TNA Top 10: Bully Holds Down The Fort

TNA Bully Ray

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the TNA Top 10!

Every week, I will analyze and rank the top 10 TNA wrestlers based on in-ring performance, promos and angles!  This week, A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle makes their Top 10 debut and we have a new #1!

10. A.J. Styles Top 10 Up ( LW: -, Wks: 1)
A.J. Styles made is return to Impact Wrestling on March 14th, and then again this past week.  I for one was excited to see his return, and I’m very interested where things go from here.  Unfortunately, no in-ring action, but his appearances did make an impact, and that brings him into the Top 10!

9. Sting Top 10 Down (LW: 5, Wks: 3) 
Sting is in the middle of tough times, now that Hogan is pushing on him for being behind Bully Ray so strongly since late last year.  That in addition to a submission loss to Bobby Roode, Sting takes a dive in the Top 10 this week.  Not a bad thing, as Sting is at a time of his career where putting over the younger talent is his main goal.  I’m interested to see where things go with Sting from here.

8. Austin Aries, TNA World Tag Team Champion Top 10 Down (LW: 3, Wks: 3)
Austin Aries and Bobby Roode picked up the victory over Chavo and Hernandez on Impact this week.  I’m impressed with Aries’ in ring work, but find him more appealing as a singles wrestler.  I am a fan of tag team wrestling, so I’m happy to see it with importance in TNA.

7. Chavo Guererro Top 10 Up (LW: 10, Wks: 2)
I continue to be impressed with Chavo’s in-ring work.  He still has speed and agility for being 40, and is great teaming with Hernandez.

6. Hernandez Top 10 Down (LW: 4, Wks: 3)
Hernandez was great in tag team action again this past Impact.  I remain high up on his ability and versatility.  I look forward to seeing more of him in the ring though.

5. Magnus Top 10 Up (LW: 7, Wks: 2)
I’ve been impressed with Magnus over the past few weeks.  From his promos to his in-ring work.  I’ve never been that high up on him in the past, but he’s providing when needed.

4. Kurt Angle Top 10 Up (LW: -, Wks: 1)
Kurt Angle still has it.  He is as intense as ever, and while he can’t go like he could back ten years ago, he still is able to have a great match, and still maintain his intensity.

3. Samoa Joe Top 10 Up (LW: 6, Wks: 1)
Samoa Joe was great in the four-way number one contenders match on this past Impact.  I believe he should be a top guy at all times, and if not be in the title picture, be involved in some other main event story line.

2. Jeff Hardy Top 10 Down (lW: 1, Wks: 3)
There is no question that Jeff Hardy is the right choice for being the #1 contender.  He was done wrong by Bully Ray (along with everyone else) and he deserves his rematch.  How will the road to his rematch take shape?  I’m looking forward to it.

1. Bully Ray, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Top 10 Up (LW: 2, Wks: 3) Bully Ray has achieved what no one would have expected 15 years ago.  The Bully Ray angle with Aces & Eight’s was well worked, and the back stories are well written and Bully comes off great.  If he isn’t TNA’s top heel at this point, I don’t know what more he can do to cement his name in that spot.  I’m looking forward to moving forward with Bully as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

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