TNA VS. WWE Championship Edition


With Wrestlemania XXIX just three weeks away, and Slammiversary XI on deck as TNA’s third big ppv of the year, I think now is a great time to look at what the “big 2″ wrestling promotions are offering us today, and which one is doing a better job with their respective Championships.

Let’s start with the women. Knockouts vs Divas.
On The WWE side we have The Divas. Current Divas Champion, Katlyn. After beating Eve Torres a few months back, the current champ has been busy…. Doing her nails. Theres been zero character development, and short of a couple forgettable matches with Tamina Snuka her biggest role has been eye candy for Cody Rhodes and his mustache. So what about the rest of the Divas? Well untill this past Monday they’ve been doing their nails as well, even one of the biggest draws to come out of 2012 AJ Lee has been pushed down to the bottom. However this past Monday we got the return of The Bella Twins! What’s this mean for the Divas division? Most likely nothing except maybe a big match with a bunch of Divas at Wrestlemania that most will use as a bathroom and smoke break.

On the TNA side we have the Knockouts. Current Knockouts Champion, Velvet Sky. Despite not being the most talented in ring performer there is no denying that Velvet is over with the fans, she always gets a reaction. Since winning the title she has had issues with both Tara, and Gail Kim, the latter of which TNA is using to parlay into current Knockouts ref Tarryn Terrells in ring debut against Gail Kim. With other great talent in the division such as Mickie James, ODB, and the Knockouts getting ready to come up from OVW there is a lot of potential here, and TNA continues to show week in and week out that when done right the crowd will get into women wrestling.

WINNER: By a landslide The Knockouts

Next up, the secondary champions.
In WWE, we get the United States Champion, Antonio Caesaro, and the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barret. Both men are great in ring performers, both are great on the mic, and both are able to get over with the crowd. Yet both men are constantly dealt loss after loss to guys in the main event picture, that never leads to any type of feud or match with the strap on the line. Caesaro was starting to get a program going with The Miz, untill WWE suddenly dropped that off to send Miz over to Ziggler, and Wade Barret has been relegated to a part time on again off again feud with Sheamus over a movie role. However Sheamus is taking Barret as serious as his lucky charms promos and is more involved with The Shield. With both men treated as throw aways, we are left with two throw away titles as well

In TNA, we have the TV Champion Devon, and the X-Division Champion Kenny King. Devon a veteran of the ring, and Kenny King a very bright star in the company. Both have the ability to give us some great entertainment. However King has yet to fully develop his character, and since beating RVD has become extinct from TV minus one promo, and a triple threat match that had no build at Lockdown. Dixie announced that on March 21st there will be new rules implemented in the X-Division, let’s hope that is also the start of a push in the division that lasts more than a few months. As for Devon, can anyone remember the last person who challenged the champ for the title? No. Granted Devon has been part of a bigger picture recently, in the Aces & 8s. But why does that mean he can’t defend his title? Why can’t he have a feud with someone who also has issues with Aces & 8s? Like say, Magnus? One starts to wonder if when Devon signed his new contract, he had a clause added that states he is to always be TV Champion.

Winner: By a slight margin, WWE. Because they’re champions are still on weekly TV.

Let’s move on to the Tag Team gold.
WWE currently rests their straps on Kane and Daniel Bryan. Team Hell No. After briefly rejuvenating the tag division last year we have once again gone back to the usual WWE tag team formula of one team holding the belts untill they break them up and move the straps to another team just waiting for the same fate. After making the Prime Time Players look like scrubs, breaking up Rhodes Scholars, Mysterio out with an injury and family issues, who is there? Answer, no one. In WWE there is no reason for a tag division.

TNA has chosen Bobby Roode and Austin Aries to hold their gold, and even though it’s two single stars paired together like in WWE, at least we still have other prominent teams such as, Guerrero & Hernandez, and Bad Influence. Add to it, the Champs treat the belts as something special, and they continue their singles career parallel with the tag career and it makes for a decent dynamic.

Winner: TNA

Time for the big ones, The World Heavyweight Champions.
In WWE you have both Alberto Del Rio, and The Rock. Since they put no prestige on the World Championship we will exclude it and focus on The Rock and the WWE Championship. After promoting their encounter last year as “once in a lifetime” WWE has decided to give us Rock vs Cena 2. This time for the title. Now untill Royal Rumble CM Punk was the champ, and the title finally felt like it meant something again. However now with it in the hands of The Rock, and us getting Rock vs Cena 2 it’s feels as though the title is just in the background of a feud between two egos. After Rock debuted the new belt on Raw, Punk did more to make it feel like it was important than Rock and Cena have combined, by simply stating “I want that one!” After laying out Cena. I can’t for the life of me figure out why everyone in creative has forgot that the title is the key ingredient, the title is meant to have purpose. Yet they have, and they frequently do.

So TNA’s offering, the World Heavyweight Championship.
TNA is definitely guilty of forgetting that the strap is key as well. However they have done a fantastic job rebuilding their title Ever since Bobby Roode won it. His entire rein was about doing anything to keep it, and guys like Austin Aries, and Jeff Hardy who have held it since then, have done great jobs as well. Then you come to the new champion Bully Ray, and boy he just took the belt to a whole new level! Think about it…. Bully Ray formed a motorcycle gang, recruited guys, convinced guys to join him, made friends with Sting, and Hogan, married Hogans daughter, spent 9 months planning attacks, and getting his ass kicked along with the TNA roster, just to position himself to take the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! That is fine storytelling right there, and definitely makes the TNA title feel more important than any other title out there. This next chapter should be good!

Winner: without question TNA!

There you have it, both parties have their fouls and mistakes, but when you really look I don’t think anyone can argue TNA does better with their Championships, and even though it’s still rough in my opinion they’re putting out the better product right now. Do you agree? Disagree? Let me hear about it!

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