TNA: WCW 2.0?

TNA is often regarded as WCW 2.0, but why? 


Being a wrestling fan during the Monday Night Wars (or just the mid to late nineties in general) was fantastic, it truly was a second golden age that catered to nearly every fans taste. It was during this period that I became a fan of the business and my favourite promotion was WCW. Partially due to it having my three favourite wrestlers of all time on it’s roster (Bret Hart, Sting and Raven) and partially due to it being the easiest and most convenient to watch wrestling show over here in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the WWF/E and in particular became a big fan of Mick Foley but never fell in love with the product, possibly not helped either by the football-esque rivalry been the two companies fans. I was also aware of ECW and it’s wrestlers and I remember being really annoyed learning about Raven and Foley’s storied careers there but being unable to see it. This was pre-Internet and back when tape trading was the prevalent source of watching wrestling outside the big two. Alas, I was not lucky and never owned any ECW tapes.

When both WCW and ECW folded, I stopped watching wrestling due to a lack of interest in the WWE product. It wasn’t till around 2004/2005 when I discovered TNA for the first time that I became a fan again. Back then the perception of the company was that it was “indy” and yet original and exciting. Fast forward five years and that perception has changed into simply “WCW 2.0″. Before Hogan and Bischoff joined TNA, there was similarities, just not at face value and as noticeable. Big name WCW legends have often been in TNA, whether long term (Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Booker T, Kevin Nash) or short (Randy Savage, Vader, Dusty Rhodes, The Road Warriors) and I can see the similarities between the X-Division and the Crusierweight Division, particularly when TNA was high up on bringing in international stars.

Since Hogan and Bischoff’s arrival, the resemblance is uncanny. we’ve seen an influx of WCW veterans, two separate factions that are alike to the nWo (And that’s not even counting the actual nWo reunion in TNA or “The Band” as they were known due to legal reasons. It was a terrible name and you should only be allowed to use it if you back Bob Dylan) and even a modern day Four Horsemen in Fortune! Who would have guessed after that final Nitro bout between Sting and Flair would happen one more time ten years down the line? Even scrapping the six sided ring and the re-branding into Impact Wrestling has made it look like WCW. I could have easily believed back in 2001 that the current Impact production and set up was WCW in the future.

The IWC almost always use the term as an insult, something I can’t really understand. Is it because like WCW, TNA also relies on established names and veterans from WWE and is perceived as a retirement home? Maybe. Perhaps more so for illogical and bad booking that will lead to the company’s demise? Sadly, people always seem to focus on the negative side of WCW, the finger poke of doom, David Arquette etc and I agree, they were terrible decisions. Even the nWo is rarely recognized for being great without adding “until they milked it to death” or something similar. Fans can often tear WCW apart while blindly praising the “WWF Attitude Era” to the hilt, but the truth is both shows had their fair share of greatness and groan inducing awfulness.

If TNA can avoid the pitfalls and demise of WCW and still retain most of it’s identity then maybe it  can very much become WCW 2.0 and rival the WWE. After all, WCW must of done something right to dominate the ratings for 84 straight weeks.


(I couldn’t get both links working directly, so here is Sting/Flair from the last Nitro and here is Sting/Flair on Impact )


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  • Brad Drysdale

    It's always going to come down to the fact that WCW folded and no longer exist. Despite all the positives, WCW was not made to last, and I think that's why comparison of TNA to WCW is seen as an insult.
    I never watched WCW but I do prefer the "original" TNA product to Impact Wrestling as it is seen today.

  • Null

    “Would of” and “could of” are not real phrases. The words you were so carelessly groping in the darkness for are “could’ve” and “would’ve.” They are contractions for “could have” and “would have” respectively. I’m sorry for being anal about that. Also, “2.0” is improperly used here because it implies that there is already a version 2.1 in existence. Perhaps TNA could be WCW version 1.1? A simple “version 2″ works better here.

    • KRS

      Yeah that is completely my fault, I wrote this when I was completely exhausted mentally due to a lack of sleep. It shows too! I'll fix it up asap. I will disagree about the 2.0 though, how does it imply a 2.1 exists? See Tron 2.0! ;) I'll compromise by saying that WWA was my WCW 1.5 and TNA is 2.0.

      • Null

        I’m a software engineer by trade, so I go by software versioning. Admittedly, the use of “.0″ has become pretty widespread in the mainstream. So yeah that’s fine. I just can’t help being a nit picker sometimes. Anyway, I really wish TNA would get their act together. I loved WCW and have always thought WWF/E was just too childish. TNA still has a ton of potential and raw talent up and down the roster. Let’s just hope they can put things together and actually give the WWE some competition so that both products get better.

  • TNA Chris

    The reason wwe won is because they copied the ECW model on a grand scale. Of course a TV acceptable one.

  • Curvychloe

    Im tired of guys disrespecting dixie cause she's a woman

  • KRS

    If I'm being honest I don't believe either would make TNA a success behind the scenes, I feel they both work best as on screen talent.

  • Paul

    Well you say that but the Cornette reign was when TNA was at its most respected. People are focusing on trying to rival WWE or beat it and its never going to happen. TNA should focus not on winning the war but instead on just putting on the best show they can and be in a league of their own with their own fan base. That’s what Jim Cornette did. Hogan and Eric drove all those people away. The very soul of TNA was those die hard fans. All that is left watching are Hogan’s fans and that’s why the ratings are so low.

  • Guesty-pop

    I watch TNA – its cool, sorry but that is fact to me. WCW 2.0 ??? Yes. There are alot of echos of WCW, a brand which I grew up on, and loved every minuit. Sadly WCW died a painfull death – 1 – Nill to Viny-Mc. But now we have TNA with great Golden oldies like Sting and Hogan and Jeff Hardy and Charvo… But lets not forget its own "home-grown" Tallent like Samoa Joe, James Storm, A J Styles, Abyss – And his (um) "Broter" and then theres Chris Daniels, Kaz, Crimson, Mat Morgan, Moter City M-Guns.
    Im not sure about this A'&8' Faction, dont generaly like the Bully Ray angel. but I supose you gotta hate something. If we are to lable TNA as WCW2.0 bring it on – It may be a quick burn out, but we do have an 84 week Streek to measure up to. – Finaly I would like to just add a dream match – Samoa Joe in a mixed brand match with Vince Mc-Moneybags, "I quit" match, Falls count anywhere in the building… Hay Vince – Joe's gunna kill you, Joe's gunna kill you, Joe's gunna kill you, Joe's gunna Kill you….

  • Guesty-pop

    oh – one more thougt, Anyone who doesnt like TNA or WCW 2.0, why not try this -Instead of watching it watch something else. – And if ya dont wach it, and you refuse to put it on your Telly box then you wont be able to moan and windge like a scared little Bitchoff.