TNA Utopia: Lockdown

If Hogan and Bischoff weren’t in charge at this exact moment in time, and a competent leader was calling the shots-actually, that’s unfair. I’m not calling Hogan and Bischoff incompetent…not at all. Let’s say this: Someone has taken charge of TNA who is completely selfless, cares only about promoting the product and forwarding the best interests of the wrestlers. I’m talking about someone who loves the product and has given it their utmost. They don’t care necessarily about merchandise sales, they don’t engage in backstage politics: TNA has entered a new era… its Utopia.

The TNA favourites have stayed, and the roster is in peak condition, with all divisions flourishing and jam packed full of stars. The wrestlers who have worked the hardest and are the most talented, the biggest stars, are at the top where they rightfully belong, however, the roster isn’t as old as it has traditionally been. So my question is: what would the impending Lockdown PPV look like?

Here’s my final card (in no particular order) and details on each.

Team TNA (Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Magnus & Eric Young) vs A&8s (Devon, Mike Knox, DOC, Mr Anderson and Gunner).
-Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff have been less than impressive. They sure do not deserve to be in this match, let alone have contracts to be frank. They can build themselves as a young tag team, or simply go away.
-Brooke Hogan would still be on my roster, if she played “Sting’s favourite niece” or something to that effect. I really like the power couple that has been set up with Bully and Brooke.
-Everyone on Team TNA has been wronged by A&8s…which either means that a) their wedding was ruined or b) they were severely injured by the gang. Makes sense? You betcha.
-Can’t you see Gunner as an A&8 bikie enforcer? Guy used to be a security guard…well I really liked him and wouldn’t have minded seeing him as a foot soldier in the faction. He’s a handy little bad guy that one.

Motor City Machine Guns © vs Beer Money vs Bad Influence.
-This was a hard match to decide on in terms of whether to include Beer Money or not, because as much as I love them, I LOVE ARIES AND ROODE TOGETHER.
-Of course the Guns are still in TNA, and still champs! They are the greatest tag team of all team. Big call? I back it up everytime.
-British Invasion was considered for this match, but Magnus on his own is too good right now.

Hernandez © vs “The Monster” Abyss
-I have great love for Hernandez and really want to see him take out a singles title. He’s quite entertaining and I would get him away from the tag team scene, and in Utopia, Chavo probably would never have been signed.
-Abyss is versatile and these two would put on a great match. Other contenders could have been Doug Williams, probably the best TV champ of all time, or even Kazarian, EY or Christian Cage, who might have stayed on.

Awesome Kong vs Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim
-I think the Knockouts are doing great at the moment, and nothing much needs to be added here except to insert the monster, which is Kong. Kong and Gail have a history of great matches, but Velvet could add an interesting factor to this rivalry.

Austin Aries © vs AJ Styles w/ Sting as Special Guest Referee
-In my opinion, the two most talented PERFORMERS on the roster hands down. An amazing rivalry which would be given copious amounts of time, leading to a bloody and very personal match with Austin playing heel, AJ playing face. Instant classic match!
-Sting is the Special Guest Ref to show two things: 1) that he is the GM and tries to remain as unbiased as possible. In my opinion a good GM does not need to get involved in stories, Sting is merely there to get a fair result, and; 2) that he is no longer an active wrestler on the roster, but he helps the up and coming talent.
-AJ turns heel when he wins the title with help from A&8s, who lose their Lockdown match, meaning they must forfeit their HQs/premises, all unmask, and reveal their leader…who is AJ.

James Storm vs Matt Morgan
-Originally I had these two competing for the World Title in a Fatal Four Way, but I reconsidered because there weren’t enough single matches. I guess with too many stars these two could get lost in the fold…maybe Utopia isn’t possible.
-Nah… this match would be the most hyped and given a lot of importance, leading to the winner (or possibly both) challenging at the next PPV. Two men who duly deserve to be in the Heavyweight Title hunt.

Jeff Hardy © vs RVD
-In Utopia, RVD is loving his time here and performs his heart out every night. Sometimes I think he’s really on. Last week on Impact, I thought he was taking the mickey out of Kenny King when he dropped the title. But these two can put on a match, no doubt.

ULTIMATE X (No. 1 Contender’s Match)
Whoever you want!! TAKE YOUR PICK
-I’m not being lazy, it’s true! The saddest thing about the X-Division is the massive turnover of talent, and the vast losses the division has sustained. RVD and Jeff are the veterans of the X-Division but there wouldn’t be many others. Kenny Kind, Zema Ion and Christian York are either jobbers in TNA or they never would have been signed.
-Let’s run through some names shall we? Amazing Red, Max and Jeremy Buck, Suicide (I know, I know!), Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Alex Shelley, Petey Williams, Low Ki, Homicide, Brian Kendrick… all amazing and it’s late as I write so I know I’ve neglected some. The stars TNA have let go leave me lost for words, I swear.

Robbie E vs Robbie T
-This one might puzzle you considering we are in UTOPIA!! However, at the same time, I like the storyline which has been building for a while, and everyone wants to see Little Rob get pulverised by Bigger Rob. Right? Even as an opening bout this one has potential to be exciting.

All in all, a pretty strong card in my opinion. And that was very fun to tease out.
Put down your winners and outcomes of my card, if it pleases you.

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