, a hand full of tights did the trick, but a pin is a pin, and the Aces & Eights pulled off a big win, thanks to Brisco.

9. Eric Young Top 10 Up (LW: -, Wks: 1)
“Showtime” Eric Young makes his TNA Top 10 debut at #9 this week.  I love the renewed energy and intensity that Eric Young has displayed since returning to the Impact Zone.  Although it wasn’t enough to take a piece out of the Aces & Eights this past Thursday, Young had a great match and isa great in-ring performer.

8. James Storm Top 10 Up (LW: -, Wks: 1)
“The Cowboy” James Storm makes his return to the Top 10 this week and has an excellent match with the Aces & Eights this past Thursday.  I was a bit disappointed that Storm didn’t have a bigger factor in the match as I believe he is one of the few that is the future of TNA.  Despite being thrown around the ring much of the match by DOC, Brisco and Bischoff, it was a good match for him.

7. Mr. Anderson Top 10 Up (LW:, Wks: 1)
Mr. Anderson also returns to the Top 10, with a great match against Jeff Hardy Thursday.  I believe Anderson is one guy that is underrated and and not being used to his full potential.  While his mic skills are great, I believe his in-ring work does more talking.  I agree with Mike Tenay, it was a pay-per-view quality match and I enjoyed every second of it!

6. Kurt Angle Top 10 Down (LW: 4, Wks: 2)
Kurt Angle loses a couple spots with his 6-man tag team loss to the Aces & Eights this week.  I’m always impressed with Kurt Angle and his in-ring skills, and this week his in-ring work wasn’t featured as much as I would have enjoyed, but when he was in the ring, it was explosive as always.

5. Samoa Joe Top 10 Down (LW: 4, Wks: 3)
I’ll try not to let my mind wander too far and wonder why Samoa Joe was not on Impact this week, as he is one of the few guys on the TNA roster who should be the “meat and potatoes” of Impact Wrestling every week.

4. Chavo Guererro Top 10 Up(Lw: 7, Wks: 3)
Chavo Guererro had a great tag team match Thursday on Impact, and he and Hernandez find themselves the number one contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Championship.  I look forward to how Chavo and Hernandez will add to their momentum next week, heading into their title match in two weeks.

3. Hernandez Top 10 Up (LW: 6, Wks: 4)
An impressive win for Hernandez and Chavo Guererro this week make them the number one contenders for Bobby Roode and Austin Aries’ TNA World Tag Team Championship.  I’m always impressed with Hernandez’ ability to show strength and cruiserweight-style speed that he brings to every match.

2. Bully Ray, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Top 10 Down (LW: 1, Wks: 4)
As much as Bully Ray has been through in his career, his heel turn to become the President of the Aces & Eights and capturing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is the highlight of his career and things only go up from here.  Unfortunately, while in the overall scheme of things Bully is at the top of his game and the top of TNA, nothing noteworthy for him this week drops him to #2.

1. Jeff Hardy Top 10 Up(LW: 2, Wks: 4)
Jeff Hardy starts Impact this week on the mic and eventually challenging Anderson to a match later in the night.  While I’m not a fan of Hardy on the mic and never have been, he’s one of those guys right now who can get the crowd behind him with a couple one liners.  His match with Anderson was good, and the conclusion of the show was great.  One of the reasons I love TNA, is for the type of  show endings, steel chair beat downs that happened Thursday.

Keep an eye open to a new TNA Top 10 this Friday where the Top 10 will get a shake up, as I begin a new system in determining the Top 10 in TNA!

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  • Jon Edney

    I completely agree. At this point, those like Angle, Hardy, Hogan, Sting and even Bully Ray, need to be in positions to build up and put over those like Joe, Styles, Storm, Young; the list goes on. They'll get to that point. Unfortunately, they are competing in a world dominated by names, and need to make fans chose to see them, over WWE and John Cena.